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Continuous Professional Development

As an accredited landlord or letting agent, you may have a duty to keep up to date with your skills and

knowledge in order to provide the best possible level of service. CPD could be compulsory, but ideally

it should simply set out a formal framework for what you are already doing.

Here's what that means in practice, in five straight forward steps:

Step 1 - Make sure you know your compulsory CPD start date

Step 2 - Make sure you understand how many hours of CPD you’re required to do

Step 3 - Plan your CPD activities to meet the requirement

Step 4 - Record your CPD

Step 5 – Every year, fill in a statement of the CPD hours you’ve completed,

Examples of potential CPD activities

You might consider the following activities, amongst others, to count towards your CPD:

Distance learning like the RLA Online Learning Centre at

Traditional training days like many of the courses provided by the RLA

Background research including internet research and even reading guides on the RLA website

Reading journal or trade magazines like the Residential Property Investor

Attending conferences & exhibitions such as the Landlord & buy to Let Show and Yorkshire Landlords Day

To get further information on how to apply CPD, please contact your accreditation scheme administrator

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