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The Importance of Campaigning

The RLA's prime objective is to lobby Government and Parliament on behalf of our members.

For many members, the key reason for joining the RLA is to support a landlord's association which is leading campaigns on behalf of private residential landlords on issues of importance to the sector.

The RLA is one of the most effective campaigning organisations for landlords and the common theme of our campaigning is that the costs of unnecessary regulation ultimately fall on tenants.

The RLA lobbies to reduce the regulatory burden on our members, while encouraging responsible and professional landlords. Much legislation is unclear and the RLA campaigns for clarity so that landlords are aware of their responsibilities. The RLA also lobbies to achieve practical and workable legislation. We want to see light touch regulation for the majority of compliant landlords that enables local authorities to better use finite resources to address the minority of landlords who bring the sector into disrepute.

It is not just the interests of landlords that we serve. We are very much aware that the common consequence of unnecessary regulation is that the burden of cost inevitably falls on tenants - and the well-being of tenants is crucial to a healthy private rented sector.

RLA Campaigns

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The RLA is the 'Best Campaigner' – Official!

The RLA is one of the most effective campaigning organisations for landlords, having won the 'Best Campaigner' award at the prestigious Landlord & Letting Awards two years running.