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West Lindsey District Council
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West Lindsey District Council

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Local and National News

Sadiq Khan is the new London mayor – but what does this mean for landlords? - 11 May 2016

Sadiq Khan has been named the new London Mayor after beating closest rival Zac Goldsmith last week – but what does this mean for our landlords in London? Khan has clear plans for the future of housing in the capital – of particular note to the Private Rented Sector proposals for the introduction ... more

False comparisons on renting in London help no-one - 29 April 2016

The Independent has today claimed that renting an ‘average London flat’ is more expensive than living in most European hotels. A headline grabbing shock statistic ….. but is it actually true? When taking a closer look at the facts there are clear inconsistencies with the newspaper’s statistics. In the article it is claimed that latest figures show that the average rent for ... more


ACTION is needed to tackle the scandal of ‘buy-to-leave’ investors who are denying Londoners the homes they need. With almost 57,000 homes in the capital thought to be empty, the next Mayor of London needs to use the powers available to ensure such homes are being used either by landlords who want to offer properties to live in or are available ... more

RLA launches London Mayoral Election manifesto - 7 April 2016

The Residential Landlords Association has launched its London Mayoral Manifesto. The Landlords4London document outlines what the RLA believes should be priorities for the successful candidate in terms of supporting the Private Rented Sector, focusing on discouraging rent controls, encouraging better enforcement, boosting supply, introducing flexible tenancies and addressing ‘buy-to-leave’. The RLA is hitting the campaign trail in London ahead of the mayoral ... more

RLA hits the campaign trail in London - 30 March 2016

With the Mayoral Election just five weeks away the Residential Landlords Association is on the campaign trail in London. We are lobbying to ensure all candidates are aware of the vital role that buy-to-let landlords play in providing housing in the capital, where demand frequently outstrips supply. The RLA is campaigning on four key issues: the importance of supply, the value small-scale landlords and ... more

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