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Privacy Notice

The purpose of this Notice

This Privacy Notice tells you how and why we collect information about you, how it is used and stored and who it is shared with. We are open with you about what information we hold and what we do with it. We act according to the law to protect your rights and ensure the security of data which we hold about you.

This Privacy Notice sets out the information we are obliged to give you under the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

The primary aim of the RLA Group is to promote the interests of private residential landlords to Government and Parliament. The RLA is a not for profit membership organisation.

A key role of the RLA Group is to provide information about developments affecting the private rented sector as well as information and training for landlords, including courses which are relevant to private landlords.

We therefore collect, process and store personal data both to help us promote the interests of landlords to educate them, keep them up to date, and to provide products and services, as well as administering RLA memberships.

We are careful when selecting the persons with whom we share data. We do not share data with third parties except with your consent or where we tell you that this will happen. Data is shared within the RLA Group between the different Group Companies.

IMPORTANT - Proposed merger of the RLA with the National Landlords Association.

The memberships of both the RLA and the National Landlords Association (NLA) have approved, in principle, the merger of the RLA and the NLA to form the National Residential Landlords (NRLA). Once this merger has been completed, the RLA's business and operations will be transferred to NRLA over time, including the transfer of RLA memberships to the NRLA. As part of the merger, information we hold about members, associates, guests and others will also be transferred by us to the NRLA. This information will be used for the same purposes as we currently do and further explained in this privacy notice.

The transfer of this information is in our own legitimate interests and in the legitimate interests of the NRLA. These interests include the facilitation of the merger and enabling the NRLA to continue to carry on the operations of the RLA as part of the merged new organisation. They extend to the administration of memberships, the provision of services to members, and carrying out campaigning activities currently conducted by the RLA, which will in future be conducted by the NRLA. They also include commercial interests, in particular marketing to members and others of products and services by the NRLA, and market research and surveys.

In connection with the intended merger, personal information will be shared as necessary (including with professional advisers). Appropriate safeguards in order to protect personal information will continue.

Current members of the RLA will only become members of the NRLA with their agreement, as explained in the arrangements for transfer of membership which have been circulated to members. Any member may notify the RLA that they do not wish to have their personal data transferred to/shared with the NRLA. In which case, they will be considered to have resigning their membership at their renewal date.

Information we hold about you

As necessary we collect and handle the following information about you:


Membership categories may provide for associates who can access membership entitlements. We will need to collect and handle contact details relating to associates which are then linked to the membership in question. This is done for the purposes of performing our membership contract so that membership entitlements are administered and made available.

Information held about tenants etc.

We collect and process certain information about tenants and residents (including prospective and ex-tenants and residents). This is collected and handled with their consent to enable the RLA to carry out credit checks on behalf of members. This is also done in the legitimate interests of members so that they can verify suitability for tenancies. Related personal information is held securely and dealt with according to data protection law.

We may be provided with personal information about tenants/residents etc., when members consult our advisors.

Tenants/residents etc., provide us with personal information about themselves when they make a complaint under our Code of Conduct or the disciplinary procedure. This personal information will be collected and handled for contractual performance as compliance with this Code is a condition of membership.

We may also provide services which include collecting and holding data about tenants and residents. This is done in the legitimate interests of members to assist them in the management of their letting and property businesses.

Employees and agents of members and guests

We may collect and handle personal information, including identity and contact details, of employees and those working for members and guests, e.g. where they communicate with us on behalf of their employers. This also applies to agents representing members. This will be for contractual performance in the case of members where applicable to provide them with membership entitlements or alternatively in their own legitimate interests so that we can provide them with advice and assistance in connection with the management of their lettings and property business.

Memberships and Guests

The RLA is a membership organisation to which private residential landlords can belong. Those who join the RLA are described in this notice as members. Additionally, we offer more limited benefits to guests who are those those who are interested in the work of the RLA, or want to know more about the private rented sector. If membership ends then the former member automatically becomes a guest for three years from then (unless he/she opts out). We collect different information about you depending on whether you are a member or guest and, as you will expect, we hold less information about our guests. References to members and guests include former members and guests.

Members of the public

The RLA allows members of the general public to access certain parts of its website and where applicable tells them about what personal data we obtain about them.

Anyone who is a member of the public is someone other than a member, guest, tenant or employee etc., of a member/guest or an ex member or guest. They are referred to as members of the public in this notice.

Marketing activities

This section explains the data protection implications of marketing. We must in certain circumstances obtain your consent to conduct direct unsolicited electronic marketing. We do this on behalf of our insurance partner, RGA, so that they can contact you by telephone or email regarding their landlord insurance products. Likewise, we obtain consent where we market products and services on behalf of third party suppliers.

Automatically, unless you opt out, we send you by email our ENews letters and media reviews, information about the RLA's own products, RLA training courses and events, and research requests. Where you have joined the RLA as a member we are permitted to do this so long as we offer you the opportunity to opt out/unsubscribe at the time of joining and each time we send you an email communication. Additionally, we allow you to opt out at any time by altering your settings in RLA settings. You have the right to opt out/unsubscribe.

Sharing Data

There is a lot of concern about organisations passing on information we collect about you to others. We share these concerns and we have strict policies in place limiting the share of information. We only pass on the identity and contact details of members in a limited number of situations.

We do so in order to administer memberships including:

This is done for contractual performance.

Otherwise, we only pass on your contact details to our insurance partner, RGA, where you consent to this to give you information about their insurance products.

We do not pass any contact details onto anyone else to enable marketing material to be sent to you whether electronically or by post. However, from time to time we, ourselves, do send out promotional offers and details of selected products and services on behalf of other companies. This is however sent by the RLA; not these companies themselves. We do, however, confirm the fact that you are a member of the RLA (where applicable)_to these companies to enable you to qualify for any available discount, promotions etc.

The other situation in which we share data is when we disclose the fact that you are a member of the RLA in connection with our complaints procedure if we receive a legitimate request from a third party, such as a tenant. Additional situations in which we do so are set out in this notice.

Further information is given in the Table under the heading "Who is the data shared with and legal gateways".

Sharing of information between Group Companies

Group companies within the RLA group of companies carry out different activities and provide different entitlements and benefits, utilising the same staff to do so. Therefore, of necessity, in the legitimate interests of all companies your information may be processed by different companies within the RLA Group depending upon the nature of what is being done. The RLA itself is the data controller in respect of all personal data.

Recording and monitoring of communications

We monitor and keep records of your calls, emails, text messages, social media messages and other communications as part of your dealings with us. Telephone calls are recorded. Members of the public may also contact us and this applies to them as well. This is done either to enable us to perform our contractual obligations, because of a legal obligation, or to pursue our legitimate interests so that we have a record of these to administer your membership and membership benefits and entitlements or your relationship with us as a guest, associates, employees etc., of members or members of the public or others as applicable. This is also done to check the security of our communications, monitor our products and services and content as well as our campaigning activities. It is also done for quality control and staff training purposes. We also check for inappropriate or illegal content. There is more about recording telephone calls under "storage and security of data" below.

Information we collect about you when you visit our website

Different areas of our websites are open depending on whether you are a member, a guest or someone else such as a member of the public.

On each of your visits to any of our websites we will automatically collect the following information:

Why we collect data and the legal basis for processing your personal data

We have to tell you why we collect and hold information about you.

We must have a legal basis or gateway before we are allowed to collect or process your personal data. Processing personal data also includes recording, storing, altering, using, sharing or deleting data. We only need one of these "gateways" and for our purposes they are:

This Notice explains the relevant gateway applicable in each case.

Additionally any data must be processed by us fairly and openly. Data must be collected for a particular purpose or purposes and not then used for other incompatible purpose.

More information on this topic is given in the Table "Purpose for which data is processed and legal basis for processing". This gives details of the description of the various types of data, the purpose for which we process it, the legal gateway, and a further explanation where we depend on legitimate interests as the basis of processing.

In the limited situations where we share data with outside organisations, we also tell you with whom we share data.

Length of storage of data

Data can be stored legally on a time limited basis and not indefinitely. Generally we will hold personal data about you for the duration of your membership and for three years after your membership has ended. Where you are a guest we can hold information for three years since were last had contact with you. This includes you opening our emails. In some situations depending on the appropriateness of holding political data, its nature and our business needs we will only hold data for a shorter period.

Storage and security of data

All our information is stored electronically on secure servers located within the United Kingdom. Certain information is also retained on a secure basis in hard copy format. Telephone conversations are recorded electronically for monitoring, auditing and training purposes. This includes advice given over the telephone by our advisors.

Information you give us

This is the information about you that you give us on our website or over the telephone or by corresponding with us by letters or email etc. It includes information you provide when you join the RLA or register as a guest or use our website to search for a product or a service, place an order on our site, participate in our Forum or our other social media functions on our site, take advice from our advisors (whether by telephone, email or live chat) or when you report a problem with our website.

To see further details about the different information we collect and process from you including the specific legal basis which allows us to do so for and where we rely on legitimate interests the reasons we consider allow us to do so, please check the Table.

Information we receive about you from other sources

On occasion we may receive information about you from a third party. Where you request a product or service or a membership benefit via one of our selected providers, in some instances, the provider will inform us of this request. This enables us to monitor take up and the usefulness of products, services and benefits and for accounting purposes. We receive this information from the private organisation concerned which provides the product, service or benefit to you. Their identity is made clear to you when you place your request. More information is in the Table.

Additionally, on occasion, under our complaints procedure we will receive complaints about members and requests to investigate these. Such complaints will contain personal information about you. These are then investigated in accordance with our complaints procedure and potentially our disciplinary procedure. You will be informed of receipt of any complaint as required by these procedures. RLA members are required to abide by the RLA Code of Conduct. This is a contractual obligation of membership. We also receive and process personal data if you raise a complaint about our activities.

Information collected at our premises or meetings

We collect information about visitors to our premises and those attending our meetings. We may record information on your visit, including the date and time, who you are seeing, your name, contact details and vehicle registration number. If you were to have an accident this may include an account of your accident. This is in our own legitimate interests to regulate the use of our premises to control meetings. In the event of an accident this may relate to pursuing or defending any claim.


From time to time we carry out promotional offers of membership under which members can refer "friends". By introducing a friend a member confirms to us that they have the consent of the named friend for the RLA to make contact direct with that friend. Usually this will be by way of email. We collect and handle information about referrals and friends in our own legitimate interests. This will enable us to communicate with them and to invite them to join the RLA, as well as provide them with information about the RLA and its activities.

RLA Advisors

As a membership entitlement, for contractual performance, members are able to access advice relating to their lettings and property businesses via our advisors. This will involve us in collecting and handling personal information. This may extend to information about tenants and residents or potentially neighbours or others. Telephone calls and other communications with our advisors (such as by email and live chat) are treated in the same way. Such communications are considered confidential. We do not inform tenants etc., that we are processing their data, because we consider that this would impede the processing of data about them due to the need for confidentiality and so that our members feel free to give us information in order that they can receive advice. As indicated elsewhere, calls are recorded. Wherever possible we anonymise or apply pseudonyms to avoid tenants/residents etc., being identified. This is, however, not possible always and in particular with telephone recordings. However, access to telephone recordings is limited to designated senior staff within the RLA and only trained advisers work within the team.

On occasions this may involve us collecting and handling special category data - see Special Category Data.

Research etc.

We carry out research both as part of our campaigning activities and in connection with the development, monitoring and marketing of our landlord related services (whether our own or on behalf of selected providers).

Wherever possible this research is conducted on an anonymised basis so that any personal information given to us cannot be related to an identifiable individual.

Information obtained via research activities is collated and analysed to provide reports and inform our policy development and campaign activities. In particular, these reports are prepared as part of our campaigning activities and are published but in this case individual personal data relating to identifiable individuals is not disclosed. These research activities are carried out in our own legitimate interests.

On occasion this research may involve collecting and handling political opinions/philosophical beliefs, both of which are special category data - see section on Special Category Data.

We may also collect and hold personal data as a result of correspondence with or liaison with members, guests and others which is used in our legitimate interests. These are to ensure our campaigning activities and raising concerns on behalf of members are properly informed.

Media contributors

On occasion individual members may assist us with our media related activities such as contacts with journalists. We collect and handle information about them which may include political opinions/special philosophical believes. This can include special category data - see section on Special Category Data.

This is done in our own legitimate interests in order to assist the campaigning activities of the RLA.

Members of Parliament, National and Local Government Officials etc.

We may obtain personal information about individual members as part of our campaigning activities in connection with communications with Members of Parliament and officials of national and local government, including Ministers and Local Councillors etc. This work is carried out in our own legitimate interests to promote the main object of the Association to campaign on behalf of landlords with Government and Parliament. On occasion this may include political opinion/philosophical beliefs which are special category data - see section on Special Category Data.

Website Suppliers

As part of our relationship with selected suppliers of landlord products and services, we provide links to their websites and their systems. A list of these website suppliers is available in the Table. Any contract entered into is with the supplier in question; not the RLA. The RLA is merely an introducer. Therefore the supplier concerned is the data controller and the RLA a data processor for the purposes of collecting the information and transferring it over to the supplier concerned. In some instances the supplier concerned reports to the RLA on sales and the RLA them holds any information received as a result as data controller. We may handle this personal information in our own legitimate interests for monitoring services and products or accounting purposes.

Legal claims

Where we consider that there may be the need to defend or bring legal claims, we may retain your personal information as necessary. It is in our legitimate interests in ensuring that we can properly bring or defend legal claims. We may also need to share this information with our insurers or professional advisers. How long we retain this information will depend on the nature of the claim and how long we consider there to be a risk that we will need to defend or bring a claim.

Other sharing with third parties

As necessary, exceptionally, information can be shared with regulatory bodies, police and other law enforcement agencies and public authorities. Where applicable this may be under our legal obligations or their legitimate interests so that they can carry out their responsibilities.

In connection with a sale or transfer (or proposed sale or transfer) of our business or any assets your personal information can be shared as necessary with a proposed purchaser or transferee (and their professional advisers). Appropriate safeguards would be put in place. This is in our and their legitimate interests so as to ensure that the terms of any such transaction can be agreed and appropriate information provided.

Personal information may be shared as necessary with the RLA's professional advisers. This includes for accountancy and audit purposes. It is also done to enable the RLA to obtain appropriate advice and assistance in connection with the management and conduct of its business. This is in our legitimate interests to ensure that we act effectively and properly in the conduct of our business. In certain circumstances it may also be to assist in the performance of our legal obligations, such as under company law or data protection law.

Special Category Data

Special category data (sensitive personal data) is particularly sensitive personal data which requires higher levels of protection. We need to have further justification for collecting and handling this kind of personal information. We may process special category personal data in the following circumstances:

Special category data includes:

We rely on additional legal gateways allowing the processing of special category data as follows:

  1. In limited circumstances with your explicit consent.
  2. In our own legitimate interests as a not for profit organisation with a political aim. In this case data can only relate to members (or former members) or those associated with the RLA through regular contact such as guests. It cannot be shared further without explicit consent. This enables us to process information about political opinions in particular and normally this will be anonymised anyway. This is done in the course of our legitimate activities with appropriate safeguards. This is done for the purposes of our campaigning activities.

Special category data is processed by us as follows:

Your rights

Where we hold personal data about you you are the data subject. Data protection legislation gives you a number of rights. To exercise any of these rights you should contact us. You can do so by email to You can telephone us on 0333 0142 998. You can also write to us at our address given at the top of this notice.

These rights are as follows:

Withdrawal of consent

Where your consent provides us with the legal gateway to process data about you you can withdraw this at any time by telling us on You can telephone us on 0333 0142 998. You can also write to us at our address given at the top of this notice. In particular, this applies where we directly market to you by electronic means, i.e. email, telephone or text.


We operate our own internal complaints policy and if you have any concerns about the way in which we collect or handle data please contact us.

Additionally, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the Supervisory Authority who is:

Information Commissioner Information Commissioner's Office Wycliffe House Water Lane Wilmslow Cheshire SK9 5AF

Obligation to provide data

In order to join the RLA as a member you must provide us with the required identification information which is your name, address, email address and telephone number. If you fail to do so then you cannot become a member.

There is no other obligation for a member to provide us with any other information if he/she does not wish to do so.

For guest, in order to treat you as a guest we require your name and email address, but there is no obligation to provide any other information. However, without this information we cannot record you as a guest or accord you any guest privileges.


Children do not normally deal with the RLA so no provision is made for them in this notice.


Various terms we use are explained in the Table.

How your information is processed and the Legal Gateway


Please read the information below before you look at the Table

As we are open with you about what we do with your information, as required by Data Protection Legislation, this notice explains the following:

We try to make the explanations as concise as possible but to help you understand them here is more detail about what we do with your information:

Research Purposes This is using your data to help us develop, monitor and market our products and services, including those provided by selected RLA partners.
Campaign Research This helps us to obtain a profile of our membership to assist us in developing the policies which we campaign on. We can use the geographical location of members to help us campaign by putting you in touch with local issues. Using this information helps us frame our policies for the benefit of landlords and identify issues to campaign on including local issues.
Market Research This refers to surveys which we carry out by inviting our members and guests to participate both to assist our campaigning objectives and in relation to developing monitoring and promoting our products and services. Specific consent is not required for this type of processing, although you have an automatic right to opt out.
Direct Electronic Marketing This marketing, including by email, or text to you as a named individual, where this is unsolicited. It does not apply where you ask us about a particular product or service or to carry out market research.
Performance of the Contract This is where it is necessary to collect and use the information to enable us to perform any contract which we have with you, including your membership contract and entitlements and obligations if you are a member. It includes things done at your request prior to the contract being entered into.
Legal Obligation This is where there is a legal obligation which we have to perform and we need the information to enable us to do so other # (other than under a contract).
Legitimate Interests The law allows us to collect and use information where it is necessary to further either our own legitimate interests or those of a third party. These can include our commercial interests, our campaigning activities, marketing, market research and surveys, or the broader interests of society at large. It includes using information in ways which you would reasonably expect which will have a minimal impact on your privacy. Alternatively, there may be a case where there is a compelling justification for processing information. Where we rely on legitimate interests we have to consider and protect your rights and interests. In the Table below where we rely on legitimate interests we explain what these are.
Consent This is where we require your consent and, if it is not forthcoming, we cannot use the data for the specified purpose without it. In particular, we need consent where direct electronic marketing by third parties by email or telephone directly to you is involved.

As necessary we collect, handle and store data as follows:

Description Purposes and legal gateways Who is the data shared with (where applicable) and legal gateways Legitimate interests (where applicable) This explains how we rely on legitimate interests where this gateway applies
All of the above In relation to the intended merger of the RLA to form the National Residential Landlords Association (NRLA).
The sharing of any personal information held by the RLA.
The transfer over of any such information to the NRLA as part of the merger of the RLA with the National Landlords Association (NLA) to create the NRLA. This information will be processed in our own legitimate interests and those of the NRLA.
National Residential Landlords Association and any subsidiary company within the NRLA Group. This will be processed in our own legitimate interests and those of the NRLA. These legitimate interests are to facilitate the merger including preparations for the merger. This is also to enable the NRLA to continue to carry on the operations of the RLA as part of the merged new organisation. They extend to the administration of memberships the provision of services to members as well as the carrying on of the campaigning activities currently conducted by the RLA. They also include commercial interests and in particular marketing of products and services as well as market research and surveys. Information held will continue to be used so far as practical in the same way as at present.
Identity and contact details (including joining information from members)
  1. For the performance of the contract we process this information in connection with:

    1. Membership Administration
    2. Providing membership entitlements
  2. To comply with our legal obligations under Company Law to distribute statutory information relating to the RLA.

  3. As necessary for our own legitimate interests we process this information for the following purposes:

    1. Research purposes
    2. Campaigning Research
    3. Postal marketing - We provide information about our campaigning activities, products and services to you from time to time by post. (opt out available)
    4. Telephone marketing - We also market to you by telephone. This would involve occasional live calls (not automated calls). In particular we may telephone you about membership renewal. We may also telephone you about our campaigning research/activities or about products and services (opt out available).
    5. We carry out direct electronic marketing by email, promoting offers, membership benefits and details of landlord products and services and our campaigning activities.
  4. We distribute our ENews letter and media review by email (opt out available)

  5. Research purposes carried out for our own legitimate interests. These enable us to build a profile of our membership. This information is processed in connection with our campaigning activities and so as to help monitor develop and improve products and services.

Additionally, it enables us to identify and inform you about relevant local developments and events, as well as identifying relevant changes and proposals which may affect you.

  1. This data is shared with mailing houses - to distribute the Property Magazine (opt out available), for postal marketing. We send out material by post both to aid our campaigning activities and to give information about our products and services both to advance our main aim in promoting landlord's interests and to provide tailored products and services for landlords. We also employ mailing houses for postal marketing. This is done in our own legitimate interests and those of any third party provider selected by us.
  2. Your membership includes entitlement to insurance cover for the cost of tax investigations by H M Revenue and Customs investigations (to be separately activated) so we provide your membership contact details to our insurance partner, Rent Guard). This is done to perform our membership contract.
  3. Membership entitlements also include a discounted Tradepoint Card so we pass your membership contact details to Tradepoint so that they can post their catalogues to you and administer this discount. (Opt out available). This is done to perform our membership contract.
  4. If you consent we share your identity and contact details with our insurance partner, Rent Guard, so that they can contact you electronically about their landlord insurance products, including buildings insurance and contents insurance and rent guarantee insurance. This is done in our own legitimate interests as well as those of RentGuard to promote and market insurance.
  5. Research information is not shared with anyone else in a form that enables you to be identified.
  1. Where applicable this allows us to campaign on behalf of our members. It also facilities our commercial purposes including, marketing products and services (you can opt out). This means that we can provide products and services tailored to the needs of residential landlords.
  2. These include the legitimate interests of any selected third party provider to promote and market their products and services

Research information assists us in enable us to campaign upon your behalf. It also means that we can provide products and services tailored to the needs of residential landlords.

Identity and contact details assist us when informing you of developments, events and changes. This enables us to assist landlords in connection with their businesses and to help professional development of landlords.

Bank payment details For contractual performance to collect payments and if applicable make credits Banks and payment providers.
Membership details These are handled for contractual performance to enable us to provide membership entitlements and products and services requested or enquired about

We share membership details with selected third party providers to enable you to access discounts and offers where available. This is in the legitimate interests of the provider.

We may share the fact of your membership with appropriate third parties, such as tenants, in connection with possible complaints. This is done in the legitimate interests of the RLA.

This can include where applicable a regulator or accreditation or similar scheme.

These legitimate interests are to enable the provider to pursue their own commercial interests relating to the provision of the relevant products or services.

These legitimate interests are also to uphold the reputation of the Association and its members in relation to sharing with third parties in appropriate circumstances.

Subscriptions and other payments For contractual performance to collect payments due to us. This includes issuing reminders.

Professional advisers, debt collectors and tracing agents.

This is in our legitimate interests where applicable to collect payment.

This information is shared

Banks and other payment providers for contractual performance to facilitate payments being made.

The recovery of monies owing to us.
Products and services For contractual performance to process orders and enquiries about services provided by the RLA.

Any third party provider who facilitates the provision of products or services on behalf of the RLA, e.g. credit check providers.

NB: other products and services are provided directly by selected third party providers introduced by the RLA but in these cases the providers themselves are the data controllers; not the RLA.

Training courses (this includes enquiries, booking details, record of courses attached, certificates and comment sheets)

For contractual performance to provide and administer courses.

We receive comments to monitor the content or quality of courses and to improve and develop courses as well as determine whether other courses may be needed in our legitimate interests.

Tutors and course providers including venues for contractual performance.

This information can be shared with tutors and other providers.

Our legitimate interests are to ensure that suitable courses of the appropriate quality are provided.
Research and information collected relating to campaigning activities

We conduct research in aid of our campaigning activities and also gather views from individual members, landlords etc. as part of our campaigning activities. This is in our legitimate interests.

On occasion we may assist individuals in putting forward their concerns on particular topics.

We also conduct market research relating to products and services provided either by the RLA or by selected or possible third party providers. This is done in our legitimate interests.

This information can be amalgamated with other personal information held by us and accessed to establish views and the weight to be attached to them. This information can then be shared but in an anonymised form with Government, Parliament, local authorities, the media and others involved in policy making.

With the consent of any particular individual we may represent their views on their behalf to appropriate authorities and persons, e.g. Members of Parliament. This is done in our legitimate interests.

We share the outcome of this market research with relevant providers, normally on an anonymised basis. This is in our own and their legitimate interests.

Our legitimate interests are the pursuit of our objective of representing landlords to Government and Parliament.

These interests are also to assist in the conduct of our campaigning activities to advance the interests of landlords generally.

Further these legitimate interests are to monitor, develop and market suitable products and services for landlords.


We may receive complaints about the activities of the RLA, its campaigning or its products and services. These are processed in our own legitimate interests.

Under our Code of Conduct we receive complaints about members. This is for contractual performance as adherence to the Code of Conduct is a condition of membership.

In connection with the investigation of complaints and any ensuing disciplinary process personal information may be shared where appropriate and in a suitable format with complainants and others who are connected with the circumstances giving rise to the complaint. This is in our own legitimate interests.

These interests are to ensure that complaints are investigated appropriately.

These legitimate interests are also to ensure that such complaints are properly and fairly investigated.

Third Parties With Whom Data Is Shared

Selected suppliers/providers - where the RLA IS data processor

TDS Deposit Protection
RentGuard/RGA Insurance, tenant referencing
Tradepoint Discounts, B&Q
3mc Mortgages Mortgages
Call Credit, Experian Credit Checks
Essentials Library Website training
Individual tutors and course providers Delivery of training courses
Landlord vision Business support
EPC services Provision of energy performance certificates
EON, City Energy, ECO Energy Energy related products/services
RITA4 Rent/Tax calculator Taxation services
Inventory Hive Inventories
Croner Business Support
National Residential Landlords Association (NRLA) All personal information held in order to facilitate the merger of the RLA with the NLA to form the NRLA

RLA's Data Processors

Holbrooks Distribution of Property Magazine
Belle Print Mail house
Payment providers Worldpay Payment collection
Barclays Bank Bankers


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99 Homes
John Pye Auctions