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Section 21: Fair Repossessions

Section 21: Join the fight for fairer repossessions

Landlords have warned axing Section 21 repossessions will see landlords leave the sector while others will refuse to rent to those who are not in work.

The RLAs largest ever research project saw more than 6,000 landlords share their thoughts on the controversial government announcement that Section 21 is to go.

This research refutes common claims tenants are routinely evicted for 'no reason'.

It has found that of the landlords that had used Section 21:

  • 84 per cent had used it because their tenant hadn't been paying rent
  • 56 per cent had used it because of damage to property
  • 51 per cent had used it because of anti-social behaviour
  • 26 per cent said that they had served a Section 21 notice at the tenants' request - to enable them to seek social housing to avoid them being classed as intentionally homeless

A huge 84% of landlords said they will be 'more selective' to who they rent to if the government goes ahead with its plan over fears they would not be able to swiftly regain possession if and when there were any problems.

The RLA has warned this means that landlords will be less likely to rent to those considered to be of higher risk of rent arrears or causing damage to a property.

What's next?

While the RLA lobbies government in the battle to protect good landlords and good tenants, it is encouraging members to approach their MPs to explain the impact the loss of Section 21 will have on them and their businesses.

To join the campaign and write to, or meet, your MP click here to identify your local members and find letter templates that can help.

We need as many people as possible to get on board to explain the devastating impact this will have on the supply of homes to rent - at a time when they are needed more than ever.

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