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Tenant being difficult about viewings
Hi, Tenant gave notice to end tenancy from date not aligned to Tenancy start or Rent d

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08/07/2020 12:29

Council Tax
Dear RLA, I joined recently and am grateful for the advice I received in the last couple o

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David R
25/06/2020 15:18

access in notice period
I have served a section 21, I have applied to small claims court for rent arrears, I have notifie

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23/06/2020 12:47

Does a lack of response constitute refusal?
I've phoned and written to the tenant on more than one occasion asking for access for Gas Saf

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20/06/2020 10:30

Inspections during Covid-19
Hi everybody, I'd like to inspect one of my properties to check its status (there are prov

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19/06/2020 10:26

Tenant departure
I gave a tenant notice and the council have helped to find new accomodation due to lockdown the m

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17/06/2020 09:45

Breaking News for Landlords
Hello Colleagues In case you didn't hear, last night legislation was passed allowing

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14/05/2020 14:50

tenant won't cooperated with marketing photos
Hi I have a tenant who, unfortunately, lost her job last month so I agreed to let her pay 40%

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13/05/2020 10:26

Access to asses damage during COVID19
Hi, interested to get your views on an issue i have right now with obtaining access to my propert

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23/04/2020 23:04

one tenant arrested on bail for assaulting her partner
Hi, a tenant couple have been in my property for 3 years and recently the female was arrested for

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22/04/2020 10:08

Gas check
Hi My annual gas check is due 26th March. Obviously I cant get it checked and Im worried abo

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02/04/2020 10:01

re-entry to feed fish and bird left at property after eviction
My tenant was evicted and left a large fish tank and a bird. She is now asking for entry to the

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18/03/2020 15:56

Covid 19
If a Tenant is self isolating and a Gas safety needs doing what happens next?

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the Don
17/03/2020 16:59

Entry after move out date
I wonder if anyone can advise where I stand please. Ive had a tenant for two years. Hes nev

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12/03/2020 14:11

Gaining access
My tenant is refusing access unless she is present at the property, even when the 24hr notice is

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02/03/2020 15:22

Routine Property Inspection
Hello We have requested a first inspection on a tenancy and the tenant is refusing access,

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07/02/2020 20:39

Mr Maldwyn Evans
The tenants have pointed out work which needs doing to their property and I have arranged, under

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05/02/2020 17:19

Tenant Belongings
Hi, I have a tenant in a HMO room who has moved out about without 6 weeks ago. However, h

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23/01/2020 15:30

Emergency access?
Hi all, I'd really appreciate some help and advice about this issue. I've received

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16/01/2020 09:22

Access to our land during construction of extension next doors
Hi This is a potential future issue. The oner of the property next to our rented house has

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20/12/2019 00:37

property vacation
Hi, I had a tenant in one of my properties, he was quite problematic and was never off the phone

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NRLA Advice Line
16/12/2019 10:55

Foot through loft
My tenant of 14 years has gone up into the loft space and put her foot through ceiling. It's

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29/11/2019 15:17

Landlord Access on AST
Hi there all. A quick Q. Has there been any change in legislation that impacts my a

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17/11/2019 21:41

Access and sharers
If one or two out of three sharers give permission for landlord and / or his representative to ac

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05/11/2019 12:30

I currently have my wife as an associate but ned to change the details to my son. does anyone kno

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NRLA Advice Line
22/10/2019 11:43

Landlord Access on AST
Hi there all. A quick Q. Has there been any change in legislation that impacts my a

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NRLA Advice Line
22/10/2019 09:17

Visiting Shared Houses
GoodEvening Everyone, If a tenant lives in a HMO. Do you still have to give them 24 hrs no

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01/10/2019 11:22

Can someone advise me please. I was granted a possession order in August, The judge gave the tena

Replies: 4
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29/09/2019 16:24

call out charge
Hi, When our gas engineers cannot gain access to carry out a gas cert, can we charge the missed c

Replies: 3
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NRLA Advice Line
19/09/2019 10:02

Tenant AWOL
Hello, I received a message from my neighbours the day before yesterday asking me to call

Replies: 14
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13/09/2019 10:10

Tenant AWOL
Hello, I received a message from my neighbours the day before yesterday asking me to call

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12/09/2019 16:22

Hi, I need to request access for a surveyor for remortgage. I have asked the tenant dates she is

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21/08/2019 18:51

s21 Consultation and Access
Hi While we (the RLA) are responding to the consultation I would like the issue of acces

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08/08/2019 19:35

HMOs and access
Do you have to give tenants notice when planning to visit communal areas or vacant rooms in a a H

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02/08/2019 20:10

Getting access for viewings
Hello I would like to gain access to my property for viewings. I understand that I am requ

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13/07/2019 11:30

Eviction process- tenant extension
Can a tenant apply for an extension on eviction. She is meant to have left already and the bailif

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NRLA Advice Line
14/06/2019 14:00

Property inspection during eviction process
Can I give 24hr notice to inspect my property even though the tennant has 2 weeks before a bailif

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NRLA Advice Line
13/06/2019 14:01

Access for gas engineer
The central heating boiler in my rental etc requires servicing and re certification - already ove

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10/06/2019 16:38

Access denied even though tenant is not living in the property and the property is empty! Help
My tenant from hell is not allowing me access even though she is living elsewhere and the propert

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04/06/2019 21:24

Accessing property when tenant is not apparently living there
My current tenant (6 months) does not appear to be living at the property. All curtains are perma

Replies: 6
Views: 386
11/05/2019 14:03
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