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Tenant and Landlord responsibilities if tenant's furniture is water damaged?
In a recent accident caused by broken water pipes the tenant's bed gets damaged . The tenant cl

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24/07/2011 00:00

Lease Options Lawyer
Landlord of 4 properties in the same area but now I wish to sell one of them using a strategy of 

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23/07/2011 00:00

putting up tenant in a hotel when carpets soiled
Is the landlord responsible for putting up the tenant in a hotel if the carpets are soiled due to a

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22/07/2011 00:00

Landlord's responsibilities
I've been contacted by my tenants about 2 separate problems; 1 - they think they may have a

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22/07/2011 00:00

Section 21 (1)(B) query
I am considering seeking possession of my property in order to sell it. The property was rented on

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19/07/2011 00:00

hi, can some one tell me, once a lanlord gives a tennant 48 hours notice to inter and property f

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Landlord Advice Team
18/07/2011 00:00

New landlord with existing tenants
I have exchanged contracts on a tenanted house this month (bought through auction)and become the new

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Mrs Kerry Wainman
18/07/2011 00:00

Section 21
Hi With regards to Section 21(1)(b) where it is stated (Name and address of landlord)(see Note

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Landlord Advice Team
15/07/2011 00:00

Issuance of Notice
Dear David/RLA, Further to our previous correspondance with you, please see the full situation

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15/07/2011 00:00

HMO Building Insurance
Our usual broker or insurers are not fond of HMO's, are you aware of any HMO Friendly Insurance

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Rob W
14/07/2011 00:00

Thank you for responding to my post. I forgot to ask if I am allowed access as he was advised

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Housing help
12/07/2011 00:00

Ground 14
Can someone please confirm an query? Does Ground 14 require a notice period or doesn't it ? r

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11/07/2011 00:00

Noise at night
My tenants are complaining of noise from the next door property. Often drilling and banging late at

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08/07/2011 00:00

Blocked waste pipe caused by tenants hair
I have recently had a tenant complain that their bath tub wasn't draining. The waste pipe had be

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08/07/2011 00:00

Section 21 (1b ). How to serve as part of tenancy
Hi, I am a fairly new landlord and still a bit wet behind the ears, so please bear with me.

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08/07/2011 00:00

Letting to a Minor
We have a 17 year old young lady and her 19 year old boyfriend (they have a baby) wanting to rent a

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06/07/2011 00:00

Break Clause
Anyone has the wordings of a break clause, I want to sign a 12 months with a break clause to termina

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02/07/2011 00:00

Channel 4 Dispatches
Channel Four Dispatches are airing a programme next week on "Rogue Landlords"! That m

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30/06/2011 00:00

survey costs
Can anyone tell me what an insurance valuation survey on a block of flats should cost? Also how muc

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29/06/2011 00:00

Utility companies
I have asked this question before and lost the details. What are the contact numbers to find out who

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Landlord Advice Team
28/06/2011 00:00

Tenant has gone to prison.
I have a council tenant in my flat who I have now been told has gone to prison and his benefits have

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24/06/2011 00:00

New law on Squatting
David Cameron has said he wants to make Squatting illegal. About time too! Perhaps the next ste

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21/06/2011 00:00

DPS - Threat of Court Action.
Until last year, and for over a year, I rented 3 rooms in my house to tenants. Last year I moved in

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20/06/2011 00:00

Do I need an Electrical Certificate for installation of new shower?
I have a flat in a block,built around 1995. It already has an electrical cylinder water heater in c

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20/06/2011 00:00

Tenant left property before end of notice period, can I legally enter property?
I served a section 21 on tenant which runs out 30th june, now been told by a neighbour she has done

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18/06/2011 00:00

How can I get the rebuild cost for Landlord insurance?
I want to change from a residential buildings & contents insurance cover over to a landlords insuran

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17/06/2011 00:00

Tenant eviction
Dear Sir/Madam, One of my tenants outstanding rent is in arrears of 2207.03( 900 PCM) which i

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15/06/2011 00:00

Letting agent are refusing to return my property back
I let my property to Globe Estates in Bethnal Green Road under 2 years rent guarantee scheme. I have

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Jane Lo
14/06/2011 00:00

The tenents have separated and in dispute about who gets the deposit
A family rented my house about 4 years ago and separated last year. He left the property and sent hi

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Landlord Advice Team
14/06/2011 00:00

Responsibility for repairs with tenant or the landlord?
We have had a tenant in a house for about 7 months now. Before she moved in we completely redecorate

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11/06/2011 00:00

Unsanctioned work not to standard
My tenant has had some electrical work done which is not up to standard and without telling me she w

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10/06/2011 00:00

Mortgage Express Harassment?
If you have BTL mortgages with Mortgage Express and have met all payments, as we have, do they still

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Harassed by Mortgage Express?
03/06/2011 00:00

Regeneration area, Can't rent can't sell & now can't insure anyone else in a simular pos
My tenants vacated my 3 bed town house ( 695pcm )in June 2010 after being burgled, 3 days later gyps

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30/05/2011 00:00

I am about to issue an new AST . A family are renting the property, do I have to include childrens

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Landlord Advice Team
27/05/2011 00:00

Quite an interesting article Has anyone come across any cases concerning Landlords forgetting

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24/05/2011 00:00

Tenant has a new dog
I just dropped round a new contract to tenants who have been in situ for 2 years, and heard a dog ba

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23/05/2011 00:00


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Play hard but be fair
21/05/2011 00:00

ridiculous shelter video
Has anyone else watched this? They seem to be unaware of the last thirty years of legislation prote

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19/05/2011 00:00

On-line Networking with other Land Lords
Hi, I was just wondering you had a facility which all members could use to network on line, li

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Landlord Advice Team
18/05/2011 00:00

Is it possible for some form of electrical safety certificate to be provided by a qualified sparks w

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17/05/2011 00:00

Taking on a lodger
Hello, Could you advise on the process of taking on a lodger, Kind Regards Graeme

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16/05/2011 00:00
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