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New locked gate
Hi, one of our tenants is not paying her top up fee, we only get part of the rent paid by housing be

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16/05/2014 17:14

End of Tenancy agreement letter
I'm having particular problems with a mature student tenant, but still in communication with th

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16/05/2014 07:44

When can I enter my property?
My tenant has been unable to pay the rent so gave a months notice which has now expired (on the rent

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30/04/2014 14:28

tenant refusing to grant access to the property
I completed a purchase of tenanted property 2 weeks ago, as the property is in Newham , landlords ar

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16/04/2014 17:50

Tenants refusing access
Hello all. I have recently had to serve a section 21b on my tenants because they will not allow me t

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14/04/2014 09:47

Tenant passed away
Just need some advice... We have a sole tenant that has passed away and we can't make cont

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Landlord Advice Team
10/04/2014 11:58

Good afternoon, we are just in the process of letting our first house and are starting the redecorat

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Trans Am
05/04/2014 18:53

Query - Mrs Taylor-Young
Hi I've just taken over the management of our property in Leeds. We used an agent to find t

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Landlord Advice Team
26/02/2014 06:38

Rent Arrears
My tenants (mother & daughter) have not paid their rent which was due on 21.01.14. I have emailed th

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27/01/2014 20:29

Tenant refusing access
I have a tenant that is refusing to let me access the property to do an inspection. He has also refu

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26/01/2014 21:30

Property Access
Tenant lives in a flat within a block of flats. Section 21 has been served on tenant and expired. Th

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26/01/2014 21:27

Multiple tenants getting access
Hi just wanted a view on a scenario, if you want to gain access to the shared areas of a

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20/12/2013 20:23

Parking Problems
I need some advice on what to do on a property that we own. The property is a coach hous

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Landlord Advice Team
16/12/2013 12:46

Tenant changed lock without permission
I have a tenant who has moved out of my property without notifying me but he changed the locks witho

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Karry G
11/12/2013 15:28

Access to Shed
Hi I have rented my house to family. My builder put a door on the shed at back of garden

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11/12/2013 15:01

Access for urgent repair
I have a tenant that has complained of water leaking through the ceiling. The flat above has it'

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Landlord Advice Team
26/11/2013 17:59

car parking
I would like to seek an opinion on how to deal with this car parking. The property consist of

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28/10/2013 12:11

Inspection visits
I always give my tenants 24 hour + notice & ask them the best time/date to visit and do an inspecti

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25/10/2013 13:25

Access to flat above, to fix a leak
I have the same problem as forum poster Petronius Walker who posted on 5/3/13. The tenant in m

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24/10/2013 23:33

Tenant re-enters the property/trespass
My tenants returned 9 out of 11 keys on Saturday. They sub-letted and must have copied an additiona

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24/10/2013 21:00

Periodic Inspection of Property
I have written, text and phoned my tenant giving at least 24 hours notice that I want to inspect the

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22/10/2013 13:50

Ok to let out or not?
My tenant informed me verbally two days ago that she will move out soon. Today she bumped into one

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20/10/2013 22:00

gas check
the gas certificate ran out in the summer. we have tried several times to access the property but th

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18/10/2013 09:30

gain access
if landlord wants to show prospective purchsers around his house can he demand the tenants leave the

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04/10/2013 10:51

council inspections
Does the council "must" give at list 24 hour notice? council officer stated that the "cou

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25/08/2013 17:43

Tenants and Drugs
I found my tenant has been arrested for drugs. Can I take over the house and change the lock?

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Landlord Advice Team
16/07/2013 10:40

Accessing my property
Can I safely assume that as long as I have provided 24 hours notice in writing that I am able to acc

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16/06/2013 09:16

bailiffs right of entry
on going to our just vacated property we found the front door unlocked & the house cleared of all th

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05/06/2013 22:12

Tenant subleting and not paying bills
Hi all, I hope some one will be able to help me. I have a tenant who moved in on 1st Feb on 6mt

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03/06/2013 10:32

Window lock keys
Hi, is the landlord expected to hold a set of window keys in the event that the tenant loses them, o

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23/05/2013 15:21

My tenants had to change the lock on the property and have not given me a key. I have now been tryin

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02/05/2013 11:47

High Major Works Service Charge
Hey everyone, I am a Leaseholder for an ex-council property in a council Estate. It

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26/04/2013 07:26

Decuring a property
Police had to smash the door to enter property. Billed us for securing the property. Police did

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23/04/2013 16:03

re your reply.
I am disabled with broken back so unable to travel to your training days as I am in Herefordshire. S

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Jim on RLA Helpdesk
11/04/2013 10:07

Interest Rates
HI, is the RLA doing anything about the bank of island rising its interest rate? recently Malcolm

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28/03/2013 13:33

Bank of Ireland customers go to this link

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28/03/2013 12:37

npower gas five phone calls no result
Has anyone else had trouble with npower gas? I spent most of this morning going round in circles try

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23/03/2013 14:47

Reimburse the tenant for the gas cost
Can you please advise. My tenant has experienced some problem with the boiler. Which means that

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19/03/2013 00:00

Pre-Paid Meters
My tenant contacted me this week for permission to have a British Gas Pre-Paid Card Meter fitted

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18/03/2013 00:00

access to remove items after eviction by bailiff
My tenants left the day before the bailiff was due to arrive. They left behind a lot of items a

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15/03/2013 00:00

Hi, Does anyone know if Estate Agents make up their own Tenant and Landlord rent Transactions?

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14/03/2013 00:00
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