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Paying Guarantor
Where can I get a PAYING guarantors deed/contract. That is where the guarantor pays the rent and

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23/06/2019 19:28

Guarantor form
Is there a form that a guarantor would compete to allow a landlord to carry out credit checks and

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Landlord Advice Team
20/05/2019 16:45

Eligibility for being a Guarantor
References have come back stating a Guarantor is required. To pass referencing & tenancy to quali

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12/05/2019 08:28

forms in place
Dear enquires Please can you give me a list of the forms and send me any that I need to down l

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28/04/2019 13:00

Reference failure
My prospective tenants have both failed their references because they are newley self employed.Th

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17/04/2019 23:38

When to ask for a Guarantor
I have a couple who would like to rent a property at £540pm. One earns £10,000 pa a

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05/04/2019 11:22

New tenancy/guarantor question
Hi there. I have a tenancy where there has been a relationship breakdown. The male partner has mo

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07/03/2019 09:24

Guarantor refusing to guarantee unlimited losses
Hi, please can I ask for some advice? We have 4 students on an AST and have used the Limited Deed

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04/02/2019 13:19

How do guarantors wriggle out?
I have a wealthy guarantor of a housing benefit daughter who is driving me mad. Usually wh

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30/01/2019 18:03

Parental Guarantor Form
I received this email form a parent of a student. It is a 7 bed house. I use your guarantor form

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Valerie de Lancey
23/01/2019 12:10

overseas tenants
I have foreign students wanting to sign up to a new AST but one says she has no UK Guarantor. Wh

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04/12/2018 14:31

Guarantor Form: How do you limit the guarantee amount?
Dear Sir, I wonder if you could help. I sent a Guarantor form to the parent of a prospectiv

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Teg's Dad
28/09/2018 14:18

Is it worth getting a guarantor?
I have a prospective tenant but the credit check show 3 CCJ's (he says he didn't know abo

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25/09/2018 16:03

Witness for Guarantor Form
Hi Quick query - as Landlord can I be the witness on the guarantor form or does the person

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17/09/2018 18:54

Guarantor credit checks
Hi, Is there a requirement for me to carry out credit checks on a tenant's (student) g

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09/09/2018 08:58

Who's in the right?
Hi All, you have been so helpful in the past so I have another situation I am unsure how to deal

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18/08/2018 23:25

Is the guarantor still liable?
The tenant has been in the property for about two years [originally 6 month RLA Ast form used]

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24/07/2018 16:01

HMO letting agent
Hello, A couple of years ago, I became guarantor for a HMO on behalf of someone that I tru

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20/07/2018 13:09

Claiming against a Garentor
Hi Just wonder if you can help. I have a tenant who is now 2 months in arrears. A fix

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nicest landlord
26/06/2018 21:24

Guarantor has requested to revoke her contract
Good morning all, A bit of an odd one this. The guarantor for one of our properties

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31/05/2018 16:49

Guarantor query
I have a 5 bed student let - agents have found tenants but one does not have a guarantor - appare

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Landlord Advice Team
19/04/2018 10:17

Hi, I have some tenants who are willing to provide a guarantor for the property. Wh

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Landlord Advice Team
30/01/2018 13:46

Guarantor From The Republic of Ireland
My tenant has offered as a guarantor a family member living in Ireland. I am assuming I would ha

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28/01/2018 11:58

Guarantor agreement - unenforceable?
Please can you advise: If in a tenancy agreement the agent / Landlord signs 2 days before the

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Landlord Advice Team
05/12/2017 13:34

One tenant leaving early on a joint and several AST
(Names have been changed) In July 2016 we let a flat to Betty and Susan, on a two year joi

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Landlord Advice Team
30/11/2017 12:31

AST guarantor addendum
Hi Guys, I am currently doing a remortgage on a property and the mortgage company are stating tha

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Landlord Advice Team
30/11/2017 10:27

Guarantor for corporate let
Do you have a Guarantor form to support your corporate let agreement? If not how do you suggest

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24/10/2017 23:59

Housing Hand. As a guarantor
I have a prospective tenant who needs a guarantor and whose family are not in a position to be ab

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16/10/2017 14:20

Housing Hand
Has anyone had any experience of Housing Hand? They have offered to act as a guarantor for my po

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15/10/2017 11:27

Tenant wants to cancel contract
Hi we have a tenant who has signed a contract with a guarantor. The tenancy is due to start o

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Landlord Advice Team
31/08/2017 10:06

Renting to students
Hi Need some advice here with regards to renting out to overseas students following flat viewi

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20/08/2017 18:30

Guarantor responsibilities
I have used a guarantor for current tenants. After a house inspection I have found that damage t

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17/05/2017 16:58

Deed of Guarantee - September 15. Is it still enforcable?
Hi. I used the relevant RLA document in Sept 15 for a Guarantor. The tenancy became periodic an

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nicest landlord
11/04/2017 14:38

Guarantor Agreement still valid?
I have 3 tenants staying on for an extra year after the current Joint AST expires in July. They a

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Student landlord
19/03/2017 17:48

Tenant wants to remove Gaurantor
Dear RLA/RLA forum, BACKGROUND: I have a tenant that is just over 6 months into a stand

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Ex Squatter
08/03/2017 19:16

Rent in advance instead of guarantors
My super-keen young couple, who want to move into our cottage next Friday, have now offered 3 mon

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05/03/2017 17:34

is a guarantor necessary for each tenant
is a guarantor necessary for each individual tenant? they are an unmarried couple sharing

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03/03/2017 16:40

Guarantor timescale
Hi if a tenant has a guarantor but then lapses on to a periodic contract is the guarantor still l

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09/02/2017 10:16

MCOL claim
Last week I submitted an MCOL claim against my tenant and her guarantor. The tenant has made an o

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18/01/2017 11:04

Documentation from Letting Agent
We're using a letting agent on a let-only basis. They've done the referencing and credit

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02/12/2016 21:53
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