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guarantor after fixed term
What do people do when the fixed term of a guaranteed tenancy expires? What I have done is dra

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nicest landlord
16/05/2016 16:40

Electronic Signature on Deed of Guarantee
I understand that electronic signatures on tenancy agreements and other documents have long been acc

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Nigel C
13/05/2016 06:40

Guarantor Witness
(I am not sure if my posts from yesterday have been closed so i am asking again here from new.)

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Landlord Advice Team
04/05/2016 14:59

Guarantor Witness
(I am not sure if my posts from yesterday have been closed so i am asking again here from new.)

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Landlord Advice Team
04/05/2016 14:52

Guarnator querying unlimited liability for damages in agreement
I have a student let and am signing new tenants for Sept 2016. One of the guarantors is questioning

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18/03/2016 13:43

Issues with Guarantor's Deed of Guarantee - see earlier
Following on from previous posts, this was eventually resolved (last week). Other than a cursory gla

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nicest landlord
07/03/2016 09:28

Copy of Tenancy Agreement for the Guarantor
Hello, When sending the guarantor form and guidance notes to the guarantor, will a blank

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nicest landlord
26/02/2016 08:41

Witness - who could that be ?
I am signing a new tenants tomorrow with the guarantor , guarantor's signs needs to be witness ,

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Hythe man
03/02/2016 09:35

Lapsed county court case
I had attachment of earnings order which suddenly stopped. After my enquiry, the Northampton c

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02/02/2016 22:22

Good morning. We are using the RLA guarantor forms for a group of students on a joint tenancy. If on

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Landlord Advice Team
01/02/2016 08:58

Bit of a reverse of roles here. My son is going to rent a house from a company that say they are age

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Landlord Advice Team
19/12/2015 09:07

Where is "the day and year first above" on RLA Deed of Guarantee?
RLA Limited Deed of Guarantee states (just above place for guarantor to sign): "In witnes

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02/12/2015 12:43

RLA Deed of Guarantee (Limited
I am seeking to use this form , a guarantor has asked these questions. Could you help with the answ

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Landlord Advice Team
24/11/2015 06:02

Guarantor for HB tennats
Hi Guys I have mostly tenants in receipt of Housing Benefit living in my properties. I am

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Ben 29
29/10/2015 18:16

Protecting the landlords rights under a guarantee
I have found the deed of guarantee against non payment of rent on this website but is it usual to &

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21/10/2015 17:58

Query on invoking Gurantor aggreement
Our tenant has left the premises without giving notice and without paying his rent for October 2015.

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Landlord Advice Team
15/10/2015 09:17

Housing Hand
Has any one had any experience of this company, they appear to offer a service to overseas students

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25/08/2015 13:30

Guarantor's responsibility ?
Can guarantor come out off his contract with us by sending one letter saying, he/she no longer wish

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24/08/2015 17:16

Making a Money Claim from Guarantor
My previous tenants were evicted recently leaving behind them damage, dirt and grime, unpaid rent an

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24/08/2015 14:08

Advice needed about need for guarantor for high earner with low basic wage.
Those anyone have experience of letting to people who rely on overtime to make a living? Should they

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21/08/2015 10:18

Please Help! Short Survey for Landlords of Residential Lets about your EPCs.
I need your help! I need more responses for my dissertation questionnaire and would appreciate anyon

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31/07/2015 15:02

RLA Guarantor forms and electronic signatures
Hi I send everything out for electronic signature, it works a treat.. However, the R

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24/07/2015 19:50

Lettings agency
I am about to hand over the management of my London property to a Lettings agency and I need to know

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13/07/2015 16:14

Guarantor has no email
Can anyone tell me what form to send to the guarantor if they have no email. I have seen the one on

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11/07/2015 12:39

Guarantors no longer cover subsequent tenancies
Those of you who use guarantees look at the new RLA guarantee deed plus explanatory notes.

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Ray D
07/07/2015 21:28

Council Tax
My tenants have informed me that they are leaving 4 months into a 12 month ASTA, but have a Guaranto

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Landlord Advice Team
07/05/2015 12:03

Issues with Guarantor's Deed of Guarantee
When I approached the guarantor for rent arrears she got a solicitor involved who claims she is not

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David L
01/05/2015 19:28

Issues with Guarantor's Deed of Guarantee
When I approached the guarantor for rent arrears she got a solicitor involved who claims she is not

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David L
07/04/2015 15:29

My tenant to be is the daughter of a long standing friend/work colleague of mine.He said if need be

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07/03/2015 17:42

Garantees and AST sequence and dates
I asked these questions some time ago. Answers were incomplete. I have looked at RLA guarantees and

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Landlord Advice Team
27/02/2015 05:26

What happens if a students guarantor lives overseas?
I have a 5 bedroom student let and I am about to take over complete management myself, and am sortin

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nice guy
25/02/2015 10:56

Fake Deed of Gurantee
Just found out that the Guarantor did not sign the Deed of Guarantee at the first place, at least th

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Trans Am
24/02/2015 11:16

Guarantor Agreement still valid if new tenancy agreement signed
I have 5 students on a joint shorthold tenancy agreement. The agreement ends July 2015. 3 of them ar

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Landlord Advice Team
04/02/2015 12:39

Guarantor agreement
Hello, We have a tenant and have referenced tenant and guarantor - we will send the guara

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23/01/2015 12:08

Mediation - worth a try?
I have issued county court proceedings against a guarantor for rent arrears. He is defending the cla

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14/01/2015 19:36

Propective tenant not 18 until February
We rent out a 2 bedroom flat and one of the two tenants is leaving as she is moving to a new job. Bo

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10/12/2014 09:26

Guarantor wants to withdraw
HB tenant paying some top ups, her father is currently guarantor having signed the RLA form. Te

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08/11/2014 21:22

Guarantor in Republic of Ireland
A tenant is seeking to leave a joint tenancy agreement and has found someone who has only lived prev

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Carl - member
08/11/2014 10:50

I have used the RLA deed of Guarantee many times for the initial fixed term AST without any problems

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nice guy
02/10/2014 09:28

3rd tenancy agreement not honoured - guarantor on the hook?
I had a tenant walk half way through a 6 month AST this summer. This was the third tenancy agreeeme

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nice guy
30/09/2014 09:24

New potential tenant
Hi there - We are private landlords who don't use an agency and use standard credit referencing

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30/09/2014 09:06
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