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Joint Ownership with a friend Clarification
Hi, I am new here and have a plan I wanted to get some thoughts on if there are any problems associa

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Member 1
05/05/2014 15:56

tenant lives other end of the country
At present the RLA are doing checks on a guarantor who on the face of it will easily pass (home owne

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Member 1
27/04/2014 17:58

disabled guarantor
I have a guarantor in prospect who does not work because he had an industrial injury aged 35. He is

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nice guy
23/04/2014 18:07

If using RLA Deed of Guarantee form do I have to have witness?
If using RLA Deed of Guarantee form do I have to have witness? Or could I take photo of guarantor as

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14/04/2014 11:58

Hi, the tenant's guarantor is also the tenant's sister and carer. After 6 months t

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07/04/2014 16:58

Time for Guarantor to read the Deed Form and Copy of AST?
Hi. This is my first post, please be kind! I am self managing the letting of

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nice guy
28/03/2014 11:54

Date on Deed of Guarantee
I see from a previous post that on the Deed of Guarantee the date in Clause 1. (“the Property”) upon

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27/03/2014 15:34

Guarantor Refusing to Disclose Income
Have 3 Students proposing to rent from us August 2014, each have nominated a parent as a Guarantor,

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19/03/2014 19:29

Limited deed of guarantee document
I have student tenant and parents acting as guarantors. I am using RLA standard docs for limited gu

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nice guy
06/02/2014 22:10

Witnessing a Digital Signature on Deed of Guarantee
Is anyone using an on-line electronic signature service for the Deed of Guarantee? If so, how are yo

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Karry G
22/12/2013 23:28

dealing with international tenants & guarantors
I deal with French students in the main with French parents based in France - all been ve

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12/12/2013 09:01

dealing with international tenants & guarantors
I deal with French students in the main with French parents based in France - all been ve

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11/12/2013 20:34

requesting money from guarantors
Hello. I need some help / pointing in the right direction. My tenants, who i served S21 notice on

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02/12/2013 14:20

Guarantor - using a car as security
I wonder if you could help? I normally ask for a guarantor to be a homeowner and to sign

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07/11/2013 21:49

What are we looking for in a guarantor?
I am increasingly promoting my houses to housing benefit tenants with guarantors. So far my experie

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22/10/2013 12:07

Guarantor for room where there is a resident landlord
My daughter lives in a flat she owns and lets a couple of the rooms to friends - we use the RLA Resi

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22/10/2013 11:46

Accepting a new tenant with CCJs
Hi all, First time landlord looking to rent my flat to a 30-something couple. I have run

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19/10/2013 00:21

Age of Guarantor
Looking for some quick advice. I have a potential tenant, who has given me a guarantor (A

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17/10/2013 11:30

Advice needed
Dear RLA, My name is Ilva and I am member of RLA. I have a question regards t

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03/09/2013 10:58

Hi, There is a group of 4 students taking a house all with parents guarantees. The contract require

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Ray D
30/08/2013 22:13

Dates on RLA Deed of Guarantee
Could you please advise what date should appear on the Deed of Guarantee this is the 1st Date field

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Landlord Advice Team
06/08/2013 11:19

Guarantor permission to credit check
Hi, I'm new here & am in the process of referencing & credit checking potential tenants. They ar

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01/08/2013 10:23

Date of Guarantee
Hi Can a guarantee be dated BEFORE the tenancy agreement date ? Will this be an is

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12/07/2013 15:59

Claim for damages from Tenants guarantor
Please can you advise me if there is any time limit to claim damages done to the property from the g

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28/06/2013 15:14

does guarantor need to be local?
RLA guarantee deed has to be signed after seeing the actual AST that is being guaranteed. So does th

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17/05/2013 17:14

how to fill out
I have decided to use your Deed of Guarantee (limited) form but am unsure as to how to fill it out c

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01/05/2013 11:28

Guarantors, falling out with the people the Guarantee!
Please advise we have a tenant who is £3,500 behind with their rent! This tenant pays £70 per w

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Ray D
12/04/2013 15:03

Guarantor liablity on periodic AST
I issued a 1 year contact starting on the 6th of November 2011 expiring on the 5th of November 2012.

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11/04/2013 11:22

Pursuing Guarantor ?
After owing 3 months rent the tenants have absconded. Every scrap of metal has been stripped from th

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28/03/2013 12:00

guarantor lives too far
Hi, i have one lady applied for my rental property,the lady Miss s,just moved a week ago in our area

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21/03/2013 14:00

What tenancy agreement to use with guarantor and process?
Hi there, We are taking new tenants with a guarantor. Normally we use your standard AST downloa

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Landlord Advice Team
01/03/2013 00:00

Guarantor has died mid tenancy
One of properties was managed by an agent and we have now taken over the management as we were not s

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28/02/2013 00:00

Guarantors of Joint and several Agreements
Hullo I have been presented by my son with a request to be his guarantor on a joint and several

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Landlord Advice Team
09/02/2013 00:00

Hi We have been approached by future tenants father who is apparently a solicitor and is not h

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Landlord Advice Team
08/02/2013 00:00

Dear Help Desk, I intend to let a property to two students on a joint AST, however, guarantors

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Ivor Letafew
30/01/2013 00:00

guarantor form for joint ast limiting liability
I have read the rla guarantor form - the one that limits the guarantor's liability for rent

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Landlord Advice Team
28/01/2013 00:00

Limited Deed of Guarantee
Evening! I have issued a deed of guarantee (from here)- Limited & given it early to the

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21/01/2013 00:00

re: do i have to change guarantor
two tenants occupied my property on 17.05.2012 on a six month tenancy this has now rolled onto a per

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20/11/2012 00:00

Which forms do I need to chase a guarantor for rent arrears and guarantor lives in Turkey. thank yo

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Landlord Advice Team
26/10/2012 00:00

deposits and guarantor
Hi i am being taken to task by two students on a joint agreement with four, because i have with

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Marie Hastings
09/10/2012 00:00

Liability on the Guarantor Agreement
Hello I’ve suggested my guarantors sign the recommended guarantor agreement provided on the RLA

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Landlord Advice Team
08/10/2012 00:00
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