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shared house
could you please advise me on a position I find myself My mortgage says the property is not

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14/10/2018 17:56

We have a Studio flat attached to our residence occupied by a single tenant do we need to licence

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Landlord Advice Team
09/10/2018 16:40

Hi All... I have been asked by my local authority to provide all tenancy agreements for al

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07/10/2018 10:59

HMO New Regulations
Under the new HMO rules if you are applying for a HMO for a five bedroom house with five people f

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Landlord Advice Team
03/10/2018 13:57

New Licensing rules for flats
As the new rule kicks in in just over 1 hour (yikes!) self-contained flats in purpose built block

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01/10/2018 23:58

I need to upgrade the smoke alarms in 2 tenanted houses which are terraced, on 2 floors and have

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01/10/2018 17:27

Existing HMO licence
Hi my HMO has been licensed for over 3 years now, what happens to the current license? It does no

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01/10/2018 07:35

fire hydrants
i have just renewed my hmo licence, and the housing officer told me i should remove fire extingui

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27/09/2018 11:26

Room sizes in New builds
This is just an observation; I am looking at new flats being built in my area and noticed ALL of

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26/09/2018 17:14

Once a property has been licensed as a hmo is there any impediment to selling it as a private res

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26/09/2018 14:08

Dear Sir/Madam i have a house with 6 tenants on separate ASTs,i have found out that i need a H

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26/09/2018 12:30

Do I Need An HMO Licence Under New Regs Due 01 Oct 18?
Dear Sirs, I have three tenants sharing a three-bed house under a single AST. Each tenant

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21/09/2018 16:42

New HMO Regulations
Hi, we are managing couple of buildings with following Specs and need some clarification

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20/09/2018 14:47

I have a hmo with 6 people at the moment using 5 rooms on an addtional license, 1 storey building

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20/09/2018 08:43

Supported Housing
Hi. I am a private Service provider and in the process of starting a supported residential

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07/09/2018 15:59

Fire risk assessment
Hi, as part of the new licensing rules for hmo’s we are being asked to supply a written fire risk

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07/09/2018 12:26

HMO regulations on bin storage
Do the new HMO regulations shortly to be introduced mandate any specific storage requirements for

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Landlord Advice Team
07/09/2018 09:22

Building regulations 1991 - Converted flats
Hello, I want to find out if my converted flat satisfies the 1991 Building Regulations. I

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01/09/2018 23:34

How to get legal aid If I council reject my HMO application?

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29/08/2018 14:53

Communal room sizes for HMO property
Good morning, I am in the process of preparing my properties for the new licensing that is

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Landlord Advice Team
20/08/2018 11:16

HMO related queries
Hi, I own a 2-floor, ex-council, 3-bed flat in Lambeth which I let to 3 individual adults in a

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13/08/2018 13:05

Minimum Safety Requirements for Small HMO (Licensable from 01/10/18)
Dear Advice Team, I have a small, traditional 3-bed terraced house (think "Corrie"

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Landlord Advice Team
13/08/2018 09:37

HMO licencing woes
We have a four bedroom house where the smallest bedroom is 5.98m2. The tenant is happy with it be

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11/08/2018 04:34

Inner room, escape window, exit from enclosed courtyard
Hi, I'm a landlord in the London Borough of Greenwich where they are currently enacting Addit

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07/08/2018 16:10

New mandatory HMO licensing regulations and section 257 HMOs
Dear Advice Team. I've just been reading that the new HMO regulations will include converted

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03/08/2018 16:15

Am I an HMO
I have a large house in Chester, divided in 1978 into 7 large self contained flats. They all pay

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03/08/2018 15:25

HMO Licence
We have a property that currently has 5 sharers (students). We also have a contact starting Septe

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The cleaner landlord
17/07/2018 12:36

rob nottingham
how many per property

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03/07/2018 22:52

Will I need to tell the lender about HMO
Hello fellow members, I need some advice - I currently have a standard BTL mortgage of whi

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14/06/2018 17:36

Licensable HMO? 3267/o
I have a four story building ( but 3 stories to the main exit at the first floor level). I have t

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09/06/2018 11:54

Change of use?
I have inherited an HMO which was originally given a license to house 6 people. It consisted of 6

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05/06/2018 19:20

Will i need a fire alarm
Hi, I am aware that virtually all shared houses will need to be licensed from October 1st. I have

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03/06/2018 08:05

Landlord's Fire Risk Assessment
Can anyone direct me to an example fire risk assessment? I'd like to see a completed example

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Landlord Advice Team
24/05/2018 12:12

House to HMO that was 2 flats
I have just bought a 4 bed house (2 floors) in Croydon that I plan to change into an HMO.

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18/05/2018 15:06

Getting a certificate of Lawful Use for C4 HMO usage in article 4 area?
Hi all, Looking for some help/advice or if anyone has any experience with obtaining a Cert

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17/05/2018 15:18

2018/2019 RITA spreadsheet?
Hello colleagues; Has anyone received the free 2018/2019 'RITA' accounts spreadsheet c

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13/05/2018 11:11

PAT testing I seem to have completed all checks - gas safe, EPC, CO2 alarms, fire (smoke/h

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11/04/2018 13:27

Extension of mandatory HMO licensing October 2018
We have a regulaed but not licensed small HMO. We have been inspected and belng to the local coun

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09/04/2018 17:19

Article 4 Direction Haringey
Hello Any one out there who dealt with the Haringey council and submitted a "Applicati

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Steve Becks
31/03/2018 12:08

Whose the Landlord ?
My Tenant at a Chinese Take-away has the right in the Lease to sub-let the upstairs part of the p

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Landlord Advice Team
26/03/2018 12:24
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