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HMO Licensing

HMO classification
Hi there, I have recently been told by the local council that my building is now classed

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Jane Lo
10/06/2016 10:28

Turning HMO back to family house
Hi, I'm a bit puzzled by this. I'm looking at purchasing a house which is current

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17/05/2016 17:20

Hardwiring of microwaves in bedsits. Council requirement following HMO inspection.
Following a recent HMO inspection the local authority has said that we should hard wire in the micro

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20/04/2016 16:11

Four named tenants
Can anyone tell me if I can name four unrelated tenants on an AST please without the property being

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13/04/2016 16:53

Relicensing HMO License
hi I recently bought a HMO licensed property. I am not sure which form do i complete to a

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09/04/2016 12:08

Croydon Landlord Licence not needed as sold property
sorry this isn't HMO related but landlord licence related. we applied to croydon for a licence b

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07/04/2016 10:02

HMO Regulations
Hi, We are in the process of converting a residential dwelling into a 5 bedroom HMO.

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Member 1
02/04/2016 15:39

I would like to know if the following requires a mandatory licence or not and if the area is in Arti

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Landlord Advice Team
03/03/2016 16:29

HMO Fire Doors
We have a propoerty which will be let to a Company, to house 6 students under contract to that compa

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Jane Lo
02/03/2016 15:55

Take a bow RLA
The RLA has in the past taken Salford LA to task about the arrogant manner they introduced Selective

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nicest landlord
01/03/2016 09:47

Ealing Council proposal to license all HMOs
What is RLA view on proposal?

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Landlord Advice Team
24/02/2016 18:12

4 Rooms
Hi, I'm currently developing a property to an HMO. We're converting it to five bedrooms with

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12/02/2016 14:46

HMO Mortgage
Hi, I am purchasing a 4 bed property with a buy to let interest only mortgage. My plan is to rent i

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02/02/2016 13:22

Fire door replacement
I had my property inspected by a fire safety officer prior to it becoming an HMO and the doors were

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19/01/2016 23:10

Fire/Lighting safety checks in licensed HMOs
Hi All, I am interested in the safety checks people carry out in their HMOs and who they get t

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19/01/2016 23:04

Welsh Office Registration
Hi I have read recently that landlords in wales are required to register with welsh office.

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19/12/2015 19:46

Camden new licensing regulations for HMO's
Anyone out there started to do the registration for this? Today is the start date and having read t

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08/12/2015 12:54

Where can I find out if an area requires HMO Planning Permission and Licensing?
I am trying to locate areas within Hampshire (and surrounding counties) where a property can be deve

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Landlord Advice Team
05/12/2015 08:31

article 4
Dear RLA , please can you advise is there a list advising which councils have put an article 4

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27/11/2015 09:36

Criminals and paedophiles!!!
I have submitted a planning application for an HMO and stirred a residents' hornets nest. I hav

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21/10/2015 18:34

HMO or not HMO?
I let a property 2 storey to a group of 4 students on a joint AST in Southwark area. I am bit c

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09/10/2015 22:55

Hi Wirral council told me that the Electric Periodic Inspection Report (every 5 years?)

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06/10/2015 10:30

Fire alarms and National standards
Hi, I have 2 properties currently which i am setting up for letting out as HMO's. they are virtu

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05/10/2015 16:24

House to flats
Hi there I have a house with five flats in it it has 1 council tax payment all the same electric a

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19/09/2015 18:06

Hi, I have a flat in a house that has been converted into 4 flats on 3 levels. The flats have 199 yr

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10/09/2015 16:16

hi, i have bought a 3 storey, 4 bed town house. I am interested in letting the 4 bedrooms out indivi

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27/08/2015 12:27

Is HMO License in Newham needed please.......
Hi If I rent out a house to 4 people who are friends under 1 household AST, even though i

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26/08/2015 21:50

Gwynedd Council to Apply for Addtional HMO Licencing
Gwynedd Council is about to apply for its 2nd 5 year Additional HMO Licencing. They say

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26/08/2015 01:09

4 single let unit
Do I need planning permission to create kitchen and showroom in individual roof in my 3 bedroom hous

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12/08/2015 17:43

Short survey on EPCs, share your views!
I am a current landlord writing a research paper on EPCs, their effectiveness and future enforcement

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24/07/2015 13:10

Hi all, the council (Wirral) asked me to provide monthly FIRE ALARM AND EMERGENCY LIGHT testing

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15/07/2015 15:26

Do I need a Licence for my HMO
A few years ago I was told by Haringey Council that I did not need a Licence for a house as it was n

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14/07/2015 08:50

Certificate of Lawful use
Own a grade 2 listed property that is divided into 5 flats 2 short term tenancies and 3 holiday flat

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01/07/2015 15:25

HMO definition
If a property is 3 story high, and 4 tenants let the property on a joint contract, is that a compuls

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Landlord Advice Team
19/06/2015 08:55

Convert 3 storey into 2 storey
Hello, We are interested in purchasing a residential property and to use it as an HMO.

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31/05/2015 16:31

Regarding fire extinguishers etc
I have just purchased an HMO and all of its fire extinguishers etc have been removed. Is this becaus

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Member 1
16/05/2015 00:02

Newham HMO - How to prove record of HMO tenancy + renovation vacancy = loss of C4 HMO status?
Bought property in Newham council April 2014 Has 4 non related tenants plus one partner on exp

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01/04/2015 14:34

Will agents manage HMO?
I am trying to decide what to do with an empty shop in Oldham. I could make it a 4 bed HMO with sha

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24/02/2015 22:33

Tenants right to refuse work
Hi, The Hmo team want me to put a door on an open plan kitchen because of fire regs, which is n

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15/02/2015 19:08

HMO Licence Leeds
My Council have stated that I need a licence for my property although I have a self contained flat.

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09/02/2015 11:50

House turn into Hmo
I have 4 bed house , can i dream to convert that into hmo ? Is it possible? What are the pros and co

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08/02/2015 23:27
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