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HMO Licensing

Newham HMO - How to prove record of HMO tenancy + renovation vacancy = loss of C4 HMO status?
Bought property in Newham council April 2014 Has 4 non related tenants plus one partner on exp

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01/04/2015 14:34

Will agents manage HMO?
I am trying to decide what to do with an empty shop in Oldham. I could make it a 4 bed HMO with sha

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24/02/2015 22:33

Tenants right to refuse work
Hi, The Hmo team want me to put a door on an open plan kitchen because of fire regs, which is n

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15/02/2015 19:08

HMO Licence Leeds
My Council have stated that I need a licence for my property although I have a self contained flat.

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09/02/2015 11:50

House turn into Hmo
I have 4 bed house , can i dream to convert that into hmo ? Is it possible? What are the pros and co

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08/02/2015 23:27

HMO Management rules
Could you please provide me with 1. HMO Management rules to advice to tenants. 2 Instruct

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Landlord Advice Team
04/12/2014 08:40

HMO & Council Tax
We have just completed an HMO of 8 rooms with own kitchenettes and shared bathrooms. License is bein

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18/11/2014 18:38

want to convert large house to bedsits
hi we have a large detached house .which we would like to convert to 7 bedsits we h

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10/11/2014 19:12

Selective Licensing in Liverpool

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07/11/2014 23:08

Fire Regulations
Hello, I have recently bought a 7 bedroom student house, spread over 3 floors, plus an unused c

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24/10/2014 09:31

Advice , please , on planning an HMO
Does anyone know of any guide books, or online advice about planning an HMO - I have a friend who ha

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19/10/2014 11:46

I believed my tenant is subletting and he has confirmed verbally to me today that he is. He tenancy

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Landlord Advice Team
19/10/2014 05:47

Is a 3 storey house automatically an HMO?
What is the maximum number of tenants (if any) that can live in a 3 storey house without it being cl

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11/09/2014 15:29

IS this a HMO?
Hi I have a 3 bedroom terraced house which is up for let, and someone has applied for the tenancy..

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04/09/2014 15:17

Hi I have a licensed HMO in the Wirral. After I visit from the council I received a repor

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01/09/2014 20:25

TV Licence
Dear Sir/Madam, I operate a HMO which is divided into 6 bedsits each with their own tenan

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26/08/2014 23:01

Small HMO but no planning permission
Licensing will give me a license for a small HMO But the planners have told me they have not granted

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08/08/2014 12:18

HMO and Council Tax
I own an HMO-registered student house in Sheffield. I have owned the house since April 2013. I

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25/07/2014 10:23

HMO License fee payable per unit or per person sharing a unit which is a self-contained flat
I am trying to clarify a point. We have a self-contained flat let to 3 sharers on a single tena

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21/07/2014 14:41

HMO Licence payable per self-containef flat or per person in a self-contained flat
I am trying to clarify a point. We have a self-contained flat let to 3 sharers on a single tena

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Has Fmaat
21/07/2014 11:54

HMO License fee payable per unit or per person sharing a unit which is a self-contained flat
I am trying to clarify a point. We have a self-contained flat let to 3 sharers on a single tena

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Has Fmaat
21/07/2014 11:53

Is HMO licence payable per unit or per tenant
My clients have a freehold property converted after 1991 to two self-contained flats. Each fla

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Has Fmaat
21/07/2014 11:45

Family v Group Occupancy
Three bed property let to groups of three students for many years. Last year let to a family has the

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17/07/2014 11:53

I have two brothers that want to rent a house off me with there girlfriends. Will I then have a HMO?

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17/07/2014 11:30

HMO Check In/Inventory - 6 Bed
Who physically legally is required to be present for a Check In and sign the Inventory Report for a

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27/06/2014 10:32

Council demands documents
Council has made a visit and demanding all such documents like tenancy, rent receipts, accounts, ban

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24/06/2014 10:16

periodic inspection certificates
Hi, I have inspection certificates for both the emergency lighting and the fire detection

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05/06/2014 16:24

HMO Planning permission
from 1st october 2010 to 15th May 2012 the law permitted development rights that introduced the then

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Landlord Advice Team
04/06/2014 14:46

Are HMOs worth the extra work?
My properties are mainly 2 bed terrace aimed at single households. I am contemplating trying an HMO

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16/05/2014 22:17

Rooms let to relatives / friends
The property is in Newham under selective licensing. When a room is let to relatives, is

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13/05/2014 15:03

Advice on HMO license and residential mortgage
Hi, Looking for a bit of advice. I am trying to buy a house in Cheltenham with a residential mortgag

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13/05/2014 13:49

Fire door on kitchen?
I have a flat I wish to let where someone has removed the kitchen door. The kitchen is open to the

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30/04/2014 23:54

Fire safety
i have 3 storey town house. i have converted the bottom floor into two ensuite rooms with shared kit

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Landlord Advice Team
26/04/2014 09:38

Newham: is licensing required while owner occupied
Hi, This is in Newham council. Is licensing required to let rooms while the la

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19/04/2014 20:26

Council unscheduled visit
I had applied for a selective license for my 3 storey ( Ground, Ist & 2nd floor loft ) house. All of

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15/04/2014 12:19

Is there a minimum size for an HMO room?
Is there a minimum square footage or meterage for a habitable room? How is this affected

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09/04/2014 19:24

Is this a licensable HMO?
I have a one bedroomed first floor flat in a two storey Victorian house and am just completing a lof

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07/04/2014 14:39

HMO - definition of habitable
I have converted the cellar into a utility room in a house I am converting to a HMO. There will be 6

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20/03/2014 08:49

2 FLOORS ONLY is this a Licensable
We have renting for several years and have done several house share conversions we also in the early

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12/03/2014 14:22

Do I need to Licence my HMO
Hi, I'm just a tad confused on this one. I have a 6 bed HMO with ground and first floors contain

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HMO Fresh
05/03/2014 14:26

'Rent to Rent' insurance
Hi, I have recently done a rent to rent on an HMO. To clarify, I am renting an HMO throu

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Landlord Advice Team
07/02/2014 09:15
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