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Contract with letting agent not covered by Allianz Landlord's insurance
Having a lot of issues with my letting agent and now told by my insurance broker that the landlor

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20/09/2018 17:46

Agent wants fees to renew tenancy on a tenant find contract
Last year, I paid an agent to find me a tenant. provide the tenancy agreement etc but not manage

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DJ Leeds
15/09/2018 13:49

Compliance fees ? my agent suggests I should pay them a monthly Compliance Fee
I let a few flats through a high street letting agent. They have suggested that I should pay a Co

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11/09/2018 12:51

Severe problems with existing Letting Agents
We have 20 properties currently with a single agent and have had for over 10 years. This agency w

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08/09/2018 08:39

Can landlord view the Right to Rent documents performed through letting agents?
I have a signed Lettings Agreement with a lettings agent for a residential property that I own.

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07/09/2018 08:16

Unresponsive agent - deposit and inventory
Hi Iíve been using an online agent to find tenants for me for a few years. They also do re

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31/08/2018 14:12

Can I change letting agent?
Hi all! I had a property management company for a number of years managing and finding tenants

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26/08/2018 09:17

Deed of Variation
Has any one got any kind of draft template for a deed of variation for an AST?

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16/08/2018 12:49

Agent providing landlord address? (or not?)
Please could you advise chapter and verse on whether a letting agent is obliged to provide a tena

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10/08/2018 16:14

Agent providing landlord address? (or not?)
Please could you advise chapter and verse on whether a letting agent is obliged to provide a tena

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10/08/2018 11:12

Hi all, does anyone know a good letting agent in Liverpool. I am not happy with the one I am usin

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02/08/2018 17:41

Housing association as a letting agent
I have recently been approached by a housing association who are offering to let and manage my pr

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20/07/2018 17:09

Hi, I have completed the GDPR privacy notice for tenants but do I need to do a similar notice for

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13/07/2018 18:17

Letting Agents in Burnley
Can anyone recommend a good letting agent in Burnley? Thanks

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RLA Member_106
08/07/2018 17:41

Letting Agent and protection of Deposits
I requested the Deposit Protection Reference from my letting management agent as I wished to serv

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Purple Bunny
03/07/2018 16:01

Transfer portfolio to agent

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22/06/2018 09:58

Agent's fees - Are they entitled to charge for 12 months for a six month tenancy?
Hello, sorry I sent it to the wrong address first - apologies. It would be really helpful if

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19/06/2018 15:33

Transfer portfolio to agent
I have 4 properties in Croydon that I have been self managing for a while. It is too much hassle

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14/06/2018 19:29

Transfer portfolio to agent

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14/06/2018 13:34

Transfer portfolio to agent

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14/06/2018 13:34

Letting agent
I have rented property through letting agent with Guaranteed rent scheme on 25th April 2017 for d

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13/06/2018 14:34

Letting agent
I have rented my property through letting agent on Assured short hold TA on 29th October 2017 wi

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11/06/2018 15:22

Not sure if I could mention the name,hence my subject title.Has anyone any experience of these go

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18/05/2018 17:51

Moving from agent to self-managing but keeping the same tenands
Hello, I am a new-ish landlord and I would like your advice as I would like to start manag

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Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS)
09/05/2018 09:55

Timeframe for paying first rent and security deposit
Hello, My husband and I have been landlords for more than 20 years and do not use letting agen

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16/04/2018 11:40

What Questions Do I Really need answered?
Hi, I have gone through a letting agency to let my property. They have found an uncle, nephew an

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09/04/2018 10:43

Hi all and Happy Easter. I own a small Property Lettings and Property Management company.

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04/04/2018 09:28

Property Management Firms
I own an HMO property in Hammersmith and reside in Cambridgeshire. I am finding the management of

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Landlord Advice Team
27/03/2018 17:03

How to get newtenants
I was going to find my own tenants rather than use an. Estate agents as they charge the earth. I

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15/03/2018 18:06

Letting adverts
I advertised my property via Gumtree but I am only getting estate agents....does any one know a b

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Landlord Advice Team
14/03/2018 10:12

Giving notice to agent and keep existing tennat
Hi, Just after some advice, we used an agent to find and manage a property for us. The tenant has

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13/03/2018 08:53

Agent's fee upfront or Rent collection
I am using an agent for the first time in 25 years to rent a house. I have the option of paying 7

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London Landlord
28/02/2018 15:26

6 people sharing, contract with only 3 of them. Possible?
As a further complication to my previous question if 3 brothers form a single household, which I

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24/02/2018 22:47

Online letting agents for non-resident landlords
Hello, I'm moving abroad and I'm looking for a reputable letting/state agent offer

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Pedro A
23/02/2018 09:47

Letting Agent being Wound Up
Only found out a week ago that Corpus Christie College in Cambridge had issued a Winding Up Petit

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23/02/2018 09:34

Paperwork from Letting Agent on Let Only
Please can someone clarify me exactly what paperwork my agent should issue me after my property i

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16/02/2018 22:54

Agents' Fees
If banning all agents' charges to tenants will lead to a 'pass through' of costs and

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13/02/2018 15:01

Property suspected of subletting
On a recent inspection, my letting agent mentioned that the tenant had to knock on doors before g

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31/01/2018 23:16

Letting Agent Not Passing Rent And Not Protected Tenants Deposit
Hi All My letting agent from Luton take my flat on full management "rent guarantee"

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28/01/2018 11:15

Self managing a previously managed property (pt2)
I'm about to take control of a property that was once managed by my lettings agent. Th

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27/01/2018 16:20
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