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Tenant in new purchase
I am thinking of buying a house with a tenant who started an AST in July for 12mnths. It is an extr

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PJB Rentals
27/09/2006 00:00

Tenant left owing 2 months rent
a tenant of mine from Lytham (Mr Anthony C O'Keefe) left in March, owing 3 months rent; we have

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25/09/2006 00:00

block of flats insurance
I help manage a block with some other flat owners. We are disputing who the block insurance ,which t

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21/09/2006 00:00

Will LA inform the lender? (HMO question)
While processing an HMO application will Local Authorities inform the lender that an application has

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19/09/2006 00:00

Confused - possession, claim or both
Im confused. I've got a tenant taht owes me 2 months rent, short for another month and due short

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16/09/2006 00:00

Self contained flat/ apartments
Can anybody tell me the minimum floor space size in sq metres in order to be classed as a self conta

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11/09/2006 00:00

buying property already tenanted
Hi everyone. I am just going to purchase property already tenanted. Looking for advise please rega

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09/09/2006 00:00

Injury to tenants insurance/liability
Can anyone point me in the general direction of insurance for "injury to people living or visit

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06/09/2006 00:00

Insurance Requirments
I have just purchased a Buy to Let Flat. Can you please advise what Insurance I need. I understand t

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06/09/2006 00:00

Change of Ownership
Hi We manage a number of properties on behalf of a limited company and that company is going to

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05/09/2006 00:00

Electrical Certs - do we need them?
Can anybody clarify whether an electrical cert is a legal requirement or a best practice? Also PAT t

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05/09/2006 00:00

references from council
Has anyone managed to get a landlords reference from a council? They have never asked me for one whe

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03/09/2006 00:00

tenants from hell -ITV wednesday
I enjoyed this last night. It was nice to see the media realise that it is usually tenants who caus

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Anil Pitalia
01/09/2006 00:00

returning deposit.
I have been requested by a tenant who is one of four french students sharing , contract up 31

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30/08/2006 00:00

RLA Advice re Licensing of HMO`s
Hi, I have now had a further meeting with the Local Authority who are responsible to Licence

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30/08/2006 00:00

invoice help please
I send out service charge bills for a block I have flats in but one flat owner wont pay because it i

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30/08/2006 00:00

Tenancy Deposit Scheme
Has anyone looked into how much this costs yet? I have 4 flats which I rent out without using agents

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PJB Rentals
28/08/2006 00:00

Noisy neighbours and loss of rental
I have a potential problem in the making and was wondering if anyone has had a similar situation. Th

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27/08/2006 00:00

advice and help
the letting agency i used is a member of arla and have dishonoured many aspects of landlor

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25/08/2006 00:00

antisocial neighbours
We manage a block of flats as well as letting some there: one problem is that some tenants do not ca

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23/08/2006 00:00

Where has all the action gone !!!
Not so long ago the RLA forum was awash with heated debate. There hardly seems to be anyone making p

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21/08/2006 00:00

Gas &Electrical Cover
Can anyone recommend a firm that provides cover for your electrical and gas appliances in case of br

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21/08/2006 00:00

License of a property new regs
Is it only me that requires a license to operate as a Landlord with a HMO. My understanding t

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19/08/2006 00:00

Wording of clauses
Hello All Can anyone help on this trying to get wording correct for our AST B You

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18/08/2006 00:00

All I've just completed on a couple of flats and have my mortgages with Birmingham Midshire

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17/08/2006 00:00

hmo mortgages
Does anyone know a good mortgage coompany to use for HMO properties?

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17/08/2006 00:00

new License
I have recently applied to have 11 properties licensed with the local Council after completing the d

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15/08/2006 00:00

Letting a garage
We have a garage that is on block to our flat but are thinking of renting it out separately to flat.

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11/08/2006 00:00

Assured Tenant or Assured Shorthold Tenant??
I have recently taken over the management of a property. THe previous agency advised me that the te

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09/08/2006 00:00

Letting Agent in Essex urgently required
Can anyone please recommend or know of a professional letting agent in the Essex Area - who spec

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08/08/2006 00:00

Leaving Letting Agent
What notice do i need to give me leting agent that I will be taking over the running of my property.

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06/08/2006 00:00

Employment Reference
Hello All There is no form or standard letter to gain an Employment Reference in the Document C

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03/08/2006 00:00

Accounts for rental deposits
Hi, I am a slightly confused new landlord, have just taken my property back from the letting ag

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28/07/2006 00:00

I cannot get onto this inspite of logging on many times and being welcomed , in the past it worked a

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27/07/2006 00:00

rights for long stay tenants?
I have a tenant on an assured short hold tenancy renewed each year for six years. we now want to sel

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24/07/2006 00:00

AST agreements - is there a maximum length
Have a tenant wishing to sign a 5 year AST contract - is this ok?

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Just About Sane
22/07/2006 00:00

fallowfield ace property for sale
A 6 bed semi in highly sought road in Falllowfield, Manchester is coming on the market. Curre

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ccbd management
22/07/2006 00:00

full management service off letting agency
I have full management services off a well known countrywide letting agency. They placed a tenant i

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21/07/2006 00:00

Electricty Board broke into my house
Ive recenty purchased a reposession house and have just let it out. I contacted the electricity comp

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Rob P
21/07/2006 00:00

Bridging Finance
Hi all, does anyone have any experience, what do I need to watch out for. I have a propert

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19/07/2006 00:00

Tenancy Agreement
I am about to rent rooms out, does anyone have a copy of a tenancy contract or know where I could ob

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16/07/2006 00:00
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