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Procedure to recover furniture from Letting Agency
Letting agency agreed to let a three furnitured bedroom and took furniture away, doing so the contr

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Landlord Advice Team
25/05/2015 08:46

Managing my own tenancy
Hello. I've been using a letting agent for the past 3 years for the same flat, same tenants. I&#

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Landlord Advice Team
18/05/2015 17:35

Recommendations re members' experiences of letting agencies
Am looking to hire a Letting Agent in South Manchester/Stockport areas. Would be interested in Membe

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18/05/2015 12:27

Guarantor signed on behalf of a company possibly without permission
A guarantor signed on behalf of a company. The rent is in arrears. We are in discussions with the co

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14/05/2015 10:57

Letting agent, not Landlord is stated on the contract. Is this a problem?
A tenancy agreement made out by the letting agent does not mention us, as landlords, by name or addr

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13/05/2015 18:06

Disputing Agents Renewal Commissions
Has anyone who has paid renewal fees and commission for at least 2 years challenged their agent? I d

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Silversurfer 2015
07/05/2015 06:39

I recently instructed a letting agent to find a tenant only. We agreed that I would accept a certain

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04/05/2015 17:25

Tenancy renewal
Can anyone advise... We bought a property last year for which we have used a letting agent to f

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Jane Lo
04/05/2015 09:19

Landlord Insurance
Who would the RLA recommend for Landlord Insurance, that we can recommend to our Landlords. Mu

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Landlord Advice Team
27/04/2015 10:39

How to deal with my dishonest letting agent?
Hi all, About 3.5 months ago, we were approached by a lettings and management company. I

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25/04/2015 11:01

How do you find if a Letting Agent is good or not?
Hi, I have employed Wigan Housing Solution to manage my four properties at 10% + VAT Comm

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25/04/2015 09:43

Tennancy Assistance Required
Suitable Agency required for new tennancy arrangement.Pre-existing tennanted properties considered

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09/04/2015 18:50

queries concerning licensing
I wonder if you could give me a little advice please. I own a property in Co. Durham which is wholly

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Landlord Advice Team
24/03/2015 08:26

Can an agency advertise my property without permission?
Just looked up one of my properties on Zoopla and noticed an outfit called Agent Rent in Bradford is

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23/03/2015 10:06

7 day cooling off period prior to signing contracts with agent
I am currently in dispute with me lettings agent and am preparing a complaint to the Ombudsman. Any

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Landlord Advice Team
21/03/2015 15:56

Proof of I.D - After the agents have advertised
I will be going through agents to advertise my property but after that I will be managing them mysel

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17/03/2015 10:29

A Letting Agent has allowed a tenant to sign the Tenancy Agreement without my permission. Do I have

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01/03/2015 07:21

End of Initial Term
Having previously self-managed our previous let property, we employed professional letting agents on

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23/02/2015 15:41

Changing from a Letting agent self manage
I what to mange my letting myself now after 4 years of a agent doing it. How easy or hard

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Purple Bunny
13/02/2015 16:39

Notification to energy supplier.
HI, I currently let my property through a letting agent which is under a 'fully managed service&

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08/02/2015 12:23

Property Letting Agent
I live in the Channel Islands and own a property in Wales which I have had rented out through a prop

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Landlord Advice Team
30/01/2015 08:21

Sacking agents
Hi, I have really crap agents that I inherited and I'm hoping to get rid. I have no co

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Trans Am
29/01/2015 11:42

Renewal Fees - new lease, new lease with new letting agent and cancellation fee
I have 3 properties all with the same letting agent. They want to charge me 600 min. per tenant as

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28/01/2015 09:49

Bad repairs
The letting agent I have been using has also managed the house. In January 2013 there was a bad leek

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Leeds Landlord
20/01/2015 17:09

Do landlords (generally) have to be licensed if they are using a letting agent to manage their prope

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11/01/2015 11:23

Agents fees
The agents who let my property found my original tenants a few years ago. Since then I have sourced

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Landlord Advice Team
05/01/2015 15:14

Good evening Has anyone heard of letting agents charging tenants a fixed fee (say 150) to keep

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12/12/2014 11:12

Does self managing landlord need to join a Property Redress Scheme?
1) I am a landlord that self-manages a number of properties that I own. Do I need to join a Propert

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27/11/2014 08:26

nil communication since 15 August and nil paper work
Sir / Madam I have been using Chattels of London since February 2011 for my flat in Londo

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18/11/2014 07:48

Incompetent Letting Agents as ARLA Members - what is the point?
What is the point of ARLA other than to allow incompetent Letting Agents to claim they are registere

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13/11/2014 12:24

Incompetent Letting Agents as ARLA Members - what is the point?
What is the point of ARLA other than to allow incompetent Letting Agents to claim they are registere

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13/11/2014 12:21

Poor handling of the end of tenancy, particularly poor communication
The tenants moved in on 19/02/2009 and moved out on 22/08/2014. They have been good tenants througho

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Ray D
06/11/2014 13:02

Infrmation Sharing to Landlord form Agent about tenant Application
What information / details / paperwork etc from all the information gathered by an agent from a tena

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Landlord Advice Team
22/10/2014 07:59

Taking over Management from Incompetent Agent
I am letting a property through an agent under a rent collection scheme. Due to breach of

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20/10/2014 04:52

ARLA Agent fails Landlord
I am a long established landlord who has always used letting agents for tenant finding and tenancy s

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02/10/2014 00:22

legal responsibilities of agents
Hi, I have asked a couple of agents whether full management meant that they would be legally re

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23/09/2014 17:14

Agent Golden Handcuff
Hello, notice has been given to the agent managing 3 properties, they have informed us t

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23/09/2014 14:36

ombudsman scheme
I posted this post in the forum when I really meant to post it here - apologies, therefore, for the

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18/09/2014 17:12

ombudsman scheme for landlords/agents
I have been told that landlords and agants, w.e.f. must belong to an ombudsman scheme. It appears th

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16/09/2014 14:24

Agent doing bare minimum
Hi, We have been using the same agent for years and have always had a professional rappor

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01/09/2014 20:26

Can I have an expert in court from RLA?
I had a letting agent who did not take deposit from tenant, nor prepared a inventory. I had asked hi

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10/08/2014 18:16
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