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ombudsman scheme
I posted this post in the forum when I really meant to post it here - apologies, therefore, for the

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18/09/2014 17:12

ombudsman scheme for landlords/agents
I have been told that landlords and agants, w.e.f. must belong to an ombudsman scheme. It appears th

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16/09/2014 14:24

Agent doing bare minimum
Hi, We have been using the same agent for years and have always had a professional rappor

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01/09/2014 20:26

Can I have an expert in court from RLA?
I had a letting agent who did not take deposit from tenant, nor prepared a inventory. I had asked hi

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10/08/2014 18:16

tenancy agreement
wich best form for tenancy agreement

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Landlord Advice Team
06/08/2014 19:17

Agency Fees
My Estate agent has found me new tenants and is pushing me to sign a 2 year contract instead of a 1

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29/07/2014 11:59

Agency Fees
My Estate agent has found me new tenants and is pushing me to sign a 2 year contract instead of a 1

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29/07/2014 11:23

Deposit terms
On behalf of my son I have paid an agent 1000 as a holding deposit on a house he is going to share

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24/07/2014 16:18

Letting agency of 20 years has disappeared - Trying to find my tenant's deposit.
I am the owner of a property that for almost 20 years I have rented out through an agent - Zone Prop

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24/07/2014 08:25

Upad versus Rentify
The 2 online self service agents I have used are Upad and Rentify. Upad field the calls and text you

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21/07/2014 09:12

agency put their name on tenency agreament that they are the landlod
i had a verry bad experience with the agency . my evection notice delayed because the use their name

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10/07/2014 09:01

Renewal fees charged to tenants by agent
My daughter and her partner currently rent a property via an agent. their tenancy comes up for renew

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Ray D
07/07/2014 11:57

Southcourt Property Lettings Opportunities
Hi all, does anyone have any experience of these guys. They have a lettings agency start-up package

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30/06/2014 08:23

Agent Problems
we have a problem with our agent they have failed to have an incorrect checkout report amended and w

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06/06/2014 15:18

Acting as Letting Agent for friend
I have agreed to act as letting agent for a friend who has a house to let but due to personal circs

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Hythe man
05/06/2014 14:01

End of tenancy report
I used a letting agent for all aspects of letting my property including Inventory and photo's bu

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Mr Blue
30/05/2014 16:17

End of tenancy report
Can anyone please tell me what is a reasonable time to wait for the agent to supply the end of tenan

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Mr Blue
28/05/2014 10:23

End of tenancy report
I used a letting agent for all aspects of letting my property including Inventory and photo's bu

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Mr Blue
27/05/2014 08:24

sec 21's and Agents Fees
My Letting Agent tells me that issuing a sec 21 at the start of the tenancy is not necessary as they

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13/05/2014 13:17

Bridgfords? Countrywide
Does anyone use Bridgfords and have you found they hold on to deposit monies even though the money i

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29/04/2014 22:15

Letting Agent
My agent has put a 'Let Agreed' Board up at my rental property. The agent has not given

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nice guy
22/04/2014 13:06

How could Trading Standard help?
Hi, I had a very bad letting Agent and I gave him full management but he would inflate th

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17/04/2014 12:04

acting as agent for a family member
Hi could you please advise what are the implications of acting as a landlord/agent for my sister who

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Landlord Advice Team
07/04/2014 07:26

Tenants running a business from a rental property
I have discovered after serving notice to the tenants that the wife has been running a nail parlour

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Trans Am
21/03/2014 16:31

Letting Agents responsibitilities when notice is served to both agent and tenants
Hi guys, I rent out my house in the East End of London through a letting agents called Ci

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21/03/2014 15:05

Incompetent Letting Agents
I have just appointed a letting agent. I am not happy with their services. Late payment of my rent

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Landlord Advice Team
10/03/2014 08:43

Software Packages.
Hi Just wondering if theres any agents out there who could recommend any software packag

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25/02/2014 19:15

Leiing Agent taking me to court over renewal fees
Hi I wonder if anyone can advice on a dispute I have with an agency thats now taking me

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13/02/2014 19:26

Fraudulent Estate Agents
In July 2012 I instructed an Independent Estate Agent known as F. P. Delaney [Fin] of PDQ Lettings L

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12/02/2014 08:30

Payment to agents for repairs
I have letting agents who deliver a full management service. I'm happy with what they do bu

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Landlord Advice Team
10/02/2014 16:10

had no contract with this letting agent but agreed verbally to them managing the property have found

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16/01/2014 18:07

Work done & contract signed without my knowledge
I received a letter from my letting agent informing me they had found tenants from my property and t

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15/01/2014 21:06

Good afternoon We are in the process of taking over management from another agent - and t

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Landlord Advice Team
24/12/2013 09:02

Cancelling contract
I wish to cancel my contract with my current letting agent and retain the existing tenants, the curr

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01/12/2013 15:23

Another rant about scumbag letting agents
I'm not really asking for help here, just letting off steam somewhere where it will be understoo

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24/11/2013 12:04

Letting Agents
Hi, I had three court hearing with Estate agent. 1.My tenant casued so much damaged in my property a

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25/10/2013 11:14

ending contract with agent
I have rented a property with an unreliable agent since May, I would now like to manage the proper

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20/10/2013 17:06

Vindictive agent
I had a silly little upset with my agent in Ipswich, who instead of brushing the matter aside and we

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17/10/2013 11:20

membership certificates
I have been asked by the TDS for a membership certificate. Can I have one please

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11/10/2013 14:07

Money owed
Hi Due to distance from house I used a letting agency (Paragon properties) to 'find a

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04/10/2013 14:31

Landlord sells property-whats the agents position with new owner
A landlord has sold the property at auction and a new owner has taken over from yesterday. We have a

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Landlord Advice Team
03/10/2013 09:52
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