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Residential Landlords Association or Residential Letting Agents club?
I went on an RLA course yesterday about repairs. The content was ok. I certainly learned a few thi

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21/04/2016 23:45

Buy to let tax

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21/04/2016 22:48

Clause 24 "Tenant Tax"
Dear All Please see/read link. Even if you can not pledge please share, share share. Once

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19/04/2016 16:03

3 Joint tenants, One left, No Notice, If notice given does it end Tenancy? Can others be evicted?
Join and several Tenants on periodic tenacy are Family, Mr. Mrs. and Daughter. Daughter has left bu

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08/04/2016 19:28

Stamp Duty
I own a rental property jointly with my son - he is a named on the deeds. He also owns his own prima

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24/02/2016 18:47

HMO Review proposals
Read and responded to the consultation yesterday. The proposals were not as bad in some areas as I&#

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09/11/2015 18:39

Government Tax Policy
I am very concerned about the Budget proposals to restrict finance cost relief to individual landlor

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Landlord Advice Team
10/08/2015 16:52

Please help. Short survey on your views of EPCs, their effectiveness and future enforcement.
I am a current landlord writing a research paper on EPCs, their effectiveness and future enforcement

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19/07/2015 23:04

EPC's - When is a new one required
Hi, I had another Landlord ask me for a number of an Energy Assessor recently. They had j

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19/07/2015 23:03

Hi I have a tenant who has just began working in a lettings agency She said that in Octob

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19/07/2015 19:52

Actor as a tenant
Have an actor interested in being short listed for our luxury flat My initial reaction is

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13/07/2015 12:45

Licensing Scheme West Lindsey DASH
We have a property in West Lindsey District where they are still mulling over whether or not to intr

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19/03/2015 19:30

RLA Election Manifesto 2015
Why do there appear to be errors & irregularities in the RLA Electoral Manifesto 2015 please?

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16/03/2015 11:00

Oldham selective licinesing
RLA have helped negotiate reduction in fees in Liverpool and have had some role in fighting it off i

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nice guy
23/02/2015 10:05

data protection
I know of a case where discloser of data held and shared with others lead to a hefty fine. Like

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26/12/2014 14:11

You could be liable for your tenantsí water debt from 01st January 2015 unless you act!
Hello all, From 1st January 2015 there will be an obligation on all landlords with proper

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RLA Policy Member
18/12/2014 15:49

Tenancies (Reform) Bill on retaliatory (revenge) evictions fails
Read on for the RLA's take on matters: Sarah Teather MPís Private Membersí Bill, seek

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RLA Campaigns
15/12/2014 12:33

Please advise how to best fight Southwark Council's proposed licensing scheme

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12/08/2014 20:05

Are we able to use logo on stationary
can we put the RLA logo on our stationary to show tenants we are a member

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RLA Admin
30/07/2014 09:45

Portable and fixed electical inspections
Hi Please can you advise me whether it is a legal requirement that I have both PAT and fixed el

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08/04/2014 20:15

Changes in Council Tax Liability!
You may be aware that local authorities have changed their rules significantly recently. One of the

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Landlord Advice Team
15/01/2014 10:02

(1) British Gas statement about an Ofgem directive - & (2) Council Tax
We recently (late December '13) queried with BGas an account just received for one of our BTLs w

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06/01/2014 21:13

Window standards 2016
Someone told me that I would have to replace all the double glazed windows in my property as s

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04/12/2013 20:36

Gas cert
The Gas certificate in one property was done on the 21st Sept last year but they give the paper work

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15/09/2013 09:54

Periodic Tenancy
In light of the latest case would it be possible to add to your agreements--- that it is deemed tha

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Landlord Advice Team
09/08/2013 10:45

change of council policy re void periods and council tax
Hi I dont know if anyone has come across this before but stoke on trent city council has change

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30/06/2013 11:56

any one had expernce of useing green deal.

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12/04/2013 15:19

TV company wants under-30s landlords for new TV documentary
A TV production company is looking for young property landlords for a new prime time documentary ser

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Richard Ashton, RLA Campaign Officer
08/04/2013 16:58

Legislation pertaining to loft insulation
Hi I have a property which has a flat above and the housing standards say amongst other issues

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27/03/2013 12:40

Gas Safety Checks
Can someone please clarify. Does a new Gas Safety Certificate need to be issued when a new tenant mo

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18/03/2013 00:00

Do the forthcoming levels of energy efficiency ratings below which it will not be permitted to rent

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14/03/2013 00:00

Energy Performance Certificate Minimum Rate
I unrestand that legislation imposing an Energy Performance Certificate Minimum Rating for rental pr

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Ray D
12/03/2013 00:00

1) Advertising 2) Johnson Vs Old
Hi, 1) Please could you look into the following issue regarding advertising and advise me as to

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Landlord Advice Team
11/03/2013 00:00

Breach of contract agreements
Hi, My query is about possible ways to enforce some stipulations stated in your tenancy agreem

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08/03/2013 00:00

Necessity of CP12s
As an owner occupier I rent out one room in my own home. Do I still need an annaul gas safety check

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Landlord Advice Team
07/03/2013 00:00

Scanned Signatures on Tenancy Agreements - Advice Please.
Are scanned signatures on a tenancy agreement as legally binding as an original signature? We

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Landlord Advice Team
07/03/2013 00:00

Scanned Signatures on Tenancy Agreements - Advice Please.
Are scanned signatures on a tenancy agreement as legally binding as an original signature? We

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06/03/2013 00:00

can a utility provider force a tenant to change to a pre paid meter against my wishes as landlord an

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G Sage
05/03/2013 00:00

Hi I understand that building regs say that stairwell must be small child proof. Can you pleas

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Landlord Advice Team
02/03/2013 00:00

Power of Attorney
Can mature son and daughter authorise renting a property for elderly parent who has just gone into c

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Landlord Advice Team
28/02/2013 00:00

Tenancy deposit
I regestered the tenants deposit within the 30 day time limit. I then went to hospital for an o

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Landlord Advice Team
26/02/2013 00:00
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