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Walker Review of Water Charging
Under the Walker Review of Water Charging the Government is considering changing the law so that Lan

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24/03/2010 00:00

Liability for fire alarms
I have a number of battery operated alarms in each property. I have a clause in the tenancy agr

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Landlord Advice Team
19/03/2010 00:00

Planning Use Classes Order is Bad for Landlords and the Private Rented Sector - Urgent Action is
After April 6th 2010 if you want to rent a house to three unrelated people such as nurses sharing, a

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13/03/2010 00:00

Proposal for requirement for planning permission for rented property
We are purchasing a house for our daughter to live in whilst she at University and had planned to he

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RLA Member_673
09/03/2010 00:00

This is so scary its open to abuse. I do not understand how this website can go ahead. Shouldn

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11/02/2010 00:00

Re: Gas Safety Certificates - Gas available but not used / Tenant does not allow access or ignor
Re: gas safety certificates: a. If my tenant advises that they are not using gas [and that the

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11/02/2010 00:00

My portfolio consists of 2 bed flats, 2 and 4 bed houses and I am worried about complying with the r

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Landlord Advice Team
05/02/2010 00:00

notice of underletting by the freeholder
one of our landlords who owns an appt which we rent out has received correspondence from the managem

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04/02/2010 00:00

legal requirment by the tenant
i had a tenant that took the outside double glazed door of without my permission to gat there furni

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russell hamilton
29/01/2010 00:00

I have been advised by my local Housing Enforcement Officer that it is a requirement to provide a mi

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Landlord Advice Team
21/01/2010 00:00

How do I find out if there is a charge on property?
Who do I ask if there is a charge on my property and how much it is, and if it is payable only when

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20/01/2010 00:00

Government Scvheme for Oil Boilers
There has been mention of a government scheme to replace old boilers. Do you know if this cove

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22/12/2009 00:00

As you may have heard the Government are considering making changes to planning law. If they do thi

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18/12/2009 00:00

The Deposit Protection Service
Recently a tentant distroyed 3 new carpets within a property and poorly redecorated 2 rooms, this wa

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15/12/2009 00:00

Landlords Address
Can you let me know whether we have to give the tenants our home address? Can we give them a PO Box

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15/12/2009 00:00

Gas safety certificate
We have recently had a new boiler installed into a property the day before new tenants moved in.

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09/12/2009 00:00

2 months rent in advance
Can I take 2 months rent in advance or is this now classed as a deposit?

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29/11/2009 00:00

council tax voidness
I am trying to get a property marked as void for council tax but they deny getting a letter I sent t

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26/11/2009 00:00

I've recently been advised that landlords and letting agents have the responsibility of having t

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26/11/2009 00:00

LPA receivers - tenants want to bypass and can they sued?
I think I read somewhere on this forum that tenants can opt to pay mortgage company direct and am lo

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22/11/2009 00:00

Must a Landlord Pay to Re-house Tenants Whilst Property Being Re-wired?
I am submitting this request for information on behalf of a friend of mine, not only to help her but

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09/11/2009 00:00

Do weekday letting lettings come under Tenacy and housing regs
I read with interest the RLA news item on weekday lettings,I woulder if it comes under the normal te

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08/11/2009 00:00

Two questions: notice from tenant and what to do if they have not told me of an important structural
My first question is: do tenants need to give me 1 month notice even after I have given them 2

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Landlord Advice Team
05/11/2009 00:00

letting a house fully furnished
please can you tell me what we need to know for furnished lets we currentley let only unfurnished bu

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russell hamilton
01/11/2009 00:00

Tenant Remaining in Property after the end of 2 Months S21 Notice
Hi, The RAL Tenancy agreement that I have in place with my tenant ended on 13 October and I ha

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Michael O'C
30/10/2009 00:00

Details of court case required
I am in a dispute with Hamptons about what I regard as their unfair commission for renewing existing

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28/10/2009 00:00

Must a Landlord Pay to Re-house Tenants Whilst Property Being Re-wired?
I am submitting this request for information on behalf of a friend of mine, not only to help her but

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26/10/2009 00:00

Post Evicition, tenant left possesions
I regained possession by the baliff on 2 Oct 2009 and he informed me that I had to store the remaini

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Landlord Advice Team
18/10/2009 00:00

Compulsory Inventories
I was told recently that it has become a legal requirement to have an inventory at the start of each

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13/10/2009 00:00

We have a Tenancy that was on a 6 months tenancy and now is on a rolling basis. Although we sig

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06/10/2009 00:00

Steps to start a tenancy.
Hi, I always have used an agent but now I want to let a couple of properties without one. What

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28/09/2009 00:00

Electric appliance test requirements
I'm preparing the HMO property for re-letting and was wondering whether I need to get any te

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Landlord Advice Team
26/09/2009 00:00

Gas fire replacement
Hi, I have a gas fire which needs replacing in a rental property. The property currently has tenant

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24/09/2009 00:00

return of deposit
Sir/Madam My last tenant has just moved out around a week ago and I have refunded her the full

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13/09/2009 00:00

Tenant becoming owner of property?
Is it possible that if a tenant stays in a property for long enough he could have right of ownership

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12/09/2009 00:00

List Please
Hi there I am a new Landlord and would like a comprehensive list of all my legislative responsi

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Landlord Advice Team
11/09/2009 00:00

Does anybody operate any scheme which is eligble for housing benefit under "EXEMPT ACCOMMODATIO

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08/09/2009 00:00

Compton insurance
Hi, i have a number of properties that are leasehold (900 years ish) a firm called the compton group

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Landlord Advice Team
08/09/2009 00:00

Gas Certificates
Hi I am sorting out paperwork etc before letting our first property. We decided to put it

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27/08/2009 00:00

Student Rents
Hi, I wonder if you can give me some advice. My daughter is a student and has signed a contrac

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14/08/2009 00:00

Freehold ownership of flats and associated repairs
I own two flats in a block of six freehold flats... The property needs substantial repair, fou

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06/08/2009 00:00
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