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additional tenant
Hi. My tenant [6 mth AST] would like his girlfriend and her 9 yr old daughter to move into the

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04/04/2020 09:54

Council Tax
Do you know if there is any relief available on the council tax charge on empty properties that c

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03/04/2020 17:24

tax treatment of btl income
Hello, under the government's covid19 self-employment income supports (see link below), are l

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03/04/2020 13:25

Corvid 19
I have 5 rental properties in Halifax and this is my only income. Can I get any financial help if

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02/04/2020 14:57

Business Insurances
All properties I have are owned by a limited company and all managed and maintained by letting ag

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02/04/2020 12:58

Letter to tenants re Coronavirus
Hi your advice on the current crisis is welcome. However it would be useful if you could provide

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Advice Line Team Leader
01/04/2020 15:50

EPC certificate
My letting agent advises my EPC on a rental property expires 25/4/20 and this is a legal requirem

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Advice Line Team Leader
01/04/2020 15:44

Noise complaints
My tenants are complaining about noise from building works from the flat above mine which I do no

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01/04/2020 15:15

RITA tax account spreadsheet 2020/21
Is the 2020/21 RITA tax spreadsheet available to download? If so, where can I find it please?

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NRLA Advice Line
01/04/2020 12:44

New HMO Tenancies
Is it against current government guidance to take on new HMO tenants into existing shared houses?

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31/03/2020 16:59

Gas safety certification
The gas safety certificate on one of my properties is due to expire soon. The engineer that I usu

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atherton landlord
31/03/2020 11:58

Cutting off gas electric
hi I own a cabin in a holiday park in Suffolk My daughter was staying there for a break w

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30/03/2020 19:55

end of tenancy
Hi I have agreed for one of student tenants to leave earlier. He now tells me he will leave

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NRLA Advice Line
30/03/2020 14:02

Electrical safety requirements
Last year we had a new RCD board fitted in our rental and the invoice also shows that a full insp

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30/03/2020 11:40

Tenant Refrencing Fee
Hi As there is now a ban on the tenant referencing fee/guarantor reference fee, can I ask tena

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30/03/2020 11:35

Business rates for rental properties with regard to installation of air source heat pump
Hello everyone, I rent out a cottage to a family who pay the council tax. The cottage is n

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Vin Burnham
26/03/2020 20:33

Rent for Private Owned House
Hi I've been looking through various info regarding the coronavirus and what to do if

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26/03/2020 19:49

Mr Baker
We operated a successful 'house share' for over 11 years, but have stopped that as the ho

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26/03/2020 18:20

I have just received a watsup message from my tenants saying they request a reduction in rent bec

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26/03/2020 18:16

capital gains tax
Hi, if a husband and wife jointly own a buy to let property which was purchased some years ago, a

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26/03/2020 18:10

student landlord
Hello I'm ringing for advice as I have several properties rented to students. The leas

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NRLA Advice Line
26/03/2020 11:32

Hi guys Listened to the webinar yesterday some good information. I wondered whether yo

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NRLA Advice Line
25/03/2020 12:27

Corona Virus - Gas Safety Check due in 3 weeks
My annual gas safety check is due in 3 weeks. I have contacted my usual provider. They are ho

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Advice Line Team Leader
24/03/2020 14:10

COVID-19 Lockdown - Legal situation
Hi, I currently have two properties which are about to be vacated by tenants with new tenants wai

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Advice Line Team Leader
24/03/2020 11:28

COVID19 advice towards tennant payments
My tenants have asked for a discount. Can I legally ask tenants for wage slips/ bank statements r

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Advice Line Team Leader
24/03/2020 11:14

Marketing properties under lockdown?
Since the new rules came into force last night, am I corect in thinking that this effectively pre

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Advice Line Team Leader
24/03/2020 11:10

EPC for over 70's
Hello, I have a tenant who has been living in one of our properties for many years and so we h

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Advice Line Team Leader
24/03/2020 10:58

Electrical Certificate
Hello, I have an electrical safety certificate completed last year in 2019 for my short te

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23/03/2020 21:04

HMO tenant
I have a tenant which we have just taken on. He has been in the property for 3 weeks now and his

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23/03/2020 13:55

coronavirus help to tenants
We would like to contact our tenants with regarding the coronavirus outbreak, to give them suppor

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NRLA Advice Line
23/03/2020 09:48

I am taking in two lodgers into my own home. II found today that Rentguard (linked to RLA) could

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Liability to lodgers
20/03/2020 12:20

Tenants moving out early
Hi I have tenants who have given notice and paid rent up to Dec 18th. This is when the ten

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NRLA Advice Line
20/03/2020 12:05

Eviction Ban
The government announced last night that there would be a ban preventing eviction for tenants fac

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Gudrun Shemilt
20/03/2020 08:03

Electrical equipment crossing property - Wayleave Agreement
I was recently contacted by a company that represent clients across the entire United Kingdom in

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19/03/2020 21:39

Ground Rent 54% increase
Hello I am the landlord of a flat within a block maintained by a management company and pay a

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NRLA Advice Line
19/03/2020 16:18

Student Landlords and Coronavirus
Have you any advice for student landlords in the event a tenant refuses to pay the summer term

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NRLA Advice Line
19/03/2020 16:16

making Tax Digita
Hi Do the RLA have any recommendations as to which packages are good for landlords for the HMR

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NRLA Advice Line
19/03/2020 08:41

Gas safety certificate
I am due to do an annual gas safety certificate and booked a gas engineer to visit on Friday. How

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18/03/2020 15:22

Tenant canít pay rent because of corona virus
Any time now at least one of my tenants is going to say they canít pay the rent because their hou

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Advice Line Team Leader
18/03/2020 15:11

Any advice on what to do about charging rent during the present crisis?

Replies: 8
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18/03/2020 13:49
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