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GDPR Privacy Notice
Can you advise where I can find on the website the privacy notice etc that landlords need to comp

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19/04/2018 10:28

landlord insurance for flat in a block
Hi Could you clarify please if I need landlord insurance on a flat that is in a block that

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Landlord Advice Team
17/04/2018 13:07

We have a Lease with a Local Council, who let the property as temporary accommodation and, theref

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12/04/2018 15:16

data protection
After reading your advice on the new data processing law that comes into force on the 25th of May

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12/04/2018 11:24

new person
Hi My 2 tenants who signed and AST on 5.10.16 would like someone else to move in to the 3

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12/04/2018 10:24

tenant on Housing Benefit
Any risk or benefit to take a tenant who is on housing benefit? Thanks

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Mr Apple
12/04/2018 10:06

advertising agent
Has anyone advertised with any comments? Thanks

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Purple Bunny
12/04/2018 09:31

Auction sale of two flats
We have a terraced house, converted to 2 one bedroom flats which is currently tenanted and bringi

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Mr Apple
10/04/2018 17:06

Can I make my property 'no smoking'? can I advertise it as a 'no smoking' propert

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09/04/2018 23:29

Purchasing a property with sitting tenants
We have the opportunity to purchase a property with a sitting tenant - what are the implications

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09/04/2018 21:44

My hero - the home defender A 78-year-old man arrested on suspici

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07/04/2018 17:05

Energy Certificate
Hi, please can you let me know which companies you recommend for the certificate in the Littleham

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07/04/2018 07:13

The EPC on my tenanted property runs out in September, but the tenancy is until December. Do I h

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06/04/2018 17:33

Does any landlord know of any effective way to advertise a property for rent. I went with Upad b

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05/04/2018 13:56

Accountant Required
We run a limited company managing our property portfolio and are looking for an Accountant specia

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Landlord Advice Team
04/04/2018 10:26

Tenat harrassed and racialy abused by downstairs tenants landlord
The landlord of the ground floor flat pushed their way into my upstairs flat last night and racia

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Landlord Advice Team
04/04/2018 10:03

EPC G and F
Hi, Am I correct in believing that from 1st April properties with an EPC of G or F can not be ren

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Landlord Advice Team
03/04/2018 16:59

ICO Registration
Hi I own one property directly and operate the business of letting it in my name as a sole

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02/04/2018 11:06

Smoke alarm requirements in 1st floor flat
Good evening, May you please tell me the smoke/heat alarm requirements for a 1st floor, 2

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Hythe man
01/04/2018 17:01

Lost keys so broke in!
One of my HMO tenants locked himself out of his room. I always endeavour to help out if possible

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30/03/2018 11:44

EPC G and F
Hi, Am I correct in believing that from 1st April properties with an EPC of G or F can not be ren

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30/03/2018 08:02

Hi, I like to know about GDPR and its effects on Landlords and how to comply with the regulati

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29/03/2018 15:34

Smoking tenants
I have a five bedroom house, with five tenants on a short hold tenancy agreement. One of the tena

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29/03/2018 14:48

EPC I have a grade 11 listed, brick construction, 2 bed flat with an EPC of F. I know the rule

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Landlord Advice Team
29/03/2018 14:12

Access panel to gas flue
Hi there I have a house that I converted into 3 flats - one of the flats which is on the lower gr

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29/03/2018 09:35

Stamp Duty
Hi I have a small portfolio of 4 properties, one residential and 3 BTL I am planning to buy

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29/03/2018 01:39

Building Regulations - Vent in a kitchen
gas engineer inspected my property for Gas certificate and said we have to have permanent Vent in

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28/03/2018 12:49

Universal Credit
Hi A tenant of mine who has been on Housing Benefit has just contacted me to say she has b

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Hythe man
25/03/2018 16:45

Insurance when sub-letting
I own five flats where the local authority is the freeholder and provides building insurance as p

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25/03/2018 10:08

Neighbour and tenant disputes
Hi, I have had a tenant (lady and 3 children) in my property for about 9 months. Incid

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20/03/2018 09:14

landlord insurance
I have two leasehold flats in the same building, one of which I live in and one of which I am goi

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15/03/2018 15:15

Public liability
We have set up a limited company to buy property to rent out and manage. Do we need public liabil

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15/03/2018 14:42

additional tenant
We have a long term tenant that now has a partner who needs to go on the tenancy agreement. Do

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Landlord Advice Team
15/03/2018 13:02

Knotweed expences-
We are selling a house and have had to arrange a 10 year eradication programme for removal of a t

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14/03/2018 16:23

Mortgage Interest Relief stopped
I want to write to you about the impacts of the current plans for mortgage interest relief (MIR)

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14/03/2018 14:57

SMART meter
Hi I would like to include a clause in the contract for a new tenant that would ensure that a SMA

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K&M Portsmouth
14/03/2018 11:51

phone line
hi. i am currently refurbishing one of my properties and noticed there is no BT master socket in

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14/03/2018 11:48

Dry Rot
Hi I own one flat of a block of 8. We are all directors and thus landlords and leaseholde

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Hythe man
13/03/2018 12:42

Storing Tenants possesions
My Tenant gave notice to quit and has moved out and left some things in the loft. I have informed

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Mr Apple
12/03/2018 18:50

Recommendations for a wireless central heating boiler control
I recently had a Council inspection for my student house HMO. The central heating boiler is in on

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11/03/2018 22:58

Property ownership
My wife has 2 properties in her name.Would it be more tax efficient if on her death the propertie

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Raymond PW Andrews
10/03/2018 12:47
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