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Housing Benefit
Good afternoon, Sept 2016 - A tenant signs a 6 month AST Oct 2016 - Tenant stops payin

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Landlord Advice Team
24/08/2018 15:04

EPC Query
I've got a couple of EPC queries that have come up as part of a re-mortgage process. Firstly,

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Landlord Advice Team
22/08/2018 13:15

finding new tenants
I am keen to find new tenants without having to use a high street agency. What do members recomme

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22/08/2018 12:36

Problems with Directors of Freehold and My tenant
Hello, I have a tenant who lives next door to one of the directors of the Managing Agent .

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Landlord Advice Team
20/08/2018 17:25

Newham minimum room sizes
I have a 3 bed property within the Newham selective licensing scheme rented to a single family.

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Landlord Advice Team
20/08/2018 12:49

Fire Safety
I have two queries concerning communal and individual flat fire and other alarms. The current

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Landlord Advice Team
13/08/2018 10:28

Setting up a house to rent
Can you offset costs for rental set-up against tax? Eg if you have to spend out on beds can you

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11/08/2018 19:54

How long can you stay in a property as a guest
If a tenant has a guest to stay, is there a particular length of time when the guest is there for

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11/08/2018 09:23

My tenant has just separated and can no longer afford the rent
Hi my tenant has just informed me she can no longer afford the rent as she has just separated fro

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10/08/2018 18:06

Damage to rear gate
I recently carried out an inspection of the property and found the rear gate severely damaged bey

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10/08/2018 16:26

Setting up a house to rent
Can you offset costs for rental set-up against tax? Eg if you have to spend out on beds can you

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10/08/2018 14:04

Conditional Tenancy agreement, right to rent & visa
My current tenants - a brother and sister - are coming up for renewal of their tenancy. The sist

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09/08/2018 17:46

Planning permission
HI I have some very large bedsits and i am planning to put small kitchens in them , Do I need

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08/08/2018 10:26

Deposit protection Scheme
Hello. We protect our deposits with DPS. Our certs comes under the landord's name which is a

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07/08/2018 12:57

Tenants not getting on - do I get involved?
Hi, I've succesfully run a 4 bed house on 4 room-only tenancies for several years. I also

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Susan Smalley
06/08/2018 17:44

Advice to give notice to Tenant
Last week there was a fire in the flat above one of by property. The fire damage is extensive and

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Landlord Advice Team
06/08/2018 16:18

Long term tenant with cats - which are now causing issues
Afternoon all, We have a tenant who has two cats which were agreed on the tenancy, so this

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02/08/2018 15:05

Lease extension - should I go to a tribunal?
One of my flats only has about 76 years left on the lease. The property's value is approximat

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30/07/2018 19:14

Gas/Elec utility suppliers for HMO Landlords
Hi, I manage a number of student HMO's which are bills inclusive. I'm looking for

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30/07/2018 16:30

AST with no fixed term
A friend of mine has drafted his own AST but forgotten to specify a fixed term.... Would the ten

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29/07/2018 09:31

In Breach Of Agreemnet
My property is managed by a letting agent.The agent found me a tenant and this tenant is only 2 w

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28/07/2018 14:16

Deed of Assignment
Dear Sir, I wonder if you could help? My niece has got herself into a tenancy that she real

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Landlord Advice Team
27/07/2018 15:55

Tenancy Application Forms
I usually ask for minimum info on my own tenancy application form, then use your referencing serv

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Landlord Advice Team
27/07/2018 10:08

Stamp duty
We own one property(A)we live in and one property we let (B). Now take this in order: 1

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26/07/2018 23:26

Damage Claim from Other Occupier
I manage a flat on behalf of a friend and there was a leak which caused damage to my friend's

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Landlord Advice Team
26/07/2018 16:30

Electrical safety check
I note the possible change by the Government to require 5 year electrical checks. As I have a pr

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26/07/2018 16:06

Pre-county court action documents - extensive damage
Tenants are foreign mature students at university and have done extensive damage to the property

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Landlord Advice Team
26/07/2018 13:25

Additional tenant
Hi, I have just taken over the management of one of my properties and have been advised by the ag

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Landlord Advice Team
26/07/2018 13:23

Rental Increase Form
Hello, I am using the form I found on your site to send to my tenant, regarding rental inc

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26/07/2018 08:28

Online Estate Agents
Hi Can anybody recommend the best online estate agent to sell a property. With so many to choo

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Online recommendation
24/07/2018 13:57

Renting Abroad
Antigua and Barbuda is a constitutional monarchy and a Commonwealth realm, with Queen Elizabeth I

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Landlord Advice Team
23/07/2018 13:36

Building's Insurance for HMO
The AA have told me none of their companies will insure a listed building for rental in the SE5 a

Replies: 2
Views: 232
21/07/2018 10:13

Rent Records
Dear Advice Team. Are Landlords legally obliged to retain rent records for more than six y

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Landlord Advice Team
20/07/2018 15:26

Landlords' Handbook - Guild of Residential Landlords
This is a handbook for the residential landlords. This books appears to be good (I have just skim

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Views: 279
19/07/2018 10:50

Registered Ltd Company, Business Address
My tenants, young couple in a 2 bedroom terraced house, have asked if they can use the address fo

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Landlord Advice Team
18/07/2018 16:30

Privacy notice information
On the RLA tenants document checklist i have noticed that there is now a new box to be ticked for

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18/07/2018 12:14

Tenant websites
Although I usually rent my properties as a whole, at present I need to let just one room in a 4 b

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16/07/2018 16:06

Tenant not signing Tenancy Agreement
I am a landlord with one property. My tenant was my Joint tenant(with his girlfriend, before they

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Landlord Advice Team
16/07/2018 11:00

Advice for acting on someone else's behalf
Hi. I have only been acting as a landlord for a short time. My in-laws have a property and have a

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16/07/2018 09:27

How do you manage your properties.
Hello all, I recently joined the RLA, so be kind ;-) , and I have recently decided to go &

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Chris Bingham
14/07/2018 17:26

Unable to read documents
I downloaded all the forms I need to fulfil my responsibilities under the Data Protection Act - o

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Landlord Advice Team
12/07/2018 18:03
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