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Repair vs. Replacement deductable?
Simple question, but seems to get different answers from landlords we know: One of our let hous

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20/03/2007 00:00

Capital Gains Tax
I will shortly be obliged to sell at least two of my properties to Leeds City Council as a result of

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Leeds Landlord
27/02/2007 00:00

Planning for the Future
I have a quite a no of propertys which are in both myself and my wifes names. My children are 1

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13/02/2007 00:00

Finance for a new flat
We have the opportunity to buy another flat. we need 25k and can either cash in savings, long term

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05/02/2007 00:00

Are gas/electric safety certificates tax deductible?
Sorry, if this is a basic question, but I've been filling in my tax return and the only expenses

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Landlord Advice Team
14/01/2007 00:00

Council Tax Liability
I am having a 'gentle' argument with my local council over liability of council tax. As

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27/12/2006 00:00

My now responsible, trustworthy, son in a good job in Switzerland would like to return to the UK, as

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PJB Rentals
15/12/2006 00:00

Remortgaging Let Property to Save Tax / Interest
The mortgage on the property I live in is higher than the mortgage of the property I let. If I

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Bristol girl
12/12/2006 00:00

Travel Costs
We have a 72 mile round trip to visit our buy to let property, and I wondered how we could reclaim t

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05/12/2006 00:00

Property Software
Has anybody purchased any property/landlord specific bookkeeping and management software? I am curr

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01/12/2006 00:00

rental guarantee insurance recommendation
hi, sorry if this is a question that's already been asked, but can anyone reccommend a good comp

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21/11/2006 00:00

Is it really worthwhile hiring an accountant to do my tax return when I only have 2 properti

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20/11/2006 00:00

Furnished or unfurnished
I rent out a property with carpets, curtains cooker, fridge and washer. For tax purposes woul

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16/11/2006 00:00

Mortgage Brokers - Do You Trust Them to Get the Best Deal For You
Hi I am trying to get some other views on mortgages offered by brokers. Are they the best opti

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27/10/2006 00:00

remortgaging and capital gains tax
Hi, The example here is someone, who wants to sell one of their BTL's to use to buy two fla

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25/10/2006 00:00

Income Tax Return
Are purchase expenses (legals, surveys etc) on btl properties claimable as an allowance against inco

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19/10/2006 00:00

Tax Return
can anyone advise me in simple English - the 10% allowance for furnished properties "we

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11/08/2006 00:00

I purchased a time share many years ago in USA (the time share gives me legal entitlement to a prope

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07/07/2006 00:00

looking for accountant
I am about to move overseas and am trying to find a local accountant who specialises in property por

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24/06/2006 00:00

oldham MBC cloud cuckoo land or complete rip off
OMBC is now charging landlords with unoccupied properties as if they were unoccupied second homes fo

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Teg's Dad
02/06/2006 00:00

Any Recommendations?
I am looking to appoint an accountant for my year 2005/06 accounts. Would anyone be prepared to reco

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31/05/2006 00:00

Property Investment Clubs (PIC's)
I have been reading a bit recently about PIC's and so their, so called, gifted deposits on new b

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30/05/2006 00:00

Avoid capital gains by putting sale proceeds into pensions?
Since it is possible to put upto 215 000 of income per year into personal pensions, without paying

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17/05/2006 00:00

second home taxation
I heard a snippet on the radio today that there may be some tax leived on second home ownership. The

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17/05/2006 00:00
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