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Has the government just killed HMOs with the stupidity of 3 year contracts?
Background - just a small landlord with 3 furnished semis equipped to very high spec - no loans o

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02/07/2018 18:38

Tenant never in property
I have had a tenant renting my house for 3 months and he never stays there There is no furnitu

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nicest landlord
02/07/2018 10:56

Issue with fleas and tenant leaving
A tenancy started in December 2016. In January 2018, they complained that the flat had fleas and

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01/07/2018 00:17

Compulsory Purchase Order
Hi, We have had a letter from the Council that our Buy to Let property is in the catchment area f

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30/06/2018 19:32

Cleaning property upon tenants departure - who's responsibility?
Hi I run a small Ltd company with a colleague. We rent out 8 x 1 bedroom apartments which

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Corinium Homes
30/06/2018 12:28

attaching an old inventory to a new AST
I just cancelled my old AST and started a new one when one tenant moved out. The old one is only

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28/06/2018 21:39

The new 'How to Rent' guide has a statement in it, "Landlords cannot use the section

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28/06/2018 19:04

sofa so good, advice and opinion please
Hi I bought a property part furnished, the furniture was in good condition but not new all ver

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28/06/2018 09:02

Where are the courses held in London - for RLA training. There is no address on the websit

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27/06/2018 21:34

Selling a buy to let property
Hello RLA I have a couple of queries. Firstly, does anyone know if there are any extra ta

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20/06/2018 15:26

cancelling an AST
I have an AST with nearly two months to run. One of my tenants has left and the other needs to ap

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20/06/2018 12:35

cancelling an AST
I have an AST with nearly two months to run. One of my tenants has left and the other needs to ap

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20/06/2018 12:32

Anti social behaviour

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20/06/2018 09:43

privacy gdpr policy
I have just edited the sample privacy document online to email to my tenant. DOes the tenant need

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19/06/2018 17:17

Right to Rent
Hi My two tenants have rented my flat on a 6 month AST. They have been in the flat for 12 mont

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19/06/2018 14:08

payment for loss of use of shower
I am wondering if there is some guidance on how to compensate tenants for loss of hot water in th

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19/06/2018 13:16

Using my service company as the legal landlord
Hi, I own a small service company, and it would be useful to channel my current rental inc

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Debbie G
19/06/2018 01:46

Is there now a statutory right to evict a tenant due to noise nuisance - the tenant uses foul an

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18/06/2018 18:31

mortgage issues
Hi all new to letting. I'm buying a property thru a Ltd company and my solicitor says I need

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17/06/2018 17:37

Registration with ICO to compliant with GDPR
Hello, My partner and I are new at renting out property and have just bought a terraced ho

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16/06/2018 19:43

Rent it Right
Bexley council are enforcing rent it right scheme for all landlords. They are saying landlords mu

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16/06/2018 08:17

Hybrid Structure Ownership

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15/06/2018 11:59

tenant with chequered history
After my tenant moved out, we have had several collection agencies looking for him. After searchi

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15/06/2018 10:49

Unknown person registered on voters role at rental property
I’ve recently found out an unknown person/s are registered on voters role for my rental property

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Member curious
15/06/2018 08:53

Problems with neighbour of my rental property
The house next door to my rental property is very unkempt, especially the garden. My tenants have

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15/06/2018 07:28

GDPR Data Protection, What clause should I add?
I keep reading the quote “Your tenancy agreements must include suitable data protection clauses”

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lady in red
14/06/2018 11:05

Hello My EPC HAS ran out, but was in date when new tenant signed agreement, do I need a new on

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11/06/2018 15:35

GDPR - sorry!
Hi - I have one house currently tenanted through an agent and a flat which is new to us, currentl

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11/06/2018 14:09

Government backed tenant referencing
I've been a landlord for 14 years. I've always been very diligent about taking up referen

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11/06/2018 10:15

Do you have a list of epc assessors who are good value near Warwick. I have two very small flats

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Landlord Advice Team
11/06/2018 08:55

council tax
I have 5 tenants lives in the house.4 of them are students.Do I need pay council tax?

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sheng qi
10/06/2018 13:19

I have read your notes concerning GDPR. I use Idrive cloud storage and EE as my ISP. Presumably,

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10/06/2018 05:00

Hi All, I have a tenant who hasn’t paid his utility bills and the provider are sending let

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10/06/2018 00:18

council tax
Hello I sold one of my rented houses and it was 4 months empty during this time. I found out

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07/06/2018 00:17

Original signatures on tenancy agreement
I am pulling together a tenancy agreement which has been signed by the tenant on the original. H

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Landlord Advice Team
06/06/2018 12:27

Complaint From Management Company
Hi, I have received numerous complaints from our management company regarding my existing

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05/06/2018 08:47

Tenants items left behind
A tenant has text to say they have moved out and left keys in letter box.They were in arrears and

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04/06/2018 14:26

Residential Block Management
We're on the resident's Management Committee for a small block of 11 flats in Kent and we

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04/06/2018 14:03

Unwanted visitors
Hi, bit of an awkward one but here goes. We own a block of 3 flats. Upstairs are 2 flats, 1 is re

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04/06/2018 11:53

Builders VAT Rate
A question on VAT rates referencing this web page: I have

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02/06/2018 11:49

Apparent System Failure/ Request for Advice Not Actioned
Dear Advice Team. I wish to enquire again: Has the apparent the system issue (which

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02/06/2018 09:36
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