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Gas appliances
Hello everyone, I will shortly become a new landlord and am not sure whether to provide the ho

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15/05/2019 09:28

Is survey a legal requirement when buying a BTL property?
Is survey a legal requirement when buying a BTL property? I am in the process of buying a

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13/05/2019 14:50

Relatives in rental property
The tenancy is in joint names of 2 adults (Tenant & Partner) and continuing as a Statutory tenanc

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12/05/2019 17:18

Unauthorised pet in the property
We have recently let a property (started 30th April). We stipulated on the viewings not pets, an

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NRLA Advice Line
10/05/2019 15:14

Tenant Fee Ban - Locked out tenants
Are we able to charge if our tenants lock themselves out at night - can we charge them the cost o

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09/05/2019 12:06

Section 48 - Section 3
Good afternoon, I am looking for assistance in serving Section 48 in order to notify a Tenant t

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DP Property & lettings Ltd.
09/05/2019 11:52

selling Tenant advice
I need help to advise a person who is going to be my Tenant when I have finished the extension on

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lady in red
09/05/2019 11:24

Tenant wants to use his garden shed in my property's garden for his business
My tenant wants to start his own home improvement/ kitchen fitting business. He has built his own

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09/05/2019 09:24

I have recently had an Envirovent Unit installed in one of my rental properties due to a recurrin

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07/05/2019 23:30

Expenses allowable against tax
I have made some improvements recently to an unfurnished ground floor flat, redecorating whole fl

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07/05/2019 16:31

Renting to someone who reports at an immigration centre
Hi, I have a 1 bedroom flat which I have currently on the market to let out. I have had an

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NRLA Advice Line
07/05/2019 15:29

Property Redress Scheme
Do you have a discount code for PRS

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NRLA Advice Line
07/05/2019 15:17

Section 21 advice
Thank you for your advice - it echos my thoughts. Althogh this tenant may be the ideal tenant I

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06/05/2019 12:48

Which deposit scheme do you use
Trying to work out which is the best deposit scheme to use and is it best to use a custodial or i

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Jen & wayne
06/05/2019 04:21

Buildings Insurance
I own a BTL flat in a bulding which has 4 flats . Each of the owners owns 1 share out of 4 shares

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01/05/2019 17:16

Ending periodic tenancies
I have 5 flats occupied by periodic tenants from 3 to 5years.. They are good tenants and I try t

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01/05/2019 08:28

Problem with Director of Residents company
Hello, I have 2 lovely tenants who are being driven mad by their neighbour. The road is unadopted

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29/04/2019 20:22

Served an Order to attend court for questioning on my tenant
A previous tenant left owing approx £5k. Last night, I served them an N39 (Order to

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NRLA Advice Line
29/04/2019 11:47

Choosing tenants in HMO
Hello, I have successfully run an HMO for 8 years with 5 tenants. When choosing applicants

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28/04/2019 12:17

Changing a Tenancy Agreement as a Result of a Relationship Breakdown
Hi.. There is an assured shorthold tenancy agreement in place for one of my properties with two

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NRLA Advice Line
25/04/2019 14:22

First HMO Application
I am having a meeting with the council tomorrow regarding deficiencies in my house . Will they st

Replies: 3
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25/04/2019 13:20

LTV Breach
Hi, To cut a very long story short... I applied to my bank for a new BTL loan in Oc

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NRLA Advice Line
25/04/2019 09:16

Fixtures list
Hi, what is the best way of listing fixtures such as a TV and garden furniture and Garden equipme

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NRLA Advice Line
23/04/2019 13:52

Can leaving tenant nominate family member for final inspection?
Have a 27 yr old tenant (degree qualified) who has a 12mth AST until 30th November and wishes to

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21/04/2019 17:06

What is importance of the EPC Certificate to the landlord and is there a minimum level of efficie

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19/04/2019 12:15

House sale
I am reaching retirement age soon and would like to start selling one or two of my

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17/04/2019 16:07

Cannabis smoking
Hi, I am the managing agent of a HMO property. One of the tenants in there has been report

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16/04/2019 18:05

PropTech new technology for property management
I am interested in exploring bringing new technology into the management of my properties. There

Replies: 9
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16/04/2019 17:59

Incorporating a partnership to a Ltd Co as offered by various tax advisors/accountants
Has any one gone through this process with a specialist company and has it been smooth and succes

Replies: 8
Views: 287
16/04/2019 13:29

ID / Passport and other personal information to Agency
Dear Sirs, We recently got a message from our real estate agency asking us for the below informat

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NRLA Advice Line
15/04/2019 11:25

See Landlordzone latest Newsletter re 'how to evict a troublesome tenant'.
Hello colleagues. Just cascading a useful bit of kit from the widely respected Landlordzone si

Replies: 4
Views: 277
13/04/2019 19:22

Fire Insurance
Hi All, Just wanted to get your view...out of the blue from my tennant texted asking if i have &#

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Views: 259
13/04/2019 00:20

block heating / hot water
Please can anyone give me some advice regarding heating and hot water issues, I have an apartment

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12/04/2019 11:59

Client Money Protection
Dear Team. Are managing agents required to be part of the Client Money Protection requirements. I

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12/04/2019 11:30

Pond fencing
Hi, our letting agent has told us we must put fencing around our pond (which we really don't

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11/04/2019 16:53

Problem Tenant
I have recently taken over a few properties from my elderly father as he is no longer in a positi

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10/04/2019 13:46

Request to change date on which rent is to be paid
I have a very good post graduate tenant on a room only AST who has asked if they can change the d

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10/04/2019 09:32

Our tenant may have been joined by a girlfriend
We think our tenant may now be cohabiting with a girlfriend. We donít necessarily have a problem

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NRLA Advice Line
08/04/2019 10:15

Fire Resistant Underlay
Please can someone let me know if I require fire resistant underlay when replacing carpets in a 1

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NRLA Advice Line
08/04/2019 09:13

Gas safe and boiler services
Afternoon everyone. I sincerely need your surgestions and ideas on how to go about this proble

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07/04/2019 10:18

Holiday let
Do you cover Holiday let's with your advice? If not who do you recommend to contact

Replies: 6
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Julia rm
06/04/2019 09:34
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