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Right to Rent
My present tenants agreement is coming to an end in two days time. And the tenant will be signi

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30/03/2016 11:54

Extend contract for a few days
I gave my tenants a contract for ten months, they want to extend it for a few days, can we jus

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Ray D
29/03/2016 14:14

Energy Suppliers
My tenants energy supplier wish me to sign to say that I am legally responsible for any of my tenant

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Bright Eclipse
24/03/2016 15:42

Mould and Eviction
Hi Everyone, I'm hoping someone can shed some light for me... We have a tenant that l

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24/03/2016 13:25

What to check when buying a tenanted property
Looking to buy a tenanted property, what should be checked before exchange? Thoughts;

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22/03/2016 16:12

Alley Gate Key
Dear RLA A tenant at a property in Newton Heath Manchester has just contacted me. He says

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22/03/2016 15:32

Single Person Council Tax Discount with a Weekday Lodger
Please can you tell me whether you can claim the single person occupancy discount for council tax i

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Landlord Advice Team
17/03/2016 09:14

Asbestos and fire risk assessments for communal areas
Does anyone know the official requirements for this? I am having trouble getting any clear informat

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Member 1
16/03/2016 22:58

Selling and buying at auction in Wales
Hi, we are looking to sell our rental property in Wales at auction. Do members have any recommendati

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16/03/2016 12:17

Council Tax - Rolling Tenancy
Has anyone else been "stung" by the situation that arises when a tenant serves notice just after the

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15/03/2016 18:50

Extra people
We have let a property through an agent. 2 people are named on the tenancy agreement. The agent did

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Landlord Advice Team
15/03/2016 12:08

Asbestos obligations
Hi all, I'm a new landlord and confused about my obligations with regards to Asbestos. Do I need

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12/03/2016 23:27

Right to rent
Interviewed a prospective tenant from Lithuania yesterday. She produced a photo ID card as evidencer

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Hythe man
11/03/2016 12:09

Extra people
We have let a property through an agent. 2 people are named on the tenancy agreement. The agent did

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11/03/2016 11:07

Enquiry on minimum bedroom size for rental
Hello, The Housing Regs 1985 quote minimum bedroom size for number of people in the bedroom - w

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Member 1
09/03/2016 12:18

reasons for possession
I have recently served a section 21 under the new regulations. The tenant is demanding to know why t

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nicest landlord
09/03/2016 10:51

This is not technically a tenant Q but I am being bullied by one of my Share of Freeholders (SOF) an

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08/03/2016 16:28

Elderly tenant
Advice needed. Am concerned that an elderly lady in a fully furnished flat (converted house) wh

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04/03/2016 12:57

Gas fire URGENT advice for repair/service
We are about to sell our property and need a gas safety certificate for all gas appliances including

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Hythe man
04/03/2016 11:15

Subletting licence charges by freeholder
I was very interested in reading this RLA article last week - SUBLETTING AS A LEASEHOLDER CALL OF

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Landlord Advice Team
01/03/2016 15:46

Tenants Right To Rent
Have the RLA a step by step guide available showing what steps we have to take to comply with the ne

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Landlord Advice Team
01/03/2016 15:09

Tenant Right to Change Meters?
I have a friend who is a tenant and the contract is due for renewal soon. He is currently paying fo

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K&M Portsmouth
29/02/2016 22:16

Replacing tenant in a Join Tenancy agreement
Hi, One of the tenants in a fixed term AST ( due to expire soon) , has left and another

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28/02/2016 17:40

Question about periodic/rolling tenancies - legally, how much notice do they need to give?
Hi everyone, I have tenants who's AST's ended on the last week of December 2015;

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Landlord Advice Team
27/02/2016 15:52

The Deposit
Hi ya, tenants are moving out and how long after they are gone do we need to return the deposit to t

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i dream of jenie
27/02/2016 08:18

The Property Rdress Scheme
Hi I was wondering if you could help, We are starting to manage our own properties and I was w

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Landlord Advice Team
26/02/2016 15:34

New tenant introduced in AST
Hi, If one of the tenants on the initial joint AST fixed term agreement live without con

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Landlord Advice Team
26/02/2016 15:31

Various requests received from new tenants
My tenants have asked if they can do the following: How do I stand on this? 1. They would like

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25/02/2016 18:09

Sublet fees to freeholder
I have just read about your success in helping a landlord get a reduced sublet consent fee from the

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Landlord Advice Team
25/02/2016 16:14

Query about remortgaging a buy to let property
We own two one- bedroom flats in London as well as our own home and there are no mortgages on any of

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RLA Mortgages/3mc
25/02/2016 15:39

Notice to Quit for a Contractual Tenancy
Hello, Can you point me in the right direction for the type of notice required to gain po

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24/02/2016 20:08

Rent review and benefits
My tenant has requested a copy of the AST for a benefits claim. The AST is now in the periodic peri

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nicest landlord
24/02/2016 10:45

Compliance Visit - requirement for tenant to attend.
Just got acknowledgement of my application for selective licensing (not HMO) from London Borough of

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21/02/2016 20:15

Surrender of tenancy
Hi, I contacted the landlord advice service yesterday about this issue, but the situation

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20/02/2016 19:37

tenant moves in the boyfriend
A tenant has moved in the boyfriend and i am reluctant to put him on the tenant agreement because I

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19/02/2016 17:32

Tax avoidance - new buy to let tax rules
My husband and I own 3 buy2let properties. He is a higher rate tax earner so anticipate we will be h

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Landlord Advice Team
19/02/2016 08:41

Serving notices witnessed by an 'independent witness'
RLA recommends serving notices personally witenessed by an 'independent witness'. But, is th

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Hythe man
18/02/2016 11:35

Signing Tenancy Agreement
Hi I have a HMO student let in Sheffield. In recent years, I have had to let to individuals, some of

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18/02/2016 09:30

Tenant leave property in a right mess
When I took this tenant on I can remember doing some tenants checks on them. Now they have left

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15/02/2016 23:22

"scrapyard" in property yard, commercial signage, tenant delaing car parts from property
Hi, I was alerted to my tenant filling the yard with what looks like scrap/car parts, which we

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Landlord Advice Team
15/02/2016 12:01

Right to Rent
Hi I live in London and had just exchanged on a property in Northampton. I am wondering h

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12/02/2016 14:40
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