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Inventory Fee
For the last three years we have had 3 tenants, all friends, rent our property. Initially on an

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Landlord Advice Team
13/12/2016 09:00

Tax potential
My partner bought a house in 2007 for £153k. He moved in with me in 2009 and has been renti

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12/12/2016 12:40

External Insulation funding Wales
Most grants for external insulation seem to have been discontinued. Are there any sources of fund

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Landlord Advice Team
08/12/2016 15:20

I have just carried out a property inspection in one of my 1 bedroom flats and discover 2 double

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08/12/2016 13:43

Early termination of tenancy
I have a tenant who has a 12 month AST which doesn't end until 11/02/2017. They have contacte

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08/12/2016 13:32

Rent Increase for periodic tenancies
Hi, I wish to increase my rents which are periodic. I was going to use Section 13 but I see a

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07/12/2016 17:37

Renewing a tenancy into a sole tenant whereas previously there were 2
My tenants have requested that when they renew they would like the tenancy in just one name. The

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07/12/2016 17:34

Check out inspections
Hello, Just wondered what people's views were. If you have a recently freshly p

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07/12/2016 15:19

Evict a Tresspasser / Illegal Tenant
M Landlord) had verbally agreed with N to lease his property for a period of 7 years. The propert

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06/12/2016 16:23

Liverpool City Council Licensing Scheme
What do I need to do to obtain the reduced licensing fee with Liverpool City Council

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Landlord Advice Team
06/12/2016 11:38

Immigration Status Checks
Do I have to check the immigration status of existing tenants or is it just new ones?

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Seán Holden
05/12/2016 22:11

Hi I am remorgaging a BTLP & would like to know if I am allowed to offset fully the interest o

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05/12/2016 12:53

End of tenancy issues
We have a DSS tenant single mother with 2 children) who has been in our property since 2013. Her

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Landlord Advice Team
05/12/2016 11:59

Date on tenancy agreement
I have a new tenant who wants to move in on the 18 December. She has asked if the payment date ca

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Landlord Advice Team
05/12/2016 11:43

One tenant moves out
Hi all A couple on a periodic tenancy and they may be separating and I would like some adv

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02/12/2016 12:59

Early eviction due to breach of terms as set out per assured tenancy agreement
My tenant signed a new 7 month tenancy agreement on 21st November 2016. I gave written permiss

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01/12/2016 17:55

Fees that we can legitimately charge tenants.
As Letting agents are no longer allowed to charge fees to tenants does this now mean that Landlor

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30/11/2016 21:08

where to report a possible sub letting without landlords knowledge
I have had an applicant for one of my properties who has been renting in Enfield, London,EN2 7QE

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Concerned landlord
30/11/2016 17:48

gas certificate and legionnaires risk assement
HI All, Does anyone know or can receommend a business to support the two above in London N

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30/11/2016 10:22

Unable to renew consent to lease because of a difficult ex husband
Hi, My consent to lease from my mortgage provider has recently expired and needs renewing.

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30/11/2016 09:16

Hello, We are about to sell a property with a long term tenant in situ. The property has not requ

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Landlord Advice Team
28/11/2016 13:05

fire safety regulations HMO
I need to buy beds, a sofa, linen and pillows for my first mini 3 bedroom HMO, i have browsed thr

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28/11/2016 12:33

What is law on Council Tax chargeable on un-inhabitable properties???
I am about to commence roof removal and major redesign of a Brighton property. This council charg

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28/11/2016 09:32

Smoke alarms testing
When it comes to actually testing the smoke alarms, I have read that it is not enough to just pus

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25/11/2016 13:26

Selling a Tenanted Property
I want to sell one of my properties. It is currently tenanted by individuals. Should I give th

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24/11/2016 17:24

Council Tax
I let a house to an individual with the agreement that he could sub let. One of the sub tenants a

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22/11/2016 17:33

Eviction of lodgers left by the previous tenant
My tenant has informed me that he has left my property. However, he has sublet a number of rooms

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22/11/2016 13:19

Withholding Tradesman Payment for Unsatisfactory Work
Dear Advice Team, It has recently come to my attention that some repair work undertaken by

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22/11/2016 07:21

Section 3
I've just bought a house with a tenant in place. I've downloaded the section 48 notice to

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21/11/2016 20:37

Looking for historic rent figures
My son is thinking about Let to buy and wants data to see how rents behave in economic downturns,

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nicest landlord
21/11/2016 10:44

rent guarantee schemes
Hi after attending your course yesterday I am keen to add information to my website. Other than t

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21/11/2016 08:58

Our tenant has recently left our property, it has become very clear that she has acquired debts t

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18/11/2016 13:26

Tenant death
A tenant has died in his Flat. His mother, next of kin. Is to empty his belongings. Do I need to

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18/11/2016 13:22

allowable expenses
Hi I thought washing machines, fridges and cookers were allowable expenses but my accountant

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16/11/2016 08:38

Improvement works tenant has done to the property
My tenant who has just left is threatening to take up all the flags he has put down in the back g

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15/11/2016 18:32

Improvement works tenant has done to the property
My tenant who has just left is threatening to take up all the flags he has put down in the back g

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Jane Lo
15/11/2016 12:51

Difficult Tenants
Good morning. Can you please provide some clarification on the points below? - what

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Landlord Advice Team
15/11/2016 10:53

Rental expenses
As a new landlord facing the need to complete a tax return, I would welcome your advice on the fo

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14/11/2016 20:20

Section 13
I can't find any information on your site relating to Section 13 rent increases. Do you have

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14/11/2016 09:44

Gas Certificate needed?
There is no gas supply to my property. Also, therefore no gas appliances. Do I have to have a Gas

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11/11/2016 11:23

Free rental to a friend
If I want to let a friend use a flat for free, is there any way to protect myself, like an AST sh

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10/11/2016 19:20
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