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EPC Renewal with existing tenants
I have just renewed the EPC for property where the current tenants tenancy started August 2015 an

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Des Res
01/12/2018 11:09

Tenants Ending Joint Tenancy But One Tenant Wants to Stay
We have a tenancy that started on the 1 Oct 2017 as an assured shorthold tenancy - obviously the

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30/11/2018 11:35

Problems with EPC rating
We have extensively renovated and updated a concrete walled property, including removing antiquat

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29/11/2018 23:25

Demand for deposit return.
A couple moved in and the man paid a deposit of £560.00 and signed an ASTA he has left the

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27/11/2018 18:34

Recommendations for Solicitors to do Possession Orders
Section 21 Served,tenant's applied for Local Authority Housing & likelihood is they won't

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27/11/2018 15:31

rent apportionment
Recently bought a house with a sitting tenant Completion on 25 Oct 2018 rent day 8th of month

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NRLA Advice Line
27/11/2018 15:13

Looking for landlord selling or leasing houses
I am landlord looking to buy or lease more properties to add to my portfolio in the Birmingham an

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27/11/2018 09:56

BedBugs...Who is responsible / paying
We are still fighting bedbugs! 1.) How do we go about getting money back from an unsuccessful bed

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NRLA Advice Line
23/11/2018 17:00

Fees ban: Does it apply to time limits on completing paperwork
I have had a contract clause for many years that says an administration fee will be charged if te

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22/11/2018 17:10

visiting potential tenants
I have a potential tenant from Worthing council. Its a single lady with 5 young children and the

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21/11/2018 18:41

party wall
Hi, A fence on a party wall has collapsed and is due for replacement. I understand that expens

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21/11/2018 12:37

Joint Tenants - Declaration of trust and filling in form 17 to HMRC
I currently own a mortgaged rental house as Joint Tenants with my wife and I was looking to make

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NRLA Advice Line
21/11/2018 11:24

Rent increase
We have issued a new 12 month tenancy (at their request) to existing tenants. We had previously d

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NRLA Advice Line
20/11/2018 10:24

Renting out property to my mum
Hi can anyone help? i have a BLT rental , can i rent out o my mum. She will sign an AST and pay m

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19/11/2018 15:45

visiting potential tenants
I have a potential tenant from Worthing council. Its a single lady with 5 young children and the

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17/11/2018 12:23

Pet Deposit
Hi do you have a form for Pet Deposits

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NRLA Advice Line
16/11/2018 15:43

RLA Addendum
This paperwork has recently been updated a matter of days ago and the link provided at the top of

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16/11/2018 14:32

Smart Meters
I'm not convinced that Smart Meters are a good idea....does anyone have an opinion.

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16/11/2018 13:12

Fire Safety works by the Freeholder
Hello I am the leaseholder of a flat in a block of 3 other flats. We let the flat to a tenant

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15/11/2018 19:31

Tenants can not return to house because of threats from neighbour
Hello. I am a landlord but am asking on behalf of my son who is currently renting in London. H

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15/11/2018 18:39

rental Income tax for repayment mortgage
I have a repayment mortgage and have always had a repayment mortgage for the property that was my

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14/11/2018 21:32

Proposed Purchase
I am in the process of purchasing a tenanted flat. I live a distance away from the flat and I

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NRLA Advice Line
14/11/2018 17:31

Inventory check out
My tenant is due to move out. Does the tenant need to be present at the inventory check it can it

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NRLA Advice Line
14/11/2018 17:19

Joint tenants
Iíve just been informed by my tenant that she has separated with her husband who is a joint tenan

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NRLA Advice Line
12/11/2018 18:02

company let
Can you please tell me if a company let becomes a HMO if there are 3-4 unrelated licensees Tha

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12/11/2018 16:13

land sub division
Good morning How can i find land sub division solicitor please.

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09/11/2018 21:04

Left over oil in the heating tank
My tenant has sought legal advice and says that I need to refund the left over oil that she paid

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09/11/2018 16:37

Letter to Leaving Tenant
Hi there, Do you have a sample letter to send to a tenant at the end of their tenancy outlinin

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08/11/2018 16:24

We understand there is a regulation coming in that the maximum holding fee an agent/landlord can

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07/11/2018 21:27

EPC Rating
Good morning, Our existing tenant is due to vacate flat in January 2019 and the Flat had a

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NRLA Advice Line
07/11/2018 15:38

QUESTION: Fire Exits - Front door
Hi, Our Victorian building was previously converted into 3 flats over 3 floors. I'

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07/11/2018 11:06

Leak below the floorboards leaking to the flat below
Hi All, Just looking for a bit of advice. There is a leak to the downstairs flat but its b

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06/11/2018 15:53

Residential Mortgage with Consent to Let
Has anyone remortgaged a residential mortgage with immediate consent to let? My mortgage fixe

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RLA Mortgages/3mc
06/11/2018 15:29

Terminate a Lease as Landlord bacause of unreasonable claims...
Dear Sirs, Is it possible to terminate a AST earlier than stated on the lease itself? We ha

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06/11/2018 09:03


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05/11/2018 11:35

Buying a reposesion house with rented roof space for solar panels
Just wondering if anyone has come across this issue before. We are looking at buying a rep

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nicest landlord
05/11/2018 09:54

EU tennants after brexit
I currently have tenants from Poland in my property. Any ideas if they are likely to be able t

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30/10/2018 17:52

Section 3 Notice - New landlord
HI I am hopeful you can help me, I am in the process of selling a HMO with 6 tenants in place (wh

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30/10/2018 14:23

Section 3 Notice - New landlord
HI I am hopeful you can help me, I am in the process of selling a HMO with 6 tenants in place (wh

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NRLA Advice Line
29/10/2018 16:41

new HMO landlord
do you have a link to a place which tells me what paperwork etc I need to do for each tenantt in

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29/10/2018 12:08

My properties
The website seems to have changed. I cannot seem to got into the information about my properties

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NRLA Advice Line
29/10/2018 09:56
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