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Landlord indurance
Hi, would you recommend having landlord insurance? I have a flat which I let. From my understandi

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nicest landlord
06/09/2016 14:11

Spread sheet
Can you recommend a simple spread sheet format for keeping track of incoming/outgoing expenses on

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Landlord Advice Team
06/09/2016 09:03

Council Tax
I have been served demand by Birmingham City Council for back dated Council Tax from 2013 - 2016.

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05/09/2016 15:17

credit check
applied for a credit check on 30/8/2016 on your service i have not had a reply many thanks

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Landlord Advice Team
05/09/2016 13:15

Electrical Certificate
I have let my property. It is Residential House. Do I need Electric Certificate of the Installati

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Landlord Advice Team
05/09/2016 09:25

Should I add to tenancy agreement?
My long term tenants have asked my permission for their daughter's boyfriend to move in. Shou

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Landlord Advice Team
05/09/2016 09:16

threatening supply company
Can anyone please advise? A tenant left my property in February this year and gave my name to

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01/09/2016 06:41

Photovoltaic panels
Hello, I wonder if you can help with a query about improving the energy efficieny of a student le

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30/08/2016 09:57

When does the tax axe fall?
Hi Am I right in thinking that the reduction in tax relief starts in April 2017? So it do

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Jane Lo
25/08/2016 15:52

Tenant has given me notice but not handed his keys in.
My tenant has given me notice to leave in writing. Changed the Water and Electric to my name.

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25/08/2016 14:19

My tenants have given 4 weeks notice...a few questions if you could helps please
Hi My tenants of 6yrs have given their 4 weeks notice on the 1st August due to buying there ow

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25/08/2016 09:07

How long do we have to hold files for expired tenancies. Is there a difference between time scal

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24/08/2016 17:44

How to Rent Guide
We understand to issue S21 notice to end tenancy, we need to serve the tenant with EPC, Gas Safet

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24/08/2016 17:15

tenant giving notice
hello, Please could you let me know if a tenant has to give notice on the anniversary of the s

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23/08/2016 18:27

HMO Energy Useage by Tenants
Hi, I am looking to set up my first HMO and am calculating the figures. How do I estimate the cos

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22/08/2016 16:55

claim against tax
Hi, the shower has leaked into the flat below. The seal has been replaced a number of times. Have

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21/08/2016 18:18

Leak from a neighbouring flat and uncooperative flat owner
Hello Iím a landlord at a flat where someone else owns the property above. A few we

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Accidental llord
21/08/2016 17:34

Letting agency scam 'Studio One Estayes' and Corp connections
I am the head landlord and have just been scammed by Studio One Estates and Corp connections. The

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21/08/2016 11:13

Ground Rents and Service Charges
We have 25 properties on our golf course, of which we sold five some years ago as holiday units w

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19/08/2016 16:35

water damage advice
Hi, One of my properties is a ground floor apartment which is rented as a short term tenancy.

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Landlord Advice Team
19/08/2016 09:42

One of two joint tenants leaving
One of the two named joint tenants is leaving . It is assured shorthold tenancy that is now peri

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Landlord Advice Team
18/08/2016 09:46

Best Practice for Foreign Students
I am considering a let to 5 Bulgarian students. Some have UK guarantors and some do not. P

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Landlord Advice Team
18/08/2016 09:05

Buy to let Mortgage
When I purchased one of my propertied I took funds for the deposit from my private home/mortgage,

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Landlord Advice Team
17/08/2016 11:56

My Tenant wants to use the flat as a registered address for a business. Should I allow this?
If my tenant uses my property as a registered address for his business, could I become liable or

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Landlord Advice Team
15/08/2016 12:51

Tenant water damages fire alarm
My tenant has just rung to say her child has flooded the middle floor bathroom and this has set o

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Landlord Advice Team
11/08/2016 15:22

Post dating TAs
Thank you for your reply. If I were to complete the TA with both parts post-dated

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Landlord Advice Team
10/08/2016 09:06

Carbon Monoxide detectors
I have a 3-bed property which is a single let. It has a gas boiler (new)in the bathroom and a gas

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Landlord Advice Team
10/08/2016 08:50

Carbon monoxide alarms
Hi Member1, thanks for the fast response - I really appreciate that. I will fit the CO detector/a

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09/08/2016 18:30

Share of Insurance
I own the freehold of a shop and a flat above which is on a long lease (125 yrs). The buildings i

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09/08/2016 10:50

Liability for Council Tax
We have a tenant who had an initial 6 month Assured Shorthold Tenancy, and then the tenancy conti

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09/08/2016 10:47

TA daae
My tenant has post-dated his part of the TA the 13.9.2016 as that is the

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Landlord Advice Team
09/08/2016 09:45

Is it acceptable to let a property to a member of your family. My daughter who is a single par

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Trans Am
08/08/2016 16:16

back fence and part of existing back extension had been built on my land
my problem with my next door neighbor refused put back fence up and part of his 10 years old exi

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Member 1
08/08/2016 15:07

Changes in interest relief on your BTL Mortgages
Hi I need some advice on how to deal with this announcement made by George Osborne. My cir

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08/08/2016 14:41

Assured tenancy agreement
Hi everyone, I am renting out a part of my flat (except the gas and electricity meter, this part

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David 1998
06/08/2016 09:54

Right to Rent and letting a room in your house
If I let a room in my own home i.e effectively sharing, do I need to do the Right to rent checks?

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Landlord Advice Team
05/08/2016 10:46

Electric Meter Readings
Hi, unfortunately the key is definitely not an FB type key and the council have stated that lease

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Landlord Advice Team
04/08/2016 09:52

tenants' reference check
Anybody can recommend any contacts to do a thorough check on the tenants? Thank you

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03/08/2016 18:56

Landlord forcibly ThrewTenant out of home
Hi Guys, not sure if i can ask this type of advice on RLA but a friend of mine asked for me for a

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Purple Bunny
02/08/2016 11:33

Hi, my tenant will be leaving the property and has asked me to provide him with a reference , any

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02/08/2016 10:17

Names persons on building Insurance
I own a propery in joint ownership. I have been paying the insurance on the property and have the

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Landlord Advice Team
01/08/2016 09:43
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