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Landlord Licensing
We have a property in Whitechapel E1 divided into 5 self-contained one bedroom flats. Shall we

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21/02/2017 11:50

Fire - total loss
Good Day, Can you please give me some advice? If you live in a Liverpool Housing Trust

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21/02/2017 09:18

Hello, i am a little confused about the EPC ruling. When they first came in I understood we only

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20/02/2017 14:13

How long before I can put the rent up?
Hi I have just taken on some tenants at a reduced rent and they have signed a 6 month RLA AST

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20/02/2017 09:51

I have been offered a lease option
I have been offered a lease option to buy my empty terraced house they will pay £25000

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17/02/2017 20:11

Fire precautions, does freeholder pay or leaseholders
I bought a flat, the agent said everything in the FRA has been done, this was not true. The agen

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17/02/2017 18:12

Hi I own a property outright and want to take out a buy to let mortgage, will I have to pa

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17/02/2017 13:59

fire Saety
Can I please have some clarification what is required regarding fire safety regulations and priva

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16/02/2017 16:50

Lettings management software
Hello I was wondering if anybody could recommend a lettings/management software package. Any advi

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15/02/2017 15:32

Hello, Ive just been made aware that my tenant is running her food start-up business from my

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15/02/2017 13:46

Sole trader or Partnership?
I have a buy to let property with my spouse and sister and we have a joint mortgage. Are we c

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15/02/2017 12:05

Purchasing a lease
I am looking for someone to look over a lockout agreement that I am about to send to vendor. Can

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Landlord Advice Team
14/02/2017 09:50

Notice from Tenant
I thought that Tenants and Landlords where now able to give their 1 month (tenant) and 2 months (

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Landlord Advice Team
13/02/2017 16:24

property left after eviction
unfortunately had to evict a tenant today, she has left all her belongings behind including furn

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13/02/2017 11:13

Social services Tenants child
Hi, today I severed a section 21.4 on my tenant and have given till 16/04/2017 notice to quit.

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10/02/2017 09:06

Health and Safety Checks
Hi Can you please advise what are the annual health and safety checks that I need to carry

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10/02/2017 03:35

Social services Tenants child
Hi, today I severed a section 21.4 on my tenant and have given till 16/04/2017 notice to quit.

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09/02/2017 23:21

Utility Warehouse
We have just had a demand for the payment of £21 in relation to a tenant that left our prop

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Jane Lo
09/02/2017 17:40

Lease extension
Dear all, I own a first floor flat in a two storey converted house. To my horror I have recen

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09/02/2017 12:28

add a no smoking clause to the AST document
Hi, Can I add a clause to the AST document to state that smoking is not permitted inside t

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09/02/2017 11:10

add a no smoking clause to the AST document
Hi, Can I add a clause to the AST document to state that smoking is not permitted inside t

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Landlord Advice Team
09/02/2017 10:16

On commencement of a tenancy we give the tenant a copy of the Tenancy Agreement, Government How t

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Landlord Advice Team
09/02/2017 09:57

Unsigned Tenancy Agreement
Hi I am hoping you can help me please? we had a company contact us to rent one of our prop

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Landlord Advice Team
08/02/2017 10:02

Surrender Notice
Landlord has had property destroyed by a house fire. He does not want the current tenant to move

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08/02/2017 09:08

Tenants neice
My tenant has asked if it is ok for her 17 year old niece can visit from Feb to July and stay wit

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Landlord Advice Team
08/02/2017 08:48

Tenants relocating to London from the EU
Hi there, Some tenants are interested in our property, a couple, just recently moved to Lo

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06/02/2017 18:00

quaterly tax returns
Will landlords be required to complete a tax return each quarter from tax year 2016-17. I hear

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Landlord Advice Team
02/02/2017 09:30

Becoming a member of a Management Company
Hi All I'm buying a flat that's so far taken 5 1/2 months with no end in sight. C

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31/01/2017 15:52

Conversion of Care Home to Serviced Accommodation
I'm looking at converting a care home in a grade II listed building to Serviced Accommodation

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Landlord Advice Team
30/01/2017 15:44

agreement for parking space
Is there a document I can use inorder to rent my parking space in a secure garage? I currently re

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25/01/2017 09:52

Tenant wishes to end tenancy early
My tenant has written to me to ask if he can terminate the tenancy early due to a new job he has

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23/01/2017 13:01

Six Month Inspection Report - Newham
Hi, Trying to find information on how detailed the 6-month inspection reports need to be.

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Landlord Advice Team
23/01/2017 10:01

Gas/electricity standing charge for vacant propery
The property has been vacant for 6 months after the tenant left owing rent. He had signed up for

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20/01/2017 23:48

My tenants would like to have a pet small cat or dog, we would like them to have one. But would l

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20/01/2017 19:00

British Gas have admitted liability for water damage caused by their engineers when installing he

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20/01/2017 07:29

house to let in nottingham 3 bed gas central heating new kichen new bathroom laminate floor

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19/01/2017 15:53

Legal obligations
I have recently been charged for a 'health and safety, fire risk and asbestos survey of the n

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19/01/2017 14:15

Condensation Query
Hi I am a new landlord, since August 2016. My tenant seem to have an issue with condensation and

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19/01/2017 10:40

British Gas
British Gas have admitted liability to water damage to my tenants property but now say that they

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Landlord Advice Team
18/01/2017 09:24

Fire Alarm regulations
Wondered if you could help? In West Somerset, would a wireless fire alarm system be acceptable

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17/01/2017 14:27

Early tenancy termination
The tenants have refused to allow access to carry out routine maintenance, gas safety check and r

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17/01/2017 14:24
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