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Liability of Council Tax if you have 1 professional in a house of students?
I am aware that if you have a house full of students, this house is exempt from council tax (as long

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21/07/2014 14:35

landlord insurance - new conditions set by insurers
we recently renewed our buildings insurance on seven commercial and residential properties with Aviv

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18/07/2014 06:52

mould in flat
Hi, myson has just signes an sat in Newcastle. The property is causing asthma attacks even though th

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17/07/2014 10:10

How do I re-establish residential occupation in a bungalow that has been empty for 15 years?
I inherited a mixed used residential and industrial site 4 years ago. It is a former army base loca

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15/07/2014 08:09

offset rent
I am faced with a tenant who is contesting a small claims court judgememnt over 1000 in unpaid rent

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14/07/2014 15:31

Hello Other than the monthly rent obviously, are there any other charges that I ask the t

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14/07/2014 14:56

Hello! Is it advised to set up rental payments on the same day of every calendar month, o

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Landlord Advice Team
14/07/2014 08:42

Smoke Damage
Our tenants have had a small fire in the bathroom, caused by never turning the isolation switch off

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13/07/2014 10:07

End of Tenancy - removal of tenant's belongings
We have a problem DSS tenant (currently on a periodic tenancy) who has given one month's notice

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12/07/2014 19:08

foreign tenant
Is there anything special that needs to be checked if a prospective tenant comes from Spain? She is

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Landlord Advice Team
11/07/2014 11:16

Tenants Possessions
I rent my house to university students. I had a tenant whose contract ceased as at 30th June 20

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11/07/2014 08:54

Credit check report missed CCJ on tenant
Hello, I used a reputable company last year to run a credit check on my potential tenant. It showed

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09/07/2014 12:32

Utilities Service charge
Being bullied at the minute by a company called BES utilities, who have sent us an invoice for nearl

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09/07/2014 11:55

Clearing electrical cupboard after a fire risk assessment
We are the owners of one flat in a block of 8. Although the flat owners do not own the freehold, we

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08/07/2014 19:24

We believe that a tenant has changed the front door lock - this is in breach of the tenancy agreemen

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08/07/2014 16:34

Liability for Council Tax when a tenant leaves prematurely
My tenant disappeared during the periodic phase of a standard AST tenancy - the first I knew was whe

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08/07/2014 11:52

Credit checkimg
I am very interested in your new credit check service, but would like to know if you have to have an

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Ray D
07/07/2014 11:58

Hello If i let out my flat but I am not intending on changing my mortgage, can I still ge

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RLA Mortgages/3mc
06/07/2014 14:01

Hello! I am renting my flat out for the first time and have been advised to change my hom

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05/07/2014 11:39

One tenant (the wife) asked to remove other tenant (the husband) from the tenancy agreement
Hi, I have a AST with a married couple who seem to have relationship problem in recent months,

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05/07/2014 11:37

Aggressive Neighbours
Hello I am having a trouble with some neighbours threatening and harassing my tenants to the po

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04/07/2014 17:25

Damage caused by third party tro landlord's property
Where a burglar has caused damage to a window ( smashed pne) and door lock of a rented property ( re

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Landlord Advice Team
04/07/2014 16:57

Format for issuing Service Charge Notice
Hi All, as a freehold owning Company I need to issue to each of my leaseholders their Service Charge

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04/07/2014 08:12

Tenant notice period
Hi I currently have 1 months notice from the tenant before they wish to vacate. This can

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27/06/2014 11:23

Bills and letters still coming in ex-tenants name (and fake names)
My tenants left late 2013. However, they have not re-directed mail, and I am still getting lots of

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Ray D
26/06/2014 18:06

Prorata rent at end of contract
I have a tenant whose contract started 12 January 2014, her rent is 1475pcm, She pays monthly in ad

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24/06/2014 14:26

Expenses and tax
Hello Recently my Father in Law died and my Mother in Law had to come and live with us as

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23/06/2014 11:01

unpaid bill
Hallo My tenants left a few days ago - they have not paid their gas bill - am I allowed

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23/06/2014 10:39

Possession Claim
I need some advice from more experienced members please. Thank you for replying in advance. I h

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22/06/2014 11:26

Potential tenant references
Be grateful for any advice. I m letting a room in a 2 bed flat on a room only AST. The man has an e

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Walter White
22/06/2014 09:20

Tenant Payslips
We had a couple complete tenant application forms and gave us their original payslips and bank state

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20/06/2014 19:46

Boundary wall
The Landlord who owns the property next to the one I rent out says that the wall that separates our

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18/06/2014 10:21

Career Move Advice for Landlord
Hi, I am purchasing my first investment property soon and thinking of a career change. I have degree

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16/06/2014 09:18


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13/06/2014 17:47

tenancy check out without tenant
I suspect my non-paying tenant will not turn up at the end tenancy check out. He has been served sec

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13/06/2014 11:40

I have an applicant from Romania who has been in the uk for over a year. He says he does not need a

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12/06/2014 08:56

Tenant' s card meter has debt on it which landlord has to pay.
A problem tenant has now left. She had the gas meter changed to a card operated one without my knowl

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09/06/2014 10:37

Request for keys for tenant's partner
My tenant is a single Belgian lady who is a lecturer at the local university in the second year of a

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Landlord Advice Team
08/06/2014 10:49

The designation for Fire Safety purposes of common stairs etc in a house divided into 6 flat leases.
Concerning Fire Safety I am the freeholder of a house divided into 6 leasehold flats of which I

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04/06/2014 19:59

End of 3 Years Lease Contract with a Council
I need advice & process to follow in other to renew the lease of my property leased to a council. Th

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04/06/2014 18:18

Disappeared tenant
My housing benefit has disappeared suddenly since last fortnight. Housing benefit which is being pai

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Landlord Advice Team
04/06/2014 08:45
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