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Council Tax Liability
If a new tenant takes on a Tenancy Agreement on a particular date and pays rent from that date. - B

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07/09/2015 11:37

Advice please
Hi, We have new tenants moving in Saturday 5th September. They have paid a 100.00 pet bond. D

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04/09/2015 21:22

Deposit papers and Renewing tenancy
My lovely tenants have been with me on a 6 month AST We are signing another AST now for a

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04/09/2015 16:41

Broken tap
Tenant snapped the kitchen tap lever handle, LL arguing tenant should replace, tenant saying landlor

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Landlord Advice Team
04/09/2015 12:19

House Shares and Communal areas
How do I account for the protection of the communal areas in a house share situation? Obviously depo

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RLA Member_308
04/09/2015 10:47

When signing a new fixed joint AST is it better to ask each tenant to be responsible for 1 bill, or

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Hythe man
02/09/2015 11:26

Carbon monxide detectors and smoke alarms
Is there new legislation governing these devices in rental properties, are they now compulsory, and

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01/09/2015 13:09

Legionnaire's requirements in leasholder, ex-local authority block properties
Hello all Wondering to what extent Legionnaire's testing is needed in an ex-local aut

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29/08/2015 15:02

New Legionella Legislation
Any suggestions for a suitable clause to add to the tenancy agreement in respect of the new requirem

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29/08/2015 14:58

Electrical Certificate/Report
What is the requirement for electrical safety that should be done in a property every 5 years? Is th

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Landlord Advice Team
28/08/2015 15:52

Utilities bills up to date
Hi, When the current joint tenancy come the an end , where only one named tenant remained

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27/08/2015 18:18

Ending a tenacy
I would appreciate guidance: My tenant would like to buy the house she rents from me. I use a

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Landlord Advice Team
27/08/2015 16:15

Ending one tenancy and sign a new one
Hi, Is it possible to end a current tenancy by mutual agreement and then sign a new tenan

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Landlord Advice Team
27/08/2015 07:57

Inheriting Tenancy agreement from previous owner
I have just bought a property with sitting tenants and was advised by my solicitor that the tenancy

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26/08/2015 18:34

Qualifications for an inventory Clark
Hi what qualifications should an inventory Clark hold? Over the years I have used a number of diff

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26/08/2015 12:30

What is a SOLID FUEL burning combustion appliance?
What is a SOLID FUEL burning combustion appliance? Carbon monoxide alarms are only requir

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26/08/2015 12:03

Legal Effect Of tenant's Notice to end tenancy
I have a tenant who gave proper notice to end a statutory periodic tenancy. I have new tenants for t

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26/08/2015 09:49

change of payment arrangemant
Hi My tenants first rented my property over 2 years ago paying 6 months in advance. They both w

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Member from littlehampton
25/08/2015 11:21

Tennants of one bedroom apartment asking if another family member can live there with them
My tennants are asking if a family member is ok to live with them in the one bedroom apartment they

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24/08/2015 21:04

Tenants want to change the key meter and wants to have smart meters installed
I have a key system for the electricity (which the tenants take to the local shop and have it charge

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24/08/2015 17:40

Insurance for flat
Hi I have recently bought a flat (share of freehold) and am unsure what insurance I need. I hav

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Landlord Advice Team
24/08/2015 13:09

Tenant/Neighbour problem
My son and his wife are the owners of a terraced property and the Tenants next door are constantly c

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23/08/2015 08:59

Shenstone Properties - CCJ. Advice on setting aside requested
Hi Shenstone Properties have a CCJ against me for Ground Rent which I paid as soon as I w

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Landlord Advice Team
22/08/2015 08:08

Does a Mobile Home require an EPC Certificate?
Does a Mobile Home need an EPC certificate? A friend of mine who lets one assures me that it does n

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Landlord Advice Team
21/08/2015 14:58

If my tenant changes their name - do I have to complete a new tenancy agreement
I have a tenant who is now on a periodic tenancy. she has got married and therefore changed her name

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21/08/2015 14:54

Illegal Immigrants
Dear Sirs I understand that the Government has recently introduced legislation which requ

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Landlord Advice Team
21/08/2015 14:31

We have been advertising for new tenants of Gumtree, but have not had much success and would like to

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21/08/2015 10:44

Water Checks and Asbestos checks
Hi I have a two bedroom bungalow which I want to let out, but have been advised that it will ne

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19/08/2015 16:16

Hi I have a property in france, I am a uk resident ,i am looking to rent the property on a shot term

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18/08/2015 10:14

Tenant having problems with neighbours and noise
One of my tenants has been in touch about noise problems from the neighbouring semi detached house s

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17/08/2015 13:54

What to do when tenents visa is expiring
I have an American tenant on a student visa which will expire on 1 November? She says she is

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Landlord Advice Team
15/08/2015 13:40

Under-leasing fees
I paid a 'sub let' fee to the management company of one of my properties a year ago as per t

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Landlord Advice Team
14/08/2015 08:52

Agent wants to do Legonella assessment for over £80,00
Hello, We are told it is now a "compulsory" requirement by one of our Welsh agents. The other f

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Member 1
13/08/2015 19:27

Keeping pets in communal area
Hello, I have recently had a new tenant move into my property (1 of 4 flats in converted

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12/08/2015 11:22

Credit checking & signing contract with prospective tenants in Republic of Ireland
Hi, I have prospective tenants lined up who are presently in the Republic of Ireland. Ca

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Hythe man
12/08/2015 09:11

Lease extension on stand alone garage
I'm trying to find information on extending the lease on a garage or buying the freehold. It'

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Kate J
11/08/2015 12:35

Lease Extension
Dear Dave We are considering a Buy to Let with 85 years only remaining on the lease - no

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Kate J
11/08/2015 12:31

Tenants possession damaged by water leak
Hello, In the previous spate of wet weather we have a tenant who's laptop got damaged

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Landlord Advice Team
10/08/2015 10:55

How to claim for compensation against Council
Hello, we applied for Prior approval to turn office into dwelling house under the Prior A

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04/08/2015 18:42

Energy efficiency requirements for 'difficult' properties
Are there any usable exemptions from the upcoming energy efficiency requirements for difficult to in

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04/08/2015 16:40

Property Enfield Licensing in London
Last year I was having a nightmare about property licensing, this year good news. Enfield

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03/08/2015 20:01
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