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Witnessing of tenancy agreement
I have downloaded the RLA tenancy agreement and notice that it does not include signature boxes and

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Landlord Advice Team
14/04/2015 20:09

Permission to let fees from management comapanies
We have some landlords who own leasehold apartments in a freehold block. For the first time sin

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Landlord Advice Team
14/04/2015 19:54

Tenant left without forwarding address and owes 3 months rent
Hi I am new to this group. My tenants left in the middle of the night and left no forwardi

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12/04/2015 10:21

Rent Money
This is coming from my friend landlord not me. He took 2 months rent money at the start of the tena

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08/04/2015 14:43

Buying property with tenants in situ
Hi, I'm buying a flat with tenants already in situ with an AST with 5 months remaining. They hav

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03/04/2015 18:16

Referencing Potential Tenants
Hi, I'm a new landlord, currently filling up HMO with working tenants. I couldn'

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03/04/2015 13:08

deposit protection cost
my tenant left assured shorthold tenancy agreement 6 months into 2 year agreement. Can I charge her

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Landlord Advice Team
01/04/2015 08:21

Water Meter
Hi, We have a tenant who has recently moved into a property and has requested a water met

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Landlord Advice Team
30/03/2015 12:01

Flood at flat do we have to pay for temporary accommodation at flat
On Monday the toilet in the flat that we rent out overflowed and filled the flat with human waste.

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Timothy Day
29/03/2015 09:59

tenant has left before assured shorthold tenancy is up.She still has to pay the council tax, gas & e

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Ray D
27/03/2015 20:18

Landlord licensing in Liverpool
ARe you aware of the landlord licensing in Liverpool are you members of the Landlord licensing accre

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Landlord Advice Team
26/03/2015 08:32

section 42 notice
Can anyone explain what a section 42 notice is? (re: leasehold property)

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23/03/2015 11:48

deceased tenant
Hi. Our tenant passed away on 12th March 2015. The family haven't informed us, Wigan Council has

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Landlord Advice Team
22/03/2015 14:55

Repocession process
Hi, Please advise... a landlord has 2 years ago let a flat to a company on a company let agreem

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Landlord Advice Team
20/03/2015 14:05

Tenancy agreement
Is there anyway i can amend the Rla tenancy agreement. I would like to add a clause about the tenant

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20/03/2015 07:56

company let repocession procecss
Further information has been discovered. Tenant on the common law agreement is a company that is dis

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19/03/2015 19:37

Permitted occupiers
Do you have to have numbers of permitted occupiers on a tenancy agreement or can i just put a line t

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19/03/2015 19:27

End of mortgage term
Please could you let me know if anyone has an idea what would happen in this situation ?

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RLA Mortgages/3mc
18/03/2015 20:32

neighbour complaint
Hi, I have received an email from the neighbour below a flat I have a tenant in complaining abo

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18/03/2015 20:06

Building Management Company takes commissions
We consider it is very wrong the leasehold management company took commissions from the supplie

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Hythe man
16/03/2015 08:20

Equality Act
The question I have is with the Equality Act Section 36, do you have to make alterations to communal

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Landlord Advice Team
13/03/2015 11:29

Equality Act
The question I have is with the Equality Act Section 36, do you have to make alterations to communal

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13/03/2015 10:54

Post Tenant Disputes
Hi there Can anyone please tell me once a tenant leaves your property; How long do they h

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09/03/2015 13:58

"Right to Rent"
Hi I have a tenant who has been in my flat since 1991. No problems. As far as I know she is whi

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06/03/2015 08:50

Rent protection insurance
Hi I am a new landlord . My letti no agent has offered me a rent protection insurance. I wondered w

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05/03/2015 22:02

A very strange case!
A tenant of ours for over 3 years who has not missed a payment seems to have vanished! We have

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05/03/2015 21:15

Legionnaires Risk Assesment - People susceptible...
Hi I am in the process of implementing procedures to ensure that we are compliant in respect of

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Landlord Advice Team
04/03/2015 09:28

Noise problems
Our tenants are complaining the bar next door is playing loud music into early hours. They have a li

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Landlord Advice Team
03/03/2015 16:17

Waltham Forest Private Rented Licensing
As from 1.4.15 Waltham Forest is enforcing a licensing system for all properties that are rented out

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02/03/2015 13:06

Stolen Water
Not had this in 27 years of being a Landlord! So I just checked one of my apartments and

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01/03/2015 17:33

Taxable Income
Hi All I have rented out a property for the last four years and pay my Tax on income as necessa

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28/02/2015 22:20

Tenant running business from residential property - any issues I should be aware of?
We've had the same tenant for 7 years - a few years ago she told me she was training to be a chi

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Brighton Breezy
27/02/2015 14:53

Can a tenant be evicted when they are in longterm hospital/rehab?
I have a tenant whose rent is paid by Local Authority, it is slightly underpaid. The tenant has an a

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25/02/2015 12:47

Landlord license for Liverpool flat
I have a 2 bedroom flat in a block of 8 flats in Liverpool area. I understand that I will have to a

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24/02/2015 18:08

Tennant insurance
can you please tell me the best insurance policy to get if your tenant has an accident or anything w

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23/02/2015 15:30

Fire Doors in HMO
Hi, I wondered if it is true that if I put smoke alarms in each bedroom of a HMO that I d

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Landlord Advice Team
23/02/2015 09:19

Council tax
Sticky problem: let a 2 bedroom house to two tenants, each with seperate rooms but shared facilities

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20/02/2015 16:20

Utility payments
Hi I usually ask my tenants to show me evidence that all utilities are paid up to date, on a tw

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19/02/2015 19:22

I control the heating as it serves 2 flats and my tenant in one flat isn't warm unless it's

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18/02/2015 16:27

Joint tenancy
I have a joint tenany that has become periodic. The couple have broken up she has left but he is sti

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15/02/2015 21:39

Problem with vermin in neighbouring property
I am wanting some advice regarding a problem with rats. My tenant reported rats to me 6 days ag

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14/02/2015 16:49
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