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Ants and other Irritations
Ants prove to be especially troublesome during Summer months. However this po

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23/05/2014 12:16

Permitted Occupier
Hi Guys, Just setting up a new tenancy agreement. Does the permitted occupier named on th

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23/05/2014 09:43

Carpet Moths
Hi My tenant has been in my property for 2 and a half years. She has today reported she has carpet m

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22/05/2014 14:45

Rental increase and updating of Tenancy Agreement
If we decide to increase the monthly rental in future (tenant currently on a Periodic Tenancy), do w

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22/05/2014 10:20

common garden wall issue
hola, we currently live in Spain part of the time. We have damage to the boundary wall/fence on each

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21/05/2014 15:55

Student loan payments
If accepting a tenant who will pay their rent in two instalments, one six month payment at the start

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20/05/2014 14:18

To all the people posting on here. On behalf of all of us who have names and wish to chat

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20/05/2014 09:32

Redress scheme
I manage 2 of my own properties, 1 for my partner and have been asked by a friend to manage his the

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Landlord Advice Team
19/05/2014 09:45

Please can you give me some advice. My neighbours conifers have grown in access of 14 feet tall and

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18/05/2014 17:21

Legal requirements for Landlords
I rent out a single flat, in a purpose built block and I want to ensure I am complying with all lega

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17/05/2014 08:40

Marketing rented house for sale and carrying out works
We had a good relationship with our tenant however a few months ago we approached the tenant to ask

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16/05/2014 20:39

Section 20 template
Has anyone got a template for a section 20, I have just moved offices and managed to lose my hard co

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Hythe man
14/05/2014 11:43

Liability for Council Tax
We have a rental property in Nottingham which has been uninhabitable since flood damage last August.

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12/05/2014 22:04

Council tax
Hi, Our tenants gave a months notice to leave on 17th February 2014.On this date they handed th

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12/05/2014 15:39

Do I have to get an EPA assesment?
Hi My existing tenants are moving out. An EPA was not required when they moved in some years ag

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11/05/2014 13:17

Damp claim
Hi - dont know if you advise on this kind of thing but if you do .... The neighbour next to my

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10/05/2014 16:45

Tenant's belongings
My tenant had not paid rent and appeared not to be living in the flat for some months before obtaini

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Landlord Advice Team
10/05/2014 07:04

Ending AST early
Hi I have a tenant with a 1 year AST with no break clause. The tenant wants to end the tenancy

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08/05/2014 16:26

furniture left by tenant
I had to evict a tenant in March. He has left some broken furniture and a mattress. the property i

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08/05/2014 08:28

buying a property _ Exsisting tenants would like to stay!
Hi I am buying a property where the tenant was given notice however they would like to be consi

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07/05/2014 19:53

Rent controls proposed by Labour
It's a bit worrying that Labour is proposing to put controls on how much rent can be increased b

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05/05/2014 15:31

Tenant wants extension for 3days
I have two friends sharing my property. For reasons I will discuss here till only after they move ou

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05/05/2014 14:38

Selling your rented property
I am looking to sell my renting house to my daughter for her to buy and live in do you know if there

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03/05/2014 08:11

mortgage broker not doing their job
Two months ago we instructed a mortgage broker to arrange a mortgage. After two months and lots of

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RLA Mortgages/3mc
03/05/2014 07:03

Periodic Tenant
Hi, I am thinking not to renew my tenant agreement and want it to roll over monthly to monthly perio

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02/05/2014 10:03

Extending Tenancy
My tenant moved in on 02/03/14 on a 6 month fixed term AST. She would now like to extend the tenanc

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Landlord Advice Team
01/05/2014 08:39

Planning Permission & legal requirements
A landlord has converted his loft into a studio flat with kitchen area and shower room. Can you adv

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01/05/2014 08:23

Rent increase on a statutory periodic tenancy
Hi there can you increase rent on this contract, our current tenants have told us they now wish to s

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30/04/2014 19:41

Renting through a housing association.
I have a property which has recently come empty. I am thinking of looking at renting it t

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30/04/2014 14:27

Tenant will not pay rent increase & says will move out, but has not after 5 months!
Hey Guys, I hope you are all well. I wanted some advice. I have a tenant that has be

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29/04/2014 17:04

A question about EPC
I am making an enquiry for a relative. She entered into a rental agreement in February 2012 but the

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28/04/2014 21:54

Rent increases
Hi all, Does anyone have experience of increasing the rent at the end of the fixed term of a te

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Jane Lo
26/04/2014 16:17

We refer to our previous enquiry when you advised that it was the landlord's responsibility to r

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25/04/2014 15:14

Tenancy Agreement
My tenant Tenancy Agreement was fron 02/12/2013 to 02/06/2014 six months contract. My que

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25/04/2014 12:16

My AST tenant has sub let the property no rent has been paid and l now want them out.

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Landlord Advice Team
24/04/2014 08:01

Boiler Insurance for HMOs
Hello, I was wondering if anyone may be able to recommend someone who may offer boiler in

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22/04/2014 16:56

Tenant refusing to leave
i have a lovely Tenant who is being advised by a Homeless Charity not to move until she has a new pr

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Landlord Advice Team
15/04/2014 07:04

Cockroach infestation
My current tenants originate from Pakistan. They have rented the property (a first floor flat in a

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14/04/2014 15:04

Possession Order
I have been granted an order of possession. If the tenant does not vacate on the date he has bee giv

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14/04/2014 14:40

Tenant "Improvements"
We have just done our first inspection to a property that was let by an agent. The tenants have dec

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Member 1
13/04/2014 16:40

Tenant "Improvements"
We have just done our first inspection to a property that was let by an agent. The tenants have dec

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Landlord Advice Team
13/04/2014 11:39
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