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My In-Laws have a property in London - a three bedroom house that they rent out to three individuals

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17/11/2013 09:09

Tenants Leaving
Hi, My tenants moved into the property just about 6 months ago, and are not comfortable w

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Landlord Advice Team
16/11/2013 10:06

Responsibility of DPC in a Leasehold Property
If there is a breakdown of the DPC at Wall & Floor Levels in an area of a Semi-Basement Flat, which

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Landlord Advice Team
14/11/2013 12:01

Furniture "moved out"
My tenant has moved out the furniture provided - stating "its in a friends apartment as it wasn'

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10/11/2013 10:44

TAX Allowance
Have just has a letter from my Accountant that there will be no Tax relief in the future for Carpet

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08/11/2013 13:30

Housing benefit and invalid insurance
My ex-tenant used to work, and then claimed Housing benefit. She did not tell me this until a few w

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08/11/2013 12:32

Break Clause or Not a Break Clause
I am a LL and also currently a tenant. I am leasing a property on an AST for a 12 month term for whi

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08/11/2013 12:16

Deed of Guarantee form
I cannot seem to fill in the deed of guarantee form online, do I have to print and fill in manually

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new landlord_718
07/11/2013 21:42

Letting fees
Can either a landlord or agent give me an idea of the fees they charge there tenants, what happens i

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07/11/2013 21:31

Accounting method
Hi, Just about to become a landlord and am sorting myself out re: accounting. I have read somew

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07/11/2013 21:20

Damage to the property after a deposit has been returned
3 weeks after the tenants left the property we noticed a repair to a laminate floor that is clear on

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03/11/2013 10:47

plumbing and emergencies
British gas covers water supply pipe, internal plumbing and drainage, extternal plumbing and drainag

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28/10/2013 23:24

Can the RLA direct me to a site where I can get advice on shop leases please?

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28/10/2013 12:33

I have just purchased a btl property and the neighbour has parked 2 vehicles in the front garden of

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28/10/2013 11:43

I own a terraced flat in Tooting with a small narrow garden adjacent to the garden next door. The d

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28/10/2013 11:40

Witness - Minimum Age?
How old does a witness have to be for say Tenancy Agreement and Certificate of Notice Service. I wou

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Landlord Advice Team
25/10/2013 18:31

can anybody recommend a tried and trusted solicitor to deal with eviction. Preferably in the London

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25/10/2013 12:19

One of our landlords has sold his property to a new landlord. Am I right in saying the on

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24/10/2013 23:35

6 months rent in advance
Sorry but I am a little out of touch as of late. Can you advise me as to the outcome of the 6

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24/10/2013 23:23

I am considering RLA insurance for a rental property. has any one had any experience of making a cl

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23/10/2013 14:11

Landlord accreditation
I live in Sheffield South Yorkshire and would really like to complete a landlord accreditation cours

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22/10/2013 13:32

tenancy agreements
Now, after what i have gone through, in my opinion, the best way to set an agreement is for one year

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22/10/2013 12:34

fire extinguisher
In a privately let self contained flat do we by law need to provide a fire extinguisher and fire bla

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Landlord Advice Team
22/10/2013 08:32

Request for move out date be interpreted as harrassment?
Hi! I have served S21 notice, and followed this up with a reminder memo that I had served

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21/10/2013 15:20

Credit checks
I have had a credit check done recently on a new tenant. I was done so fast that I suspect any quest

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21/10/2013 13:59

Utility bill
The tenants moved out (thankfully!), even though they did not tell me. They left a gas bill which I

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21/10/2013 10:45

Tenant and her grandmother also
Hi, has anyone had an old pension in late 70's tenant and grand daughter tenant? My question is,

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20/10/2013 21:51

Bathroom refurb
Hi there can you tell me what the situation would be if we need to refurb our bathroom whilst our te

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20/10/2013 17:43

Tax returns
Can I offset my repair bills against my rental income for my property rentals. I have ren

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20/10/2013 17:18

multiple occupancy deposits
hi, if i am renting a house on a room by room basis, how do I legally stand where deposits are conce

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18/10/2013 09:58

abandonment of property
Hello, A solicitor has advised that if you suspect your tenant has gone and if you are st

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18/10/2013 09:44

items left behind
I am jumping the gun but my tenant has swent an e mail saying he has no where to go, if he goes to r

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18/10/2013 09:32

Tenant requesting new contact
My tenant has just phoned me requesting that his name be taken off the existing assured short hold t

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17/10/2013 16:15

Agent let to one person but two people moved in
We use an agent to find tenants, which includes referencing and setting up the contract, inventory e

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17/10/2013 11:42

time limit
Is there a time limit by when we have to get bailiffs after a judgement for possession?. In my case

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17/10/2013 11:15

I had an incident last week when the police obtained a warrant to go into a tenanted property.

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15/10/2013 10:58

Benefit payment query
I currently get direct rent payments from the local council for one of my tenants who is claiming ho

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14/10/2013 13:04

Hi, My new tenant want to move in my property on the 17/10/2013, I said no I want them to move in on

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13/10/2013 19:11

How do we get a bailiff if the tenant does not go by the ordered date. Can we phone the county cour

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13/10/2013 13:02

how could I check if my tenant is subletting

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13/10/2013 11:53

Invoices not received
Hi, we have a freehold property on a new development in Manchester there is a management company whi

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13/10/2013 11:46
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