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Deposit Guard AST form
I am trying to fill out the above form that we have downloaded but we cannot save information on it

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Landlord Advice Team
12/11/2014 15:32

The shower in a property was unusable for 12 days while being repaired. The property has a separate

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Trans Am
11/11/2014 20:43

just wanted to know if landlords are required by law to check on the immigration status of the tenan

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Landlord Advice Team
11/11/2014 17:44

Council Tax Liability
A tenant vacated my property in June, this year but he apparently told the local authority that he h

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Ray D
11/11/2014 11:40

Mortgage application query
Hi I have purchased a property without a mortgage, I have had a valuation on it and the surveyo

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Member 1
10/11/2014 16:18

Has anyone had problems sourcing a mortgage for property in a selective licence area or remortging a

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07/11/2014 17:50

Agent Redress Schemes
I am a private landlord and don't go through an agency to rent out properties out. Am I correct

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06/11/2014 10:59

Acting on behalf of the freeholder aka landlord
Hi folks I've just bought my first BTL apartment in Manchester. Essentiall

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05/11/2014 16:06

ground rent and leasehold scam - BEWARE DONT LOSE YOUR HOME - WE NEARLY DID
HI ALL joust wanted to alert people to this. we have a large portfolio of over 100 propert

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04/11/2014 16:17

rent increases
Hello. I have had tenants in one of my properties for 2 years this November. They used to be o

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Landlord Advice Team
04/11/2014 05:44

Selective Licensing Thanet
Good afternoon, I have properties within the Thanet District Council selective license ar

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02/11/2014 11:59

Tenants forwarding letters
Hi, I have 14 properties and almost 70 tenants (all properties are HMO's). I want to

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31/10/2014 12:54

Advertising Properties
When advertising a property that is currently being renovated, are we able to use photographs of a p

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Landlord Advice Team
29/10/2014 12:47

tenant wants a dog!
Dear RLA I have just had a request from my tenant to have a young dog! They already have an eno

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28/10/2014 11:06

tenancy type agreement for short lets varying from 3 weeks to 3months
What type of tenancy agreement do I give to theatre workers who are renting a room on short contract

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Landlord Advice Team
26/10/2014 08:41

Buying a property with a sitting tenant
I'm thinking of buying a property that has a sitting tenant - he's on an AST with a few mont

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24/10/2014 13:22

Has anyone dealt with SERCO? They take for Ass seekers & sub let?

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23/10/2014 14:39

Change of name on tenancy.
I have a tenant that came to live in Britain just 9 months ago and has been with me for those 9 mont

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22/10/2014 18:02

Business Advice
I need some sound business advice to help me decide what the next step is with my property portfolio

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Purple Bunny
22/10/2014 10:47

Neighbour dispute advice
Over the weekend, we received this most recent e-mail from the neighbour of one of our flats! Your c

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Landlord Advice Team
22/10/2014 08:02

Have you registered with the ICO?
I read something yesterday which said that all Landlords that do no use letting agents (like me) sho

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19/10/2014 11:27

tenant complaint about removal of power shower
Last week we had our boiler replaced as it failed its annual test (very old). We have replaced it wi

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Jane Lo
17/10/2014 08:32

Lease extension
I am in the process of renewing or extending a lease on one of my flats. I have previously complete

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Landlord Advice Team
16/10/2014 14:34

Landlordís bid to halt new licensing scheme suffers court setback
Hi Guys, check this out, they might be a chance for Enfield Landlords, if we win. Mr Regas will proc

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10/10/2014 15:33

buy to let
hi,just wanted to get your views on buying an apartment over a pub,is it a good investment or not ?.

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08/10/2014 17:38

Do i need landlord insurance or contents insurance, or both?
Hi, I've recently bought a flat which I intend to let. The lease in the flat include

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08/10/2014 14:57

Sale of property with sitting tenant
I wish to sell one of my properties (modern two bedroom apartment) with a sitting tenant. Can

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07/10/2014 23:16

I have a prospective tenant who has a UK passport but it is out of date. Do I need to do any furth

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07/10/2014 18:37

deceased tenant
I have a tenant who has recently passed away. He has no family but his friends are dealing with the

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Landlord Advice Team
07/10/2014 15:08

What rights do I have for cleaning?
I have an AST agreement for a studio flat which has just finished and is on a rolling contract now.

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Landlord Advice Team
07/10/2014 06:37

Holiday let to assured shorthold winter residential let
I have a landlord who has let his flats throughout the summer as holiday lets they are fully furnish

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06/10/2014 12:52

Tenancy/Rental Arrears
Hi we've had a tenant leave a property which was at the time unknown to ourselves. She apparent

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06/10/2014 11:04

Small HMO permitted development rights
Dear Sirs I have been an RLA member for years and now I am need of some legal advise.

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06/10/2014 10:50

Wales Housing Bill
The incoming Welsh Housing Act causes me a "geographical" question: Does this apply to la

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02/10/2014 15:22

Property redress Scheme
As an employee of a professional couple we let out approx 15 properties owned by themselves. Do we

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Landlord Advice Team
30/09/2014 12:27

Who is responsible
Who is responsible to fix the front door, the top hinge has come undone and a screw has come out, th

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29/09/2014 11:48

Long Term Tenant
A close relative has a property that he 'let' out approximately 26 years ago. No formal agre

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26/09/2014 17:18

Council Tax demand
I bought a property in 2010 which had been standing empty I later recieved a council tax bill f

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24/09/2014 13:10

Lettings Management Agreement
Am I correct to understand that landlords are not necessarily the owners of the property? If th

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Purple Bunny
22/09/2014 12:21

Property Redress Scheme
I have a portfolio of 10 residential properties - 8 are managed by Letting Agents. The other two -

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22/09/2014 11:04

As a landlord and someone who works full time in the chemical industry I am only too aware how serio

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Landlord Advice Team
19/09/2014 15:53
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