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Safety Obligations
Hi I'm looking for some advice for a friend. She has recently moved into a private r

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James B
20/10/2015 20:06

'How to Rent' Government Guide Issue Requirements - Periodic Tenancies
Hi, I have just read the RLA 'Checklist for Renting' on the RLA website and come across

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Ray D
20/10/2015 14:57

Husband and wife applicants for 12 month AST in my flat; he is British but she Filipino. He is self

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20/10/2015 00:31

B&Q tradepoint?
This may sound a stupid question, but just noticed my Tradepoint receipt from B&Q and instead of my

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19/10/2015 21:48

Time tenant should have left the property
Hi we have a tenancy expiring on 31st October and have requested the tenant have left the property b

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14/10/2015 22:20

Quiet Enjoyment
Under what circumstances can a landlord access a property on a weekly basis without 24 hours’ notice

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14/10/2015 15:39

Can I get rid of only one person in the house because the others are objecting to him?
I have a tenant who suffers from cystic fibrosis, which necessitates clearing his lungs with lots of

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HMO/Multi-let Landlord & Property Investor
14/10/2015 14:17

Section 33 Deregulation Act 2015
Please Advice if the above section is applicable to tenancies which commenced prior to 01/10/2015.

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NRLA Advice Line
13/10/2015 13:38

Adaptation of property
I have a tenant who wants to make some changes to the property to assist their disabled child. This

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Jane Lo
12/10/2015 21:11

ass. shorthold tenency
can one name be removed from the lease without issuing a new lease, if so how ? Tenants have se

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12/10/2015 10:42

Reporting Repairs
I have British Gas HomeCare 400 on all my properties because I live so far away from most of them al

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09/10/2015 21:22

TV licences
Hi, I'm a resident landlord with two tenants on Excluded Tenancy agreements. One has

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08/10/2015 17:58

Advice for planning to sell Mar2016- tenancy renewal due Dec2015
I am looking for advice on renewing a tenancy contract from 1st December 2015 but with a view to sel

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08/10/2015 15:00

Hi I rented to a couple - week into tenancy partner leaves- she has from day one complained abt one

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06/10/2015 23:59

Am I liable for council tax?
Hi My tenant has left and told the council she left on the 4th of the month. However, although

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06/10/2015 20:11

Why can I not access the tenancy agreements in the Docs section. I need to produce an AST

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06/10/2015 15:57

Rehab And Housing Benefit
Hello Was wondering how long housing benefit would be paid if some one was going in to rehab. H

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Mark Gregory
06/10/2015 12:48

Renting/selling my mothers house before probate agreed
Hi My mum sadly passed away recently. My sister and I, who had lasting power o

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06/10/2015 11:27

smoke detectors
Just wanting some clarification please on how many smoke alarms are needed for small houses? ie what

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04/10/2015 15:45

Additional tenant
We have just purchased a property which had an existing tenant. The tenant has said she now wants he

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04/10/2015 03:47

Landlord insurance enquiry
Hi there, I am in the process of acquiring 2 ex-council flats which I will be renting out

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NRLA Advice Line
29/09/2015 10:50

Council Tax
Dear RLA I had a tenant (on housing benefit) who moved next door into a property which was temp

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NRLA Advice Line
26/09/2015 09:33

Management Agent not releasing Managaement pack
Hi, I'm in the process of buying somewhere but the sale has grinder to a halt as the

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25/09/2015 13:43

Under age tenants
I would like to know if tenants under 18 can sign a tenancy agreement

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25/09/2015 08:33

Carbon Monoxide Detector
Hi With the new legislation coming in to effect, If I have a gas boiler in one room and in the kitch

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24/09/2015 21:27

Are (co) detectors required just for solid fuel as I have received a letter from my agent which stat

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23/09/2015 14:36

EPC requirement
Just wondering what the latest EPC requirements are? I have some peroidic tenancies that started in

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21/09/2015 13:16

October tenancy rule changes
Hello, I understand that as from October !st new tenancies will require the inclusion of the EPC, Ga

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19/09/2015 12:49

I.D. of tenants
How can I check that a N.I. number that is given to me by a tenant applying for my house is correct

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NRLA Advice Line
18/09/2015 14:13

Contents Insurance for property let to a company
Hello I would like to insure a BTL property. It is a 3 bedroom flat in a Victorian house conve

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17/09/2015 22:13

Rapid Secure Bill for £204 for putting padlock and aston staple on door
Recently a tenant was broken into while he's away and the police call a company called Rapid Sec

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16/09/2015 19:46

re: tenant wants to leave
my tenant has been on the phone to say she is being threatened by the neighbours and is too scared t

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15/09/2015 09:54

Rent increase
Hi! After almost a years tenancy (signed for 1 year) I decided that due to the fact I hav

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Hythe man
11/09/2015 08:49

If we are managing the property do we have to include the Landlord's address in the agreement or

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10/09/2015 11:31

Bad tenant
I have got a very dificult tenant. I just want to sell the property asp as a result. How can I go ab

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09/09/2015 13:53

Fire Risk Assessment and Electric Meter Boxes
I have a house divided into 4 flats (all done according to 1991 building regs) which has electricity

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08/09/2015 22:05

Changing the managing agents
Hi and I wonder if you can help with this dilemma. I am one of 28 leaseholders at a development in K

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07/09/2015 12:51

Coundil Tax
Dear RLA, I have recently fallen foul of the changes in council tax to empty unfurnished

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Hythe man
07/09/2015 12:29

Council Tax Liability
If a new tenant takes on a Tenancy Agreement on a particular date and pays rent from that date. - B

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07/09/2015 11:37

Advice please
Hi, We have new tenants moving in Saturday 5th September. They have paid a £100.00 pet bond. D

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04/09/2015 21:22

Deposit papers and Renewing tenancy
My lovely tenants have been with me on a 6 month AST We are signing another AST now for a

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04/09/2015 16:41
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