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local needs restrictions.
Rather than sell our wn house in the present market conditions we are looking to rent ours out.

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04/06/2013 12:11

would you be able to give any advice or assistance on extending a lease on a leasehold prperty? My

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03/06/2013 15:51

Noise Complaints (My Tenants Complaining)
I let a flat in converted Georgian house. The current tenants have been resident for four years with

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03/06/2013 11:39

my son, who is in america at the moment is relocating to nottingham because of his job.Before leavin

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03/06/2013 10:42

property owners liability
we are about to purchase a long leasehold i bedroom flat in a block of 2 purpose built. the ground f

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02/06/2013 15:51

Contents insurance on exchange or on completion?
Iím about to exchange contracts on 2 buy-to-let properties next week to add to the property I alread

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02/06/2013 15:26

small claims court
Hi There Last year my tenants caused a lot of damage to my property and I deducted 50% of t

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31/05/2013 12:41

Noise complaints
Could anyone advise me on what I should do with a tenant that is consistantly having friends round o

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30/05/2013 14:30

For How long can you chase tenant for money owed?
Good afternoon Just a quick question about small claims court 1. For how many years

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30/05/2013 14:27

Visiting parents
I have 2 chinese tenants of longstanding in a 3 bedroomed flat. They have just e mailed me to reques

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Landlord Advice Team
30/05/2013 12:55

Witness signature box on RLA AST not there?
Just using your AST agreement - but notice there is now NO signature/address/occupation box for a wi

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30/05/2013 12:55

Average rental increase in Surrey 2012/13
What is a reasonable percentage rise 2012/13?

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30/05/2013 11:01

Utility Meters - Which is safer, pre-pay or account?
Our current gas meter is faulty and being replaced. It is currently a pre-pay meter, but we think an

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29/05/2013 13:42

Green Deal and Landlord Attendance at Assessment
I am interested in putting my portfolio through the Green Deal System. Unfortunately my portfolio ra

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29/05/2013 09:34

Business Rates
I wonder whether you are able to advise if Small Business Rates Relief is applicable for the remain

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Landlord Advice Team
29/05/2013 08:20

tenancy agreement
i'm a new landlord and i'd like a little advice. i've recently signed a rla assured shor

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Landlord Advice Team
28/05/2013 14:45

Utility Meters - Which is safer, pre-pay or account?
Our current gas meter is faulty and being replaced. It is currently a pre-pay meter, but we think an

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28/05/2013 12:35

Good Morning
WE have a large number of properties rented as shared houses, we have been sent a county court judge

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Landlord Advice Team
28/05/2013 11:56

Advice regarding tenant who has complained to enviroment health
My current tenant is on a periodic tenancy as the ast fixed term has expired last year. For the last

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Landlord Advice Team
28/05/2013 08:26

contents insurance for resident landlord
My daughter completes purchase of a 4 bed flat next week. We are having real problems trying to get

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27/05/2013 12:49

Questions about excluded tenancy
Hi, I'm a new resident landlord and I've got few questions. Me and my wife have got 3 bedroo

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27/05/2013 12:36

Two tenants having a domestic
Hi, I have a property with two tenants, for the purposes of this email, I'll call the

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Ed Syrett
27/05/2013 11:34

dispute with tenant
Hi I have an issue with a tenant of mine. He was a real nightmare. I finally managed to

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27/05/2013 01:43

Housing Benefits
I have a 2 bed property with 2 tenants both on AST 6 months Both tenants are in receipt of bene

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26/05/2013 14:48

damage repsairs
Tenant has reported upper floor living room window broken in early hours of morning with a bottle be

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Landlord Advice Team
25/05/2013 08:33

problem with property manager software
I joined yesterday and wanted to download the software, it says its a trial version and there is an

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23/05/2013 13:57

Transfer to spouse
Are you able to advise on the whether I can transfer ownership of a mortgaged property to my spouse

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23/05/2013 11:47

AST Forms
I have downloaded the AST, filled in the details and saved it. How do I get rid of the paragraph let

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22/05/2013 19:22

Leasehold fee for registering change of sub-tenant
I own a 2-bedroom flat under a 99-year leasehold agreement, recently extended to 150-yea

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22/05/2013 16:53

Buying a property with an existing 84 month ast.
I am interested in buying a flat with an existing tenant. The tenant has an ast from May 2012 until

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20/05/2013 17:02

Branding an RLA AST
Is it possible to add my own LOGO and footer to an RLA AST (Deposit Guard version)? Can this be

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RLA Member_308
19/05/2013 12:11

Landlords In Didsbury
My son and his girlfriend are looking to rent a flat in Didsbury, Manchester. They would prefer to r

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18/05/2013 12:45

We contacted the designated EPC company through the RLA site over 3 weeks ago, we have yet to receiv

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17/05/2013 19:20

How to evict an anti-social tenant quickly?
I have a shared student house with 4 tenants on a single tenancy agreement, consisting of 3 women an

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17/05/2013 13:36

landlord insurance and tax rebates
Hi there, can you recommend a building insurance company for landlords company and can you claim ba

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16/05/2013 20:38

Capital gains tax
If I possess more than 1 Buy-To-Let properties and I sell them off because I am emigrating a

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15/05/2013 14:00

Gas safety certs
Is it essential that tenants are provided with the 'Tenant' -headed copy of the gas safe

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14/05/2013 16:49

Tenants want an eviction notice
My tenants have been in the house 10 months, always paid rent on time. They now have 2 sets of twin

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Landlord Advice Team
14/05/2013 08:46

New wear and tear rules
Hi. I have just read that this year you cannot claim wear and tear on items in an unfurnished reside

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14/05/2013 08:08

Tenant giving notice
We have a tenancy that runs from the 23rd of the month to the 22nd. The original period has expired

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Landlord Advice Team
13/05/2013 14:16

Additional Tenant
I have a single tenant, who is precluded from subletting and wishes to move his girlfriend in with h

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13/05/2013 12:48
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