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Btl mortgage eligibility
Hi. Could you possibly point me in the right direction please? I'm looking for mortgage provider

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Bill McCullen
30/08/2013 23:05

Declaration of trust form
Do you have a declaration of trust form available or can you recommend where we can get one from.

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30/08/2013 13:23

Hi there, How can I change my password please? Thank you, Stewart

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30/08/2013 13:15

Existing tenant wants to move out and her daughter take over tenancy
Obviously I will need to do the usual credit checks and ensure the existing guarantor is happy to ac

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Landlord Advice Team
30/08/2013 12:06

CCJ's and bankruptcies
I am about to write my witness statement for a hearing on the 8th Oct after issuing a S21. I want t

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29/08/2013 14:12

Hi I bought a property with four flats, all the flats are similar and i collect 375 rent

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29/08/2013 13:08

Tenant credit check
Would a credit check shows that the tenant has been evicted from they last tenancy?

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29/08/2013 12:06

Incorrect Email Associate Address
Hi, I have tried to add my wife as an associate but incorrectly entered her email address. How can

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Landlord Advice Team
29/08/2013 09:41

Tenant who are on LHA, are they the one who are on full DSS and don't work part time?

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29/08/2013 08:30

Tenancy Agreement
Good Morning Our tenant of four years has just told us that his girlfriend who is joint t

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28/08/2013 09:20

Where do you think are the best places to advertise property to rent in London these days?

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27/08/2013 23:38

Post Vacant Possession
Hello, I have obtained vacant possession of my house via a S21 order. However, the tenant had a

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Landlord Advice Team
27/08/2013 15:44

Has anyone rent to students tenants? Are They more better then DSS tenants

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27/08/2013 12:53

musty smell
when I went to a tenanted flat a month ago I got a terrible terrible musty smell in the house. I kn

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26/08/2013 18:25

tenants 'guests'
We rent out a 2 bedroom flat to 2 persons who are friends. We have discovered that one girl ha

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Landlord Advice Team
26/08/2013 16:30

who has the final veto on a water meter
I have tenants who are wanting to fit a water meter to a property. I have told the tenants I do not

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25/08/2013 23:37

If have a tennant on a perioeic tenancy do they have to give me one months notice

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25/08/2013 13:08

Letting to family members
Hi There I have a BTL mortgage with the bank of Ireland. there is something in it that s

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23/08/2013 10:18

Disclosure Clauses in Tenancy Agreements
We would like to put a disclosure clause in our tenancy agreement to cover things like: *

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22/08/2013 20:40

Are a reputable firm
I am making enquiries about using the above firms' online rent collection service , instead of r

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22/08/2013 16:28

Has anyone got any advice about renting out a garage?
Hi, I am a new landlord and I have a garage to let out as well as a property. I am going

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22/08/2013 11:49

Tenant's dog constantly aggravating neighbours
I have just had a lengthy hour of conversation between 10-11 pm tonight with the neighbour of my ten

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20/08/2013 11:57

permitted occupier
I originally rented to a single tenant. Now he is married and his wife lives with him. The tenancy

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20/08/2013 09:33

Joint ownership on SA
My wife and I have joint ownership to three buy to let properties in our name. Can I just assigned

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Landlord Advice Team
19/08/2013 17:43

Rent in advance
If tenant pay rent in advance on 19/03/2012 of 1000.00 when they started they tenancy agreement. An

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19/08/2013 17:21

Gas safety certificate
My hearing date for possession is 8th October. If the judge gives the tenant 42 days or what ever,

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18/08/2013 21:52

tenants moving out
Hi There my Tenants are moving out of my property do you have a check list and guidance for ma

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18/08/2013 10:48

can it go to appeal court
I have just lodged the forms N5, N119 etc in court. Phew! what a palava. the tenant has been there

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Landlord Advice Team
15/08/2013 14:17

Green Deal
I have wasted quite a lot of time already trying to find some trustworthy efficient companies that w

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Osborne Properties
15/08/2013 12:24

Capital Gains Tax
In 2007 my wife and I bought a flat and gifted 25% ownership to my son and daughter. The flat has j

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14/08/2013 11:37

credit check
could you please tell me what information i require from a prospective tennant in order to carry out

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Landlord Advice Team
14/08/2013 11:24

Good quality and reasonably proced Inventory company (London SW11)
Hi Everyone, I have just been quoted 160+VAT for an inventory check in report (the firs

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Matthew Chester
13/08/2013 14:00

statement of truth
what are the form numbers to use for statement of truth after sending the form N5 and N119 to court.

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Landlord Advice Team
13/08/2013 10:54

Double Glazed Window Restrictors ? Third Floor Flat - Required?
Membership Number 89991 Surname Thomas Email address

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11/08/2013 17:29

signatures on forms N5 and N115
Dave can you please tell me whether only I can sign the forms N5 andN115 even though my husband'

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Landlord Advice Team
11/08/2013 11:53

do i have to go personally
Dave could you please tell me whether I can send a legal representative or do I too have to attend c

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10/08/2013 16:34

Tenants complaining of a smell
Hi, Our tenants have just moved in a month ago and have been complaining of a smell in the bedr

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Landlord Advice Team
10/08/2013 10:56

S21 court hearing
Hi friends, has any one gone to court with S21. If so what sort of questions do they ask and what s

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09/08/2013 23:00

Rent increase wording
Can anybody help with correct wording to add to a tenancy agreement by the rate of CPI or 3% whichev

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09/08/2013 11:50

court hearing
I have now lodged part 2 of the possession process through RLA. ie forms N5 and N119 and am awaitin

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08/08/2013 17:43

Is there such online agent who only deal with professionals with good reference and guarantor tenant

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08/08/2013 15:25
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