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My agent said the court will not accept an inventory done by me as its not independant even if its s

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18/07/2013 09:10

certificate of service
After serving tenant with prescribed information i have heard you need to file a certificate of serv

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18/07/2013 07:52

counil tax
I have told my local council that my tenant left without me knowing,and that as such I need to know

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17/07/2013 17:33

Hi, I had a property Surveyor carried out inspection to my property and he said that they were a lot

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15/07/2013 22:32

Tenant Dead
Hi Unfortunately my tenant has died, she was the only one named on the tenancy agreement

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Landlord Advice Team
15/07/2013 12:22

Re Excluded Tenancys
I have been told that an excluded tenacy is only lawful if i was in the property before the tenant a

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Landlord Advice Team
15/07/2013 11:01

CPD points for online courses
I find it difficult to attend your courses as i live in Cornwall but need to earn some CPD points fo

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14/07/2013 17:54

Any pitfalls to watch out for accepting a tenant on housing benefit
My tennant informed me yesterday that he will be leaving at the end of this month, however he ended

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12/07/2013 12:14

brake in monday 8th july 2013
One of the tenants in my property left the back door unlocked a thief broke into one of the rooms an

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11/07/2013 15:33

Tenant Deceased
Unfortuneatly our current tenant has died only 2 months inyo the 6 month agreement. What is the proc

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11/07/2013 13:35

Freehold limit on number occupants at risk due to pregnant tenant
I am the landlord for a flat which has a share of the freehold, there are two other flats in the fre

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08/07/2013 10:44

i sent S21 to a tenant through Legal 4 landlords because RLA directed me to them last year. Now I a

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08/07/2013 10:19

Housing Benefit
I have a lot of tenants on benefit who have gone more than 2 months in arrears with their rent and t

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07/07/2013 13:14

Pay-as-you-go Tumble Dryer
Pay-as-you-go Tumble Dryer I am changing the utilities regime in an HMO to tenant pays b

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07/07/2013 12:23

Cancellation of an Assured short hold Tenancy Agreement
What happens if the landlord cancels an Assured Short hold tenancy agreement that has been signed wi

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06/07/2013 18:36

Are you an agent?
just wondered if we had any agents on here, small or big .. I wonder if we needed an Agents section

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Ray D
04/07/2013 11:10

Hi, Do you know if there has been any recent issues, i.e in court where a PO BOX was used

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Ray D
04/07/2013 10:56

Splitting a property
We are looking into splitting a house that has an extension built onto it. The extension

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04/07/2013 10:40

Pay-as-you-go Tumble Dryer
Pay-as-you-go Tumble Dryer I am changing the utilities regime in an HMO from tenant pays

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03/07/2013 12:02

council tax due
Hi Ive recenly had a house empty from february till mid april. Stoke council bought in a new rule in

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28/06/2013 17:02

Hi, when I sent receipts and invoices to deposit scheme, does all invoices and receipts should have

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28/06/2013 12:50

section 13 form
Have you a link to the section 13 rent increase form, but in a MS word format which is editable so t

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26/06/2013 13:13

Joint Tenancy Relationship Split
Husband and wife are joint tenants however the wife has given notice to quit as their marriage has e

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25/06/2013 21:58

electric Heating
We have a property that we are purchasing that does not have a gas supply and currently has storage

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25/06/2013 21:47

Holding Deposit
We advertised our property in the local newspaper to let and showed it to a prospective tenant on 17

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24/06/2013 21:44

To pay council tax or not
My son has been a PhD student in Sheffield for 4 years, receiving a grant, no income; living in a ho

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Landlord Advice Team
24/06/2013 06:13

Cannabis grow op
We currently have a property which is let out to two professional young men, references were taken u

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Landlord Advice Team
23/06/2013 09:46

I have served S21 on my tenant. However, when they asked if they could use my garage to keep their

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Landlord Advice Team
22/06/2013 21:36

Agent fee for "break clause" Tenancy
Is there a fixed, accurate answer? My agent signed up a tenant with a six month break clause agains

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22/06/2013 01:27

Hello Dave, Would you please advise if the EPC is still required for properties with tenants wh

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21/06/2013 09:26

how to find out if tenant has left after section 21
I have served S21 on my tenant. He does not respond to e mails or telephone calls. How would I know

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Landlord Advice Team
21/06/2013 09:10

Comapny registered address
I have a tenant who has registered their company address at my property. It is a clause under the te

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20/06/2013 00:00

recovery of value of heating oil
I am attempting to recover the value of around 450 of heating oil that was present at the start of

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Landlord Advice Team
19/06/2013 08:21

Abandoned the property
I got appointment with the bailiffs on the 20/06/2013, I just received a email from my tenant on the

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17/06/2013 16:06

Legal Debate!
Hi, Can anyone confirm who is legally correct in this recent incident? One of

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17/06/2013 15:32

Infinity Energy Organisation
Does anyone have any dealings with this company, in respect to boiler replacement. I believe that it

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14/06/2013 14:55

Students Council tax
Hello. I have a student 5 bed property. A student who has been with me for 3 yrs has become a part t

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Landlord Advice Team
14/06/2013 11:55

Dis-instruct Landlord
Hi, We have just taken over as the owners of a Sole Trader Letting Agents (sold within the family) I

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14/06/2013 10:28

Tenant personal loans
We had an unmarried couple initially at the start of the tenancy. They have since

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14/06/2013 09:55

Mansion block
Please direct me to information regarding the law in relation to period doors in a mansion block of

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14/06/2013 09:04

Baillffs appointment
Hi, should tenant pay the rent up to the baillffs appointment if they leave on that baillffs appoint

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12/06/2013 20:43
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