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Foul Water / Cess pool charges, who is responsible?
According to your tenancy agreements, the tenant is responsible for all utility bills, but does this

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NRLA Advice Line
12/02/2015 08:44

Help - Housing Association back charges from pre-purchase!
Hello, Hope someone can help.. I bought an ex-local/housing assocn flat in Jul

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seaside landlady
09/02/2015 14:51

Dog annoying tenant - views please ;-)
Just want to hear others experience to help me decide. We have a house, converted to to f

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09/02/2015 09:55

Billing of Council Tax on Empty Properties
Since April 2013 I believe Local Authorities have been able to set the amount and length of time for

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09/02/2015 09:45

Utilities during notice period (vacated property)
Hi We are inexperienced landlords. We have had the same, very satisfactory, tenants for 3 years

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08/02/2015 19:27

Re mortgage and Lease
Current BTL mortgage (for 1 property with 3 self contained flats) interest only ends in May 2015 and

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08/02/2015 12:14

including utilities in the rent
Hi I rent some properties to students and am being asked if i can include bill in the rent. (I'

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Trans Am
06/02/2015 13:42

rent review
Hi, I have had the same tenant in my property for 18 months. All is good however he plans to marry

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NRLA Advice Line
06/02/2015 13:02

Reimbusement of the cost of damage caused by another flat owner
One of the flats that I own has suffered considerable water damage due to water ingress from the fla

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04/02/2015 14:27

Extension of Eviction
My tenant is to be evicted on 3/2/15 tomorrow. She has gone to the court to ask the eviction be put

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02/02/2015 13:34

Extension of Eviction
My tenant is to be evicted on 3/2/15 tomorrow. She has gone to the court to ask the eviction be put

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02/02/2015 12:50

tenancy agreement
hi, tenant is refusing to pay rent until i find new tenant. Ialready have messaged you this morning

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02/02/2015 10:17

tenancy agreement
my tenant signed a 2 year assured shorthold tenancy agreement form 1st October 2014.She has now writ

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NRLA Advice Line
02/02/2015 08:13

rent increase
can I issue sec 13 rent increase before AST end date?

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31/01/2015 19:35

tax relief on fixed appliances
Hi, I am currently doing my tax return and am wondering if the cost of purchasing fixed appliances t

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28/01/2015 10:05

I have tenants on an ASTA and they want to renew for a further year at an increased rental. I have l

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NRLA Advice Line
28/01/2015 07:04

RLA referencing service
Please can anyone help me. I am using the RLA's referencing service for the first time. I have

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26/01/2015 23:44

Untidy neighbour
we are seeking advice from you as we have a detached bungalow in a good area and good neighbours.

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NRLA Advice Line
24/01/2015 15:02

Increased rent
I have given tenants notice to increase their rent in a couple of months time. Can I increase again

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23/01/2015 12:47

Noisy neighbours
My tenants of 5 months are having problems with the couple living in the adjoining house. They also

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23/01/2015 08:05

Overseas Students
A group of 5 students from Singapore, China and Kuala Lumpar wish to rent one of my properties. Min

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22/01/2015 21:18

Legislation relating to Letting and Managing Agents
We understand that as from 1st October 2014 all letting and Property Managing Agent must become memb

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NRLA Advice Line
22/01/2015 08:40

Council Tax
We recently disputed a Council Tax bill. The Council did not respond to the queries we raised in and

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NRLA Advice Line
21/01/2015 16:05

Hello RLA, I was looking for guidance for dealing with mice including responsibilities.

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21/01/2015 15:24

Gas Fire in a Bedroom
I have had a request from one of the student tenants to move from his ground floor bedroom to the co

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b willmott
19/01/2015 17:53

electricity meters
I have a tenant who pays his electricity via a 1 slot meter in his room. He continually either brea

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17/01/2015 10:57

Door locks
Hi there, We own a flat in a block which has a key operated dead lock in the front door of each fla

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Member 1
15/01/2015 14:05

My agreement with my Agent is for 'Let Only', the tenants are signing the Tenancy Agreement

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Purple Bunny
14/01/2015 07:01

AST in the name of a company
I have received offer for letting to a Limited company. What are the factors I should be careful. Al

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13/01/2015 22:37

Archive Tenancy Agreements
Hi, Does anyone know how long I have ro keep tenancy agreements after a tenant has left.

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Teresa Cooper
13/01/2015 08:27

homegroundonline ground rent collectors
has anyone had any dealings with homegrondonline

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11/01/2015 11:40

Anti-social behaviour - Noisy tenant
I had a new tenant move into a terraced house mid October, with a small dog. The tenant paid 12 mont

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Member 1
10/01/2015 14:07

Hi I have filled out and completed Deposit Guard Tenancy Agreement for my new tenants, do I als

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Student Let
08/01/2015 13:25

Let as a house or to two separate people
Considering renting out one of our properties as a shared house between just two people, furnished

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08/01/2015 09:30

Tenant subletting to his sister in law
I have a tenant, whose contract expires July 19th 2015, he always pays rent on time but negotiated a

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08/01/2015 08:17

Rent to Buy enquiry
Dear Sirs, I will be renting a house and the tenant wants to rent it with the option to b

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NRLA Advice Line
07/01/2015 15:54

Mice in Loft
Has anybody got a good method of getting rid of mice in the loft as its driving my tenant mad have t

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29/12/2014 17:46

Main differences between License and AST
Hey, Happy Xmas everyone! Just a quick one; I have a few HMOs and a friend of

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NRLA Advice Line
29/12/2014 12:22

should my agent be registered under the new rules
I own two rental properties, which are managed by my friend who also part-owns one of the properties

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NRLA Advice Line
28/12/2014 09:06

Ending tenancy and rental payment
Hi My tenants pay their rent on the 1st of every month. They will move out on 27th Januar

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Accidental llord
22/12/2014 16:56

garage Let
I wish to rent out a garage separate from a residential property. Is there a specific agreement for

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NRLA Advice Line
21/12/2014 09:20
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