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AST Agreement
I had a tenant vewing my property and they wanted three year tenant Agreement. I said it just for o

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15/09/2013 23:14

Are utilities legally entitled to make a standing charge on an empty property?

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15/09/2013 14:44

Who is responsible for the utility bills/council tax?
My understanding is that when a tenant abandons a property, they are responsible for the utility bil

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15/09/2013 12:08

Secondary metering for electric supply
any supplier for coin operated secondary metering for washing machine and tumble dryer for use in H

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13/09/2013 15:31

TV Licences: Who Pays
If you have a furnished flat and let it out with a TV…who would normally be responsible for the TV l

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12/09/2013 19:53

Lease extention calculation
Does anyone know how to calculate the value of a lease extention to my flat with only 69 years left

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12/09/2013 12:42

court hearing
I have got a hearing date for 8th Octoner. the tenant is sure to make a last minute counterclaim an

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12/09/2013 12:05

New Boiler through Green Deal
Is it possible for tenants on benefits to apply for new boilers under the Green Deal initiative as i

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12/09/2013 12:04

Rent Payment
Hi Dave Tenancy starting on 23 rd. Rent also payable on the 23 rd. calendar month. The tenant g

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12/09/2013 10:16

Updating a tenancy agreement
I have one tenant on Housing benefit. She is often late with her payments so I am organising for th

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Landlord Advice Team
11/09/2013 19:54

Belongings left in property at end of tenancy
Tenants have given 1 month's notice, they vacated before the end of the notice. The tenancy agre

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11/09/2013 12:15

Hi ZTA Sometine back i think it was you who suggested that we meet up. I think its a goo

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11/09/2013 00:16

Fire safety order and HMO Management Regulations
I called earlier to check whether 5 yearly electrical inspections apply to my shared house which has

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10/09/2013 20:02

Tennant needs to move before AST is up
I have a tenant who's signed up for a year (house share but no longer students)and she needs to

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10/09/2013 15:39

Possessions left behind
Hi, I have a query regarding possessions left behind at the end of a tenancy. I run a council licenc

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Landlord Advice Team
09/09/2013 14:01

witness statement
i have got a date for the court hearing after servicng S21. When sending the witness statement to c

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09/09/2013 08:57

I have a hearing date for possession on 8th Oct. the rent due on 15th August they have not paid. t

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08/09/2013 15:55

Freeholder building insurance
Hi everyone, I'm a leaseholder of a flat for letting, and together with other 4 leaseholder

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08/09/2013 15:50

Electric safety
Hello, I am for the first time renting out a house privately (after one tenancy through an agen

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08/09/2013 14:51

Changing Password
Hello, Could you please advise how I can change my password. It appears that there are oth

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08/09/2013 13:24

Aggressive tenant
my tenant is aggressive and rude. He is breaching his contract and leaving property in 3daystime..

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07/09/2013 00:00

Who is responsible
I hired a contractor to paint a fence at my property (a terrace house). He did a good job but my nex

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06/09/2013 21:54

Tenants changing paydate
Have good tenant couple who I am happy with. Tenancy started on 8th of month finishes on

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05/09/2013 08:39

Selling furniture
Dear Madam or Sir I have some second-hand furniture for sale, including six beds and mattresses

Replies: 12
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03/09/2013 20:28

Referencing Reports
As a landlord am I entitled to ask to see from my agent, the full referencing/credit check report fo

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Landlord Advice Team
03/09/2013 14:29

One tenant moving out
Hi Dave I asked earlier about one tenant leaving whilst tenancy agreement in periodic sta

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03/09/2013 12:00

Freeholder requiring reimbursement for administrative costs
I am incurring unreasonable amounts of paperwork in trying to uphold my duties as a Freeholder in a

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Landlord Advice Team
03/09/2013 11:57

Council Tax following abandonment
Using the RLA AST when the fixed period ends it becomes a statutory periodic. The old agreement crea

Replies: 6
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03/09/2013 11:43

Damage Deposit
Hi, I know this is for residential tenancy's but wondering if you knew the answer to my query an

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Landlord Advice Team
03/09/2013 11:09

Initial Inventory - Disagreement
What do I do if the new tenant disagrees with the Initial Inventory & Schedule of Condition?

Replies: 7
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01/09/2013 22:28

No Students??????
Can a Landlord specify 'No Students' when advertising a property to key?

Replies: 7
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01/09/2013 21:38

New 12 month AST
Tenancy runs out 8 November and I am now writing to them informing them that a new contract will inv

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01/09/2013 21:20

electronic rent card
hi Can you suggest any software/app to use as a rent account?

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01/09/2013 15:59

Btl mortgage eligibility
Hi. Could you possibly point me in the right direction please? I'm looking for mortgage provider

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Bill McCullen
30/08/2013 23:05

Declaration of trust form
Do you have a declaration of trust form available or can you recommend where we can get one from.

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30/08/2013 13:23

Hi there, How can I change my password please? Thank you, Stewart

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30/08/2013 13:15

Existing tenant wants to move out and her daughter take over tenancy
Obviously I will need to do the usual credit checks and ensure the existing guarantor is happy to ac

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Landlord Advice Team
30/08/2013 12:06

CCJ's and bankruptcies
I am about to write my witness statement for a hearing on the 8th Oct after issuing a S21. I want t

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29/08/2013 14:12

Hi I bought a property with four flats, all the flats are similar and i collect £375 rent

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29/08/2013 13:08

Tenant credit check
Would a credit check shows that the tenant has been evicted from they last tenancy?

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29/08/2013 12:06

Incorrect Email Associate Address
Hi, I have tried to add my wife as an associate but incorrectly entered her email address. How can

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Landlord Advice Team
29/08/2013 09:41
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