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How do we get a bailiff if the tenant does not go by the ordered date. Can we phone the county cour

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13/10/2013 13:02

how could I check if my tenant is subletting

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13/10/2013 11:53

Invoices not received
Hi, we have a freehold property on a new development in Manchester there is a management company whi

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13/10/2013 11:46

I am being told by Legal4landlords that we have to get a county court bailiff and that we cannot get

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12/10/2013 12:05

Dear all Just to give the good news that I was given possession in 21 days after todays c

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11/10/2013 13:50

Tenants gas cooker and gas pipe
I have a tenant who is wanting to bring in his own gas cooker. He does not have a pipe for the back

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11/10/2013 08:24

Accreditation Scheme
My District Council (Warwick)has dropped it's Accreditation Scheme and is going the way of the M

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Kenny (A)
08/10/2013 11:31

How many guarantor a tenant need? I had a tenant who view my property and they said they have four g

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07/10/2013 17:21

Recently, the boyfriend of my tenant set fire to the property. The smoke damage is substantial, thou

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07/10/2013 15:18

advice on written warning please
I have to give a tenant in one of our HMOs a written warning and would appreciate your comments/appr

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07/10/2013 15:13

IT enquiry.
On county court forms it is possible to download ones signature. quite easy. Is it possible to downl

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07/10/2013 12:19

rent increases
I inherited property with tenants but my dad charged very low rents bless him (£90 per week for 1 be

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06/10/2013 19:58

How to Estimate Rental Value
Are there any websites that show historic rentals achieved in an area/street? I`ve seen them for pro

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06/10/2013 19:58

Damages from a tenant
Dear RLA We have a tenant who has switched his deposit to another one of our properties, but ha

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06/10/2013 15:47

small claims court - is this the best avenue?
I have been badly let down by a kitchen contractor in my tenanted flat. He has vastly overcharged m

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04/10/2013 15:56

Compulsory Purchase pitfall?
I have recieived letter from my local authority today, stating it is a Government, Local Auhority i

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04/10/2013 15:41

Question, two joint tenancy, the guy is on DSS and his partner works full time underground tube, the

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04/10/2013 15:16

Tax on rental income
In addition to my small property portfolio, I jointly own (with my brother and my sister) my mother&

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04/10/2013 14:55

days to vacate
Some of you have had experience in eviction and I value your experience and help. I have a court he

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04/10/2013 14:40

deposit protection
The deposit protection problem has become a night mare for me. I have protected the deposit in 2009

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04/10/2013 14:29

Insurance company ignoring me
dear rla please help? I own an apartment and the one above severely leaked and the living

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04/10/2013 12:33

cour t fees..
after commencing possession proceedings due to rent arrears my tenenats counterclaimed against me fo

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04/10/2013 11:31

dirty tenants
This is probably not very bad on the wider scheme of things. I have two brothers who rent a flat fr

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04/10/2013 11:11

Light bulbs etc
Does the L/L have to replace light bulbs etc if they are of a kind thats difficult to get?. We had

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04/10/2013 09:55

Daily rate
Can you please let me know how the daily rate is calculated for rent?

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Landlord Advice Team
04/10/2013 09:02

small clams court
Does anyone have experience of taking a contractor in London to the small claims court? He owes me

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27/09/2013 08:35

DSS tenants
I have been contacted by the managing agents of a block where I own four flats. They want details o

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Landlord Advice Team
26/09/2013 19:04

Electric safety
Hello, I am for the first time renting out a house privately (after one tenancy through an agen

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26/09/2013 18:33

Smoke Alarms in Rented Properties
1. As a Landlord, am I responsible to provide Smoke Alarms in the property at the time of renting i

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26/09/2013 11:47

Does any one know whats happened to Elbowe?. Such a knowledgeable person, have not heard from Elbow

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20/09/2013 08:37

Energy Performance certificate
Hi we are currently looking to let a property out on behalf of the owner and the property currently

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Landlord Advice Team
17/09/2013 18:05

Gas cert
Now i realize I am one day out with the gas cert. British Gas who does it annually, had written to

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17/09/2013 10:33

Changing one tenant
Good morning, I have a flat in Bristol. The current tenants are two brot

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17/09/2013 09:47

unreasonable complaints about tenants
Please could you advise me on how to deal with a major issue. I have a tenant with a 3 year old in m

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Landlord Advice Team
16/09/2013 14:18

Moving out rent calculator
Hi, I have a question. One of my tenats is leaving and disagrees with my movin

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16/09/2013 08:45

AST Agreement
I had a tenant vewing my property and they wanted three year tenant Agreement. I said it just for o

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15/09/2013 23:14

Are utilities legally entitled to make a standing charge on an empty property?

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15/09/2013 14:44

Who is responsible for the utility bills/council tax?
My understanding is that when a tenant abandons a property, they are responsible for the utility bil

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15/09/2013 12:08

Secondary metering for electric supply
any supplier for coin operated secondary metering for washing machine and tumble dryer for use in H

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13/09/2013 15:31

TV Licences: Who Pays
If you have a furnished flat and let it out with a TV…who would normally be responsible for the TV l

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12/09/2013 19:53

Lease extention calculation
Does anyone know how to calculate the value of a lease extention to my flat with only 69 years left

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12/09/2013 12:42
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