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Right to Rent Checks on occupants
Hello, I inspected the property I manage in August 2018 and noted 2 other adults living in

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05/02/2019 12:01

Hadnít even thought that the GDPR would affect me but having read the Landlordsí quiz in todayís

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05/02/2019 09:28

Property abondonment
I have 2 tenants who have rent arrears, they are on a periodic tenancy paying monthly rent. They

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Landlord Advice Team
04/02/2019 09:22

New CGT rules for landlords who previously lived in their rented property.
I have owned my house for 20 year - lived in it for first 16 years and rented out for the last 4

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04/02/2019 08:10

Rent Increase
I am filling "Form 4,Landlordís Notice proposing a new rent under an Assured Periodic Tenancy

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Landlord Advice Team
30/01/2019 16:28

Buildings Insurance for unoccupied property
Does RLA have list of insurers that provide Buildings Insurance for unoccupied/ empty property?

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Landlord Advice Team
29/01/2019 08:57

Jointly & severally liable tenants where 1 tenant is conducting antisocial behaviour
There is a situation where 3 girls signed a jointly and severally liable AST contract. the girls

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28/01/2019 18:29

Do I need to renew expiring EPC during tenancy?
Several of our EPCs are expiring. I realise I need to renew for any new tenancies but do we need

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27/01/2019 14:44

Claiming tax offset against costs of property trainings
My wife has attended property trainings by Touchstone in the last tax year. She has claimed the

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27/01/2019 12:56

Planning Enforcement Order
I have an enforcement order from 2011 on a property demanding a kitchen be removed. I bought the

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27/01/2019 12:40

taxation of rent received from family member
If i rent a property to a family member at below market rent, is that the figure that i have to d

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26/01/2019 16:25

I am considering to let my 2 bed maisonette to my local authority who would like to sub let to re

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26/01/2019 10:28

Anti Social Behaviour
Could someone please advise me I have had a new tenant (he has only been in the property for just

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25/01/2019 21:08

Hi -we had a valid EPC when a tenant moved into a property but the EPC has now expired but the fi

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Landlord Advice Team
25/01/2019 14:37

Tenant has left Car (non runner) on my drive after vacating 6 months ago
Dear RLA,a former tenant vacated my property 6 months ago. Owing arrears and leaving a non runnin

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25/01/2019 11:34

Automatic / Periodic Rent Increases
Is it possible to include periodic (every 6 or 12 months) rent increases in an Assured Shorthold

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25/01/2019 09:46

Rent a room scheme
Hi. I am a self employed landscape gardener and complete self assessment tax returns yearly.

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24/01/2019 16:48

tax return please help
Please help any advice guidance would be great. (I am brand new to paying tax on rental income)

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tax return help
24/01/2019 13:01

Ground rent Victoria Apartments, Padiham , Lancs
Victoria Apartments is a 1990 mill conversion property. I have 2 bedsits there. The demand for gr

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24/01/2019 07:40

Holding deposit
I conducted a viewing and the applicant said she wanted to take up the tenancy. She tried to offe

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22/01/2019 18:46

CGT advice
I own 4 BTL properties and after 25 years I am now looking to sell also the fixed mortgages are c

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22/01/2019 18:40

Theft of electric meter
Hi This is a new one for me, problem tenant has actually set new boundaries; We sup

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22/01/2019 17:19

CGT advice
I own 4 BTL properties and after 25 years I am now looking to sell also the fixed mortgages are c

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Mary Ball
22/01/2019 16:39

Anyone know of any pros and cons of renting out a static caravan to an individual as part of thei

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22/01/2019 12:33

We let a bedsit to a young woman in November using an RLA AST agreement. We have recently beco

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21/01/2019 22:45

section 24
Hi Do you know if the section 24 changes apply to mortgages on commercial property?

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Landlord Advice Team
21/01/2019 12:12

Kitchen appliances
Hi, I am letting an unfurnished property. Do I have to provide a fridge, washing machine or di

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Landlord Advice Team
21/01/2019 11:48

Tenants working abroad for 3-6 monts
Hi, and happy new year! I wonder if someone may have some advice/ideas. We have had a grea

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18/01/2019 16:34

Tenancy checks - new law
How will be the best way of doing tenant checks under the new law? It concerns me that landlords

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Landlord Advice Team
18/01/2019 11:51

Mortgage requirements on ground rent
We are currently purchasing a new build property which was bought off plan. The build is almost c

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16/01/2019 18:26

Buildings Insurance
Hi, I own two flats which are part of a block of flats. The management companies pay the buildi

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Landlord Advice Team
16/01/2019 15:51

Upgrade required to EPC to allow extension of tenancy on 10/2/19
Hello, I own and rent out a flat that had an EPC of F when I bought it in 2014. It had storage h

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14/01/2019 22:31

Cancel Lease after Bedbug insidence
Dear Sirs, Is it possible for a tenant to turn down or cancel a signed lease after seeing bedb

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12/01/2019 10:37

RLA subscription
Can I offset my annual RLA subscription as an expense against residential rental income?

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11/01/2019 15:11

Looking for a Very Good Property Solicitor In South Wales or Bristol
Hi, Can anyone please recommend a good commercial property solicitor based in South Wales

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Landlord Advice Team
11/01/2019 12:27

Right to Rent Q
Quick Q to see if anyone else has a solution to a RTR issue. Prospective tenants live 400 plus m

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10/01/2019 20:14

EPC suppliers
I am looking at getting an EPC on a property. A local firm offers them for £40, the

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10/01/2019 17:22

Landlord Licensing
I have just been asked by Landlord Licensing Liverpool to have random inspection of 5 of my prope

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Landlord Advice Team
10/01/2019 15:47

Gas & Hot Water
Hi I have Inspire Home Automation installed in a HMO and 3 non paying tenants keep on tamp

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09/01/2019 15:05


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Landlord Advice Team
09/01/2019 12:48

Pest Control??
I own a house in Fallowfield, Manchester rented to students. I have just had a text from one of t

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08/01/2019 17:03
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