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Hi, this is my first post. Any advice would be helpful. My Agent has found a retired couple t

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12/03/2019 22:27

Surrender of tenancy
I have a couple in a 2 bed flat who have fallen out, and some form of common asault has taken pla

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Landlord Advice Team
12/03/2019 14:56

Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement Deposit Guard New Legislation Update
Hello I have downloaded this document which is dated April 2018 Edition. Clause 19 still state

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Landlord Advice Team
11/03/2019 12:25

How to identify freeholder of leasehold flats
Hi, I have a leasehold flat in a block of 12, the current lease has 83 years remaining and I wish

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11/03/2019 09:03

Permitted Occupier
I have a tenant with a 6 month ast agreement, who has lived at the property for 4 years. She has

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11/03/2019 08:57

HMO cleaning
Hi All I run a HMO and a sticking point I seem to run into all the time is cleaning Wh

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10/03/2019 18:11

Could this be the next tax hike for landlords?
Info passed to me today by a friend in work suggests an extra 3% on stamp duty for overseas landl

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09/03/2019 06:32

Food and drink going missing in an HMO
I have an HMO, and am suddenly having a problem with food and drink going missing. Please can an

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08/03/2019 20:02

After Tenant's death - night storage heaters missing
Missing Night Storage Heaters.......... After taking possession of my property following the d

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08/03/2019 19:39

Health & Safety Issue
I am urgently seeking advice on how best to handle this situation. Tenant placed a plastic fish

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08/03/2019 14:02

Client Money Protection
This scheme - does it mean 'Deposits' or other Money's pertaining to tenants? Is

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07/03/2019 16:12

Can I employ my son to help manage my properties?
Hi, I have 3 BTL properties in mine and my husbands name - not a limited company. Are w

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Del Wilkins
07/03/2019 14:49

Capital gains tax question
Hello I let out my last house that I had lived in for 3 years, renting a property in another p

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Member. Holly Jones
07/03/2019 07:21

unreasonable neighbours
I own a flat and unfortunately, the person who owns the flat below mine is completely unreasonabl

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06/03/2019 10:49

Extra tennants I did not know about
I have a HMO -rooms are single occupancy only - have just discovered one of my tennants has moved

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Mrs B
05/03/2019 14:12

Avg legal cost for Lease extention
Hi All Thanks in advance for any reply I have an ex London council flat which they

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05/03/2019 08:24

Tenants fee ban
The Tenants Fee bank guidance states that after on year the bank will attach to pre-existing tena

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Landlord Advice Team
04/03/2019 16:09

Tenants neighbours
I have a tenant in a mid terrace property that is encountering different issues with each neighbo

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Landlord Advice Team
04/03/2019 14:47

Issues with leak from next door
My property is being damaged by what we suspect is a leak from next door. That landlord is denyin

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Landlord Advice Team
01/03/2019 12:57

Hi all. I have had a tenant contact myself yesterday asking if she can start paying her re

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Des Res
28/02/2019 16:39

Tenancy inclusive of bills
Does anyone have sample wording to include in an addendum to a RLA tenancy agreement so that bill

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28/02/2019 16:18

council tax on empty, FOR SALE properties
A tenant is leaving one of my properties. I have decided i want to sell it empty to help with the

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28/02/2019 15:54

No Gas Cert Since Feb 2017
Hello all, We have had a Landlord come to us asking us to take over management of the prop

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M Lunt
27/02/2019 09:42

Rent in Advance
I have a quick question hopefully someone can advise. I have a HMO which I let on a single AST to

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26/02/2019 14:30

Leasehold flat insurance
Hi I have to arrange landlord insurance for a leasehold flat...after shopping around a bit

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26/02/2019 09:31

Abandoned Vehicle
The tenant has left the property and returned the keys but has left a car parked on the drive. I

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Landlord Advice Team
25/02/2019 13:32

Freehold owner/Building Insurance liability?
Hi is there anyone who can advise how I would insure a building that we have a flat in and now ow

Replies: 3
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24/02/2019 10:45

Best Software for managing rental property income and expenses to prepare my tax return
Hello, can you please give me any advise on the best software to use to manage my rental property

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22/02/2019 15:29

Tenant Fee Ban Legislation
The tenant fee ban guidance refers to not being able to charge for professional or domestic clean

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20/02/2019 09:40

Does anyone understand the new Data protection law in a nutshell for landlords ,,i keep reading b

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18/02/2019 17:47

Holding deposit
I conducted a viewing and the applicant said she wanted to take up the tenancy. She tried to offe

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16/02/2019 21:33

I have just this morning spoken to one of your advisors about a guarantor form and whilst talking

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15/02/2019 18:07

Pets after tenant moved in
Hi If a letting agent had allowed a tenant to move in with knowledge of a pet, and then a mont

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15/02/2019 12:09

Early termination of contract
Hello Our tenants have a contract till mid September but have asked if we would bring it forwa

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Landlord Advice Team
14/02/2019 08:14

tenant wants to leave property before end of 2 year contract due to no pet policy
Hi, One of my tenants are saying that they are considering ending the tenancy agreement (s

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Jane Lo
14/02/2019 07:45

Planning Enquiry
I want to buy a property subject to receiving planning approval for a sui generis HMO. My Solicit

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13/02/2019 22:56

Resident only parking permit refused by council (Nottingham)
Hello I recently acquired a property in a resident only parking area. I requested a parking pe

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13/02/2019 17:46

Upcoming fee ban
The upcoming fee ban puts even greater risk and expense on landlords who are already suffering un

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13/02/2019 17:11

Leaseholder rights when Management Advisers want to demolish our block of garages?
As a landlord I bought a leasehold flat which came with a garage. The flat is in a block of 24 an

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12/02/2019 13:58

pets in properties after contract has been signed
Hi, My tenant has requested permission to have a dog in the house, as he knows that pets a

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12/02/2019 13:37

pets in properties after contract has been signed
Hi, My tenant has requested permission to have a dog in the house, as he knows that pets a

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11/02/2019 21:15
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