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I have had an EPC done on an old property with 4 flats. The results have come out with 3 F ra

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02/11/2016 23:52

Mortgage Express and 'right to consolidate'
I completed an IVA agreement with my creditors on 31 May this year. During the IVA MX repossessed

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Landlord Advice Team
02/11/2016 08:39

Ending tenancy
Hi My tenant signed up to an AST agreement for 6 months from 11/3/15 and is now moving on, having

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31/10/2016 12:41

carpet cleaning etc
I realise I am a day late in asking for advice re what to include on my tax return but am hoping

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Landlord Advice Team
31/10/2016 10:21

permission to sublet
Can the above, which cost £85 , be included as an expense on my tax form ?

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Landlord Advice Team
31/10/2016 10:12

Lease Option
Hi guys, about 3 years back I let a buy to let property i own get taken over by another landlord

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27/10/2016 16:38

Insurance Cover
My question is about damage liability. There are 3 apartments in a block. Each apartment h

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Jane Lo
27/10/2016 12:25

Tenanted Properties for sale
Hi there was wondering if anyone could recommend any websites that specialise in selling properti

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26/10/2016 10:57

Buying Freehold
Can anyone help me with this question please?offer I Own a leasehold flat in a mews property t

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Landlord Advice Team
26/10/2016 08:50

Smoke alarm clarification
I called the help line this morning so double check the legislation with respect to smoke alarm c

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25/10/2016 09:34

Evicted Tenants belongings and money owed.
I have recently successfully evicted a family from one of my properties in spite of a last minute

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24/10/2016 17:47

Things that need doing on an annual basis
Coming up to 1 year of letting my property, I'm trying to make an exhaustive list of things t

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24/10/2016 16:44

Directions Questionnaire
Hello. I have begun a claim through MCOL and have received the defence back from the court. I hav

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Landlord Advice Team
24/10/2016 16:25

Invoice for boarding damaged dor
A police raid was carried out on one of my btl properties on 13th October. I have now been inv

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24/10/2016 12:36

Fire Safety requirements for Nin Licienced HMO's
Hi, For a two floor house with 5 sharing unrelated students Non liciencable HMO located in

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Landlord Advice Team
24/10/2016 10:24

Council Tax Banding by the VOA on HMOs
Good Afternoon, I am in the unhappy position where the VOA has decided that each room in my HM

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21/10/2016 12:47

Legionella Risk Assessment
We understand that not all kinds of buy to let properties need to do Legionella Risk Assessment?

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21/10/2016 11:55

unpaid invoice
I recently had and oven cleaned by an oven cleaning company. before I even got home they started

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19/10/2016 21:32

Tenancy Notice Serving
When a tenant gives notice to leave, is the norm One month from the day they give notice o

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Landlord Advice Team
18/10/2016 17:53

Complaint about noise from laminate flooring
I have a first floor flat for 17 years, of which it has been rented for the last 12. The flat ha

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Jane Lo
18/10/2016 16:08

Buying a property that is tennanted
Where I stand with regard to purchasing a property that comes with a tenant with regard to tenanc

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Landlord Advice Team
17/10/2016 08:41

Gas Certificate
Hello, On a new build property or property that has just had a brand new boiler installed

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14/10/2016 10:32

Sheds on land
I own a rental property bought in the 1980's which is leasehold. After the purchase the solic

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Landlord Advice Team
13/10/2016 09:13

Contents insurance
I am about to let my first property, which is an ex-local authority flat where the service charge

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Landlord Advice Team
13/10/2016 09:10

High Court Enforcement Officer serving notice at my HMO to a tenant who left 18 months ago
an agent of Marstons holdings served a "final notice" threatening to enter the property a

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12/10/2016 16:39

Push button locks vs keys
Im renovating my block of 3 flats and part of the renovation includes new flat entry doors and lo

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10/10/2016 17:25

Has anyone used Utilitease?
I was just reading the RLA email regarding Utilitease. Although their offering is of interest wh

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10/10/2016 17:24

I am a leaseholder in a block of flats and have been offered the chance of buying the freehold ar

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09/10/2016 14:40

Husband out if prison
I have a tenant who took a AST with her son at my property. The tenancy has now run onto a period

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07/10/2016 19:42

landlord building insurance
Does anyone know the best landlord building insurance, the ome I am with tower gate seels to go u

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06/10/2016 20:41

best way to exit the market
The residential landlord sector is now finished, with the government intent on driving us tot the

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06/10/2016 16:11

New tenant checks
Have you a checklist for new tenants which also states how I can do the 'right to let' an

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Landlord Advice Team
06/10/2016 08:49

Investment courses
Hi I'm looking for some advice from any RLA members. I would love to hear back from any membe

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03/10/2016 18:45

Recommend a Camera
Afternoon Members. Looking to buy a new camera that will show my properties off to their best, se

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01/10/2016 12:42

4 people sharing a house on an AST joint and several for the past year. The tenancy has come to a

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29/09/2016 16:36

We have tenants who have rented a property from us for over 10 years since before EPCs were intro

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29/09/2016 16:17

tenant arrested
We have a very middle class tenant a doctor and he has disappeared. At the weekend the police tur

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28/09/2016 12:11

new landlord licensing scheme announced and tenants' referencing check F

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28/09/2016 11:24

tenant registered landlord's address for trading business
The tenant used our property address to register his trading business on websites. In the let

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28/09/2016 10:32

No ID or booking form for holiday let
Good evening members. This enquiry relates to a Holiday Let. Our client enquirerd about a b

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nicest landlord
27/09/2016 09:07

letter of notice
Can I issue a letter advising my tenants that we will not be renewing their current tenancy? They

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25/09/2016 10:22
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