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Insurances for corporate lets
Hi all, We have recently setup a Ltd company and would like to know about what type of ins

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Landlord Advice Team
14/05/2018 11:40

Fees for registering lettings with the freeholder landlord
The managing agents for the Freeholders are asking for a fee of £126 to register a sub-lett

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Landlord Advice Team
14/05/2018 11:14

Comprehensive privacy notice
I can't find where to download the RLA's comprehensive privacy notice. How do I do this?

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Landlord Advice Team
14/05/2018 10:16

On the Privacy Notice where I am required to provide the details of my (the data controllers) acc

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13/05/2018 15:41

Managing Agents Fees
Hi I own a leasehold flat. The managing agent had imposed an admin fees for services they

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11/05/2018 15:04

Notice to Quit for a Company tenancy agreement
We have given notice to quit (not Section 21 or Section 8) to a company who have a company tenanc

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10/05/2018 17:09

Room Sizes
Hi, Iíve read about the new room size guidelines coming into force for HMO bedrooms, but Iím stil

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08/05/2018 21:24

GDPR Privacy notice table
I need advice re the table at the end of your sample privacy notice. We have approx 50 tenants a

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Landlord Advice Team
08/05/2018 17:53

Antisocial behaviour
We have a lot censer HMO let to students currently managed by agents. Neighbours have advised the

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08/05/2018 16:54

Tenant - How best to approach this
Hi Guys I have a property (flat) that we wish to sell. The tenant is on LHA payment

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08/05/2018 15:57

Can you recommend someone in the Barnsley / South Yorkshire area to conduct the EPC in my propert

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Landlord Advice Team
08/05/2018 14:55

gas safe certificates for capped off appliances
Hi I am the landlord of a property which has a gas boiler which I have always had a gas sa

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Elle bee
08/05/2018 14:07

bedsit v studio flat
Hi Does anyone know if there is a legal definition of bedsit ? I have just lost a mortgage ap

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05/05/2018 14:11

RTM set-up and obtaining leaseholder details
Hi there, I am a leaseholder in a large development of 385 flats, which consists of 2 buil

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05/05/2018 11:00

Data Protection
Hi I have one rental property with five tenants. I've read through the on-line training an

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05/05/2018 09:36

Tennant wants to become a registered childminder
My tenant wants to run a childminding business from our property. Any views?

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04/05/2018 22:29

GDPR Privacy Notice - Long or Short version
Hello, you've put up an application for with a short privacy notice adapted to the GDPR. Howe

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Peterlee Rental
03/05/2018 17:47

Can I change a flat to serviced accommodation
Has anyone had experience of renting a flat as serviced accommodation. I want to do this with on

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03/05/2018 15:09

GDPR & retention periods for personal information/documents
Please can you advise on how long agreements/correspondence should be retained after a tenancy ha

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Janice W
03/05/2018 12:56

Fire safety policy
Following a risk assessment in a block of rented flats it has been noted that there is no display

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02/05/2018 12:26

Bad tenants next door
I have two sets of excellent professional tenants, next door we have some tenants who are fightin

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02/05/2018 08:28

Advertising a Flat to Rent: Would welcome any suggestions on the best web sites to advertise a we

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01/05/2018 19:06

Cat Urine?
Unusual one!! While I was on holiday one of my landladies let her property as she knew the pot

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01/05/2018 17:00

Legal requirement relating to cbtaining a damage retainer from lodgers.
I am a absentee landlord, but also periodically have lodgers in my home. If I have lodgers in

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Parvus Dominus
01/05/2018 14:51

Gifting property
Can I gift one of my properties to my children, and if so do they have to pay stamp duty as they

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01/05/2018 11:36

Death of tenant
The sole tenant in one of our properties died suddenly a few days ago. The next months rent is du

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01/05/2018 08:18

I bot a flat with the tenants living in it. The owner did not have a key, so tenants have all the

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30/04/2018 14:15

Hello, I have a building on lease for 4 years and the landlord in rights in that time gas not pai

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Landlord Advice Team
30/04/2018 09:30

Hello, I would like to seek the help and opinion of the RLA member regarding condensation.

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Jimmy Ragadi
28/04/2018 10:10

Giving apartment back to Landlord
Hello I have been looking after a furnished property for several years, managing it as a serv

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27/04/2018 15:07

Copies of signed AST to tenant(s)
Hello I have 6 student tenants who have signed a fixed term joint tenancy AST agreement. T

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Landlord Advice Team
26/04/2018 15:02

Good Tenant Unable to Pay Full Rent Temporarily?
Hi I have a good tenant who looks after the property, who has contacted me to say he is going

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25/04/2018 21:10

section 48
hello I was advised yesterday on your online chat we must serve a section 48 to inform the ten

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25/04/2018 14:03

2 Questions relating to law and insurance around leaking and damage to mine and others flats
Hi there, 2 very quick questions: My flat leaked down to the neighbours flat an

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24/04/2018 16:31

Next door is complaining gas flue is too close to their window
18 months ago I had a new combi boiler replacing the old one in exactly the same place with flue

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23/04/2018 17:10

Rent Increase
Could you please let me know how much notice I require to give to my tenants that I wish to incre

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23/04/2018 16:48

Dear RLA, I have 3 properties which l use an agent to find tenants, process applications

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23/04/2018 15:49

RITA tax spreadsheet
Will the free (to members) RITA accounts spreadsheet for the 18/19 tax year be available again th

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Landlord Advice Team
23/04/2018 12:00

reviews on energy providers
Landlords beware not all energy providers are the same - for instance, GOOD ENERGY is completely

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20/04/2018 14:20

Selling to another landlord etc
1). We are about to try and sell our rented property with our tenants still in situ. The tenants

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19/04/2018 17:26

RLA GDPR privacy notice
LAT please: 1 Will you be changing the privacy notice attached to the standard RLA AST? 2

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19/04/2018 15:04
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