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Tax Planning and Financial

Property income allowance
I have one property rented with total gross income of £10k. Iím filling in the 2018-2019 ta

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21/01/2020 08:39

ERC tax treatment
Hi all... I have an existing BTL through Virgin Money with an ERC through to 2023. I have a good

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20/01/2020 14:05

Can I claim for renovations before moving back into a property?
So I've managed to persuade my tenants to move out of the property I was renting out for a de

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10/01/2020 12:53

SSAS loanback for HMO purchase
I am the director of a limited company which was set up to own and operate an HMO. The company cu

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09/01/2020 11:05

Self Assesssment query
Hello Could anyone tell me if life assurance premiums are tax deductable on rental income please?

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05/01/2020 19:53

Allowable Remortgage Expenses Set Against Tax Liability
Dear Forum. First of all, I wish everyone a Happy and Prosperous New Year. Secondly

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01/01/2020 14:05

Limited Company
I own 3 rental properties personally and manage them myself. I also have a limited company that p

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Andy A
16/12/2019 18:17

Accountant for HMRC submission for freehold comany
I own a flat in London, which I let out, and myself and the other owners of flats in the block h

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Sarah G
13/12/2019 21:30

Directors Loan Interest Rate
Hi all, Another question. I'm wandering what HMRC would see as a reasonable rate for t

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Kevin G
09/12/2019 19:10

How to stay below 40% tax threshold
Hi. I earn 47k in my full time job. I'm about to rent out my first home for gross £950/

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26/11/2019 16:51

BTL tax advice for non-resident
Hello, I am a UK citizen working in Germany and so non-resident in the UK. My wife and I have a H

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26/11/2019 16:45

Shall I use cheaper home remortgage to pay off some of my buy-to-let mortgages
We have mortgages of around 40% ltv on several properties currently between 2.3 and 2.6%. I ca

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Kevin G
26/10/2019 19:41

Landlord insurance
Please could anyone offer advice on a good (cheap) insurance company for landlord insurance?

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08/10/2019 14:37

Capital Gain Tax
Hello, I'm thinking that next year I will sell a property and was just wondering if an

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25/09/2019 17:09

Stamp duty payable on BTL properties
Hi Hoping somebody can help with this question... A bit of background... the proper

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Charlotte Cc
04/09/2019 17:56

Just a quick question - I have just been told that capital gains is doubling next year 2020 - (fr

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03/09/2019 14:26

Must replacement of tax deductible items occur within existing tenancy, or within a tax year?
If Tenants are moving out in December, if I replace curtains/ beds in January will they be eligi

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02/09/2019 15:28

Allowable Investment Allowance
I have a number of rental properties, and I do all the maintenance myself. I have a load of tools

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27/08/2019 16:26

For the life of me I canít unders HMRCs CGT calculator! Bought a house in 2001 for £25000,

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21/08/2019 11:23

Funding a BTL by a Mortgage on my home - 20% tax relief?
Hi All, I am considering buying a further BTL property and raising the funds to buy outrig

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15/08/2019 17:09

Stamp Duty Land Tax
My wife and I own six BTL residential properties, that are let out to tenants on an individual AS

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30/07/2019 18:11

Refinance asap
Hi guys, I am due to complete on a property that I have been waiting some time for... The

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RLA Mortgages/3mc
26/07/2019 13:17

Moving Property to Ltd company
I currently have 4 BTL properties in the North West, all in my own name, all are mortgaged.

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RLA Mortgages/3mc
17/07/2019 19:01

Property setup costs from previous tax year
I started renting my first property April 2018 however some of my setup costs were incurred in th

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08/06/2019 13:54

Limited Liability Partnership
Hello, If a rental property is transferred to a LLP structure, does it incur CGT (in the w

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03/06/2019 08:46

Property Income Allowance
Just completing my self assessment, and one the fields is 'Property Income Allowance'.

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15/05/2019 14:59

CGT and purchasing costs
Hello I own a BTL house that I will be intending to sell next year. It was my main reside

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10/05/2019 08:55

Use 'Chattels' relief to minimize Stamp Duty tax
Hi If I am buying using a limited company how can I use 'Chattels' relief to minim

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29/04/2019 20:40

Director's Loan
Hi all, I am setting up my new limited company to buy property and rent it. I read that I

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24/04/2019 13:44

Opening new UK company - one of the shareholders is a non-resident
Hi all, I am a UK resident opening a UK company. I will be the director and have 50% of th

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24/04/2019 09:47

One company buys property and one rents it - two SIC codes to benefit from Entrepreneur Relief
Hi all, I am setting up my new limited company to buy properties, I want to understand the

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24/04/2019 09:07

Is an extended warranty on a built in oven tax deductable

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09/04/2019 15:15

Expenses as a percentage of income
On average I am running at 14% expenses year on year as a percentage of income on my portfolio.

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25/03/2019 14:39

Proís & conís of incorporating
Iíve been having a discussion with another member, (elbowe) on another thread, about the advantag

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Mr Ben
24/03/2019 18:19

Which SIC code
Hi. Can anyone advise which SIC code my company should have for future residential property purch

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Mr Ben
24/03/2019 18:04

Which tax year should advance rental payment be in?
Hi all, I have received an advance rental payment of 5 months for a new tenancy in March 2019.

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19/03/2019 08:18

HMRC Form 17 Shared Ownership % Split - Statutory Declaration of Trust
Hi, I've recently found out about HMRC Form 17.

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15/03/2019 22:42

Installing new windows and tax relief
I am installing double glazed windows next week in a 2 bed house. The windows need replaci

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12/03/2019 16:36

SPV question about claiming mortgage interest
Hello, This is a little complicated but here goes... Background I have a

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11/03/2019 13:27

I am getting conflicting advice from two accountancy firms regarding the legitimacy of claiming C

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03/03/2019 18:17
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