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HMRC Let Property Campaign
Hello landlords Here is the backstory: My Wife and I own a property and have been renti

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13/07/2018 15:09

Declaration of trust
I am sole owner of a BTL property with no mortgage. I have a partner. We are not married. I wo

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04/07/2018 14:11

Iwant to give a % of the value of my proerties to my 2 children
I have 2 properties in mine & my husbands name and would like to give a % of the value of these t

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08/06/2018 16:01

Is buying the freehold a tax expense?
I now own the lease of the flat I rent out and the freehold of the whole house (house conversion

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06/06/2018 15:39

VAT registration of SPV
hi, For an SPV company which buys properties, gets it refurbished and rents the property o

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16/05/2018 11:57

Change from BTL to fhl to reduce cgt?
I am planning to sell at least 25 properties pre the full roll out of s24 and wonder if there is

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24/04/2018 08:35

Special Purpose Vehicle - Capital Gains Tax
Hello, I am looking at at the option of whether to transfer my properties over to a privat

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19/04/2018 17:28

Property Accounts Spreadsheet
At last nights meeting of the Portsmouth & District Landlord Association (the PDPLA), we had a bi

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16/04/2018 11:44

Croner Taxwise Premier
My accountant recommends this insurance against any tax investigations by the HMRC as you woul

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10/04/2018 11:13

How to change from sigle to joint ownership
Hi, if a husband has bought a property with a residential mortgage in his own name, while being m

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21/03/2018 15:40

Small house gifting to 3 children
Hello I would welcome your advice. I plan to gift a small house to my 3 children. Three questions

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Silversurfer 2015
20/03/2018 15:19

Section 24 tax planning - both wife and I are 40% tax payers
Section 24 rules essentially means that my wife and I would need to use an LTD for a buy to let a

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17/03/2018 12:26

Stamp duty rebate after disposal of property
I bought a flat which cost £500k and had to pay the extra 3% stamp duty as my partner had a

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26/02/2018 14:57

Granting leases when you own the freehold
I own the freehold of a two storey workshop and,under the permitted development rules, have conve

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22/02/2018 18:24

Costs incurred with meeting EFC requirements
So for the last few months I've been making the improvements to meet the EPC requirements. Ha

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21/02/2018 19:20

Mortgage lender & railway lines
Hello, Is anyone aware of any lenders who would be happy to lend on a hmo property where t

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RLA Mortgages/3mc
20/02/2018 08:51

non resident landlord
Has anyone had experience of obtaining non uk tax status,i find the process and HMRC guidance dif

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07/02/2018 10:48

Company owned dwellings Chargeable amount

Replies: 3
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29/01/2018 10:27

beneficial interest company trust
I am considering employing a beneficial interest company trust. I have a few questions reg

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24/01/2018 11:16

major tenant damage can i offset the costs against CGT ?
My tenant caused over £10000 worth of damage , I have had to replace the kitchen and bathro

Replies: 13
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24/01/2018 08:34

Property Portfolio Tax/ Mortgage Advice
Can anyone advice me on someone who specialises in property portfolio advice for capital gain

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24/01/2018 08:06

Hello, My wife and I originally bought a property as a BTL, but we ended up living there a

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22/01/2018 10:07

LTD company - Few probably basic questions
Hi All quick background and a few questions.... I own a property in my own name and I am a

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John H
18/01/2018 16:48

Tax Efficiencies
Hello, My rental property in my name. I am on higher income tax rate, while my wife does n

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17/01/2018 13:56

Allowable Expenses - carpet cleaning
Completing my first ever Self assessment Tax Return for 2016/2017... Had carpets professionall

Replies: 10
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17/01/2018 09:44

Converting my primary home into rental property: what to tell mortgage provider
I'm just wondering what to expect and what does a mortgage provider need to know when you inf

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17/01/2018 07:27

Capital allowances
Hi, Does anyone have any experience of claiming capital allowances (CA) on a leasehold purpose-bu

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16/01/2018 21:51

Calculating CGT on the sale of a BTL property
Can anyone advise me, please, in calculating the CGT I need to pay on a property I sold. My probl

Replies: 4
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16/01/2018 21:34

Adding directors to Ltd. Companies
Hello.. First time poster! If I was to set up a Ltd. Company with the long time aim

Replies: 9
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09/01/2018 14:59

RLA mortgages
What is your experience in using RLA mortgage. I had a discussion on BTL mortgage for Ltd

Replies: 4
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09/01/2018 13:23

Tax loss/carried over
HI can any one give me advice , I have one property that I let out ,2015/16 it made a loss :( an

Replies: 14
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29/12/2017 10:51

Valuer recommendation
I'm looking at getting a couple of properties valued and wondered if anyone can recommend a v

Replies: 4
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16/12/2017 13:00

Installing new gas heating system
Hi, I am currently redecorating a BTL property and considering installing a new gas heating sy

Replies: 6
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08/12/2017 15:51

SDLT relief for multiple dwellings - HELP please!
Hello I am a new member and 1st time Landlord/Investor. I have retired and set up a LTD com

Replies: 11
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08/12/2017 10:45

Need a UK bank that accepts customers with an overseas address
As I will be an overseas landlord, I need a UK bank to accept rental payments and to make payment

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30/10/2017 23:27

MTD New digital tax
Hi I have read the RLA news from the site on MTD and thought this implied the rules are not ye

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24/10/2017 23:23

Declaration of trust
Hi, In the interests of reducing my tax bill, it was recommend to me to draw up a Declarat

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24/10/2017 17:19

Recommended accountants
Can anyone recommend chartered accountants in the south east of England for a newly registered re

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20/10/2017 17:39

What Is Allowable Deductions on a Buy To Let?
I have had a buy to let property for over 32 years. The property was riddled with damp/bla

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12/10/2017 07:33

Property purchase costs
Offer on a BTL property accepted & agreed. Legal costs approx. £ 300 before sale fell th

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12/10/2017 07:31

I own a property and the title deeds are in my name and my daughter's name. The plan had been

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12/08/2017 08:45
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