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Refurbish repair tax???
I really should have sorted this earlier, but I have always done my own tax and been ok...

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30/01/2017 09:31

Tax treturn ime of year (next month) - IMPORTANT PLEASE READ
I keep telling people this, and I know a lot of you do it already ... BUT .... please buy the boo

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29/01/2017 07:02

Apportion refurb costs against both capital value and costs
Hi - i've spent around £45k on a refurb for a HMO. And I'm a private landlor

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nicest landlord
25/01/2017 08:36

Claiming HMO registration costs
Completing my self-assessment tax return on property rental for the first time and would be grate

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09/01/2017 18:56

Tax Planning advice
Hi I live in Newcastle upon Tyne. I have a portfolio of 28 Properties which I have built u

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01/01/2017 17:53

Probate, Property sale and Inheritance tax
If the sale price of a property is more than the probate valuation, will I have to pay IT based

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13/12/2016 16:35

Tax question
Hi I am in process of getting extra borrowing from my four buy to lets and get a big chunc

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06/12/2016 13:04

who pays for the hamper?
RLA news tells us we can win a £100 hamper if we get a quote for RLA insurance. I wa

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nicest landlord
02/12/2016 13:19

Retention in mortgage - Are the proposed works conditional in partial retention?
I have a mortgage on a property with partial retention of £3000. The retention is for some

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01/12/2016 17:58

Agancy Fees - Claim back from tax?
Hi All If lettings agency fees will no longer be charged directly to tenants, it seems lik

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25/11/2016 16:03

Personal Allowance
I have just received my change in tax code for the rest of the current tax year. I noticed that t

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21/11/2016 17:10

Rent payments that span tax years
If I take a rent payment 6 months up front that spans a tax year boundary, is it taxed entirely i

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09/11/2016 18:53

Adding spouse to property deeds after marriage & backdating
I got married last year but my previously owned rental property is in my own name only. Am

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sideshow bob
09/11/2016 15:50

wear and tear allowance
I started renting out a property in Sept 2015. Can I claim wear and tear allowance in 2015-201

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29/10/2016 17:55

setting up a UK BTL property company - which provider?
Hello - first time posting here - i need to set up a UK limited company and want to make sure the

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RLA Mortgages/3mc
19/10/2016 14:23

Tax returns box?
Silly question from a newbie but the cost of insuring the tenants' deposit is classed as what

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09/10/2016 15:52

Another Stamp Duty Question
I have always rented but inherited 4 buy to let studios a couple of years ago which were all registe

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27/09/2016 10:08

Sole Trading, Wife and Tax
Morning All, My first post here so please go easy. I have been a landlord for a num

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26/09/2016 12:25

Finding an accountant
Hi all. First post here as I only joined last night. I need to find an accountant that's

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23/09/2016 18:29

New tax rules affecting working tax credit/Child benefit
Hi Does anyone know how the new rules will effect how income will be treated for child ben

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22/09/2016 11:47

Tax exemption for career landlords
I have six BTL properties all residential single tenancy. I am looking to buy a couple more but tryi

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Ben 29
27/06/2016 13:20

Stamp duty
Presumably if a property is bought and lived in for a few months by the purchaser and then rented ou

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23/06/2016 17:27

Second Home Stamp Duty
Hi I currently own one BTL property and a second house that I live in as my main residence. I a

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Jane Lo
21/06/2016 17:20

HMO Mortgage
Hi, We have purchased a house on a buy to let mortgage. Would we need to speak to th

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10/06/2016 15:58

Minimum Loan Value on BTL Mortgages
Until recently I have been using a lender for BTL mortgages and was able to purchase properties for

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RLA Mortgages/3mc
02/06/2016 10:36

CGT threshold vs tax losses
We have built up substantial tax losses by heavy refurbishment of properties over several years. Eve

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Kevin Morton
13/05/2016 15:45

Allowable expenses
I had always thought that a yearly clean was an allowable expense although I have always cleaned my

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05/05/2016 12:07

New Tax For Landords(How will It Affect Me ?)
I only have one tenanted property and I am also working. My total income including the rental income

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27/04/2016 12:14

Many landlords are blistfully unaware of how the Tax Changes for Landlords announced in the Summer 2

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21/04/2016 22:21

Accountant for Lettings Agent
Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help me. I am looking for an experienced accountan

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14/04/2016 18:44

Purchase costs
Hi. Can I offset the costs (solicitor legal fees, search fees etc) of purchasing a buy to let proper

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Member 1
07/04/2016 16:24

Insurance renewal declined
Hi I just wondered if anybody else has had their landlord policy cancelled or renewal declined due t

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04/04/2016 23:43

Gas Central Heating
Hi I have been advised due to the number of breakdowns to replace my boiler. Can I c

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08/03/2016 16:56

Rent charge and HMCC securities ltd.
Hi does anyone know of this company? I own a house which I rent out in Fallowfield. When I bought

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Member. Holly Jones
15/02/2016 11:59

letting my former home,
Hi can anyone help, I let my former home (unfurnished) in march 2015, before letting it I replaced t

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Purdeys Mum
03/02/2016 07:31

tax return issue
Hi, I'm currently doing my return and was wondering how I claim for rent arrears. Is it an

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29/01/2016 12:08

Hi The properties are in joint names and will be splitting the income from them 50/50 wit

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29/01/2016 09:50

Home Ownership
Hi At present my wife and I are both on the title deeds to our BLT's. I am still

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Member 1
27/01/2016 20:54

ground rent company making me insure property
I have a house on a long lease for ground rent. The new ground rent owner has written to me asking

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Member 1
18/01/2016 13:08

Buying a property under LTD Company
Hi All, I am thinking about purchasing a investment property to rent out. The property is

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05/01/2016 11:26

Landlord Tax Rises - Have you Signed the Petition?
Has everyone signed the petition against the proposed tax rises?

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11/12/2015 11:03
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