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Mileage Rate allowable
Dear RLA, I'm recording my mileage to run my first buy to let property. I'm aware than

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07/10/2008 00:00

Filing Tax
Hi there, We have a property in my wife's name and the untility bills is on my name. Our ac

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Paul C
29/09/2008 00:00

Tax - lenders product fee deductible against rental income?
The tax office advised me that the lenders product fee on the original mortgage to purchase the prop

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08/09/2008 00:00

Has anyone got any ideas about probates and how to go about it. It appears the solicitors are charg

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24/07/2008 00:00

Claim for purchases
When I furnished a property for lease I purchased a new TV, washing machine, fridge and other domest

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16/07/2008 00:00

Income split with my wife
We have a small portfolio which is split 99% my wife / 1% me as I am a higher rate tax payer

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03/07/2008 00:00

Council tax to be paid by landlord or tenant?
I am putting up a tenant for two months. I believe he owns a property in Hungary. Does he have to pa

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Landlord Advice Team
02/07/2008 00:00

Tv Licence
I purchased a TV for the tenants, therefore I am responsible for the licence. Can I claim the licenc

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30/06/2008 00:00

tax, bill payments
I own a building which I have split into three sections. Downstairs I have tenants running a shop; u

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26/06/2008 00:00

Check mortgage redemption statements!!!
Just a warning to anyone out there to check their redemption statements, as a final figure is often

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RLA Administrator
27/05/2008 00:00

Can I claim back VAT on rentals via different self-employed business?
I have some BTLs which I rent out privately, not as a company. This is not a trade. I also run

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27/05/2008 00:00

rent increases
I have been letting my property for 2 1/2 years at a rent of 525.00 per month. (My mortgage paymen

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24/05/2008 00:00

Solicitors fees on property purchase
I believe that I can claim these costs against capital gains only. Is this true?

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Landlord Advice Team
16/05/2008 00:00

overseas tax
I have a mixture of buy to let properties both here and in spain can any losses made in spain be off

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Landlord Advice Team
25/04/2008 00:00

Claiming of interest payments
I have read a couple of articles recently, and I would just like to check that I have interpruted th

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08/04/2008 00:00

Portfolio mortgages
Can anyone recommend a good mortgage lender who provides portfolio mortgages. My fixed rate dea

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17/03/2008 00:00

What are we Taxed on?
As a sole trader or partnership my understanding is that tax is levied on profits NOT drawings. This

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03/03/2008 00:00

Is a new kitchen an allowable cost?
The tax documents talk of furniture as an allowable cost but improvements are not allowable. Is it

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18/02/2008 00:00

Rental Payments - Which method is best?
Is it best to have tenant pay rent to a landlord's personal bank account or business bank accoun

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03/02/2008 00:00

Capital Gains
We have a couple of houses - we are not a company - and are thinking of selling one or both.

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01/02/2008 00:00

End of Tenancy - Can I continue with current tenant on a month to month basis
Hi there, The tenancy agreement with the current tenant terminated on 26th November 2007. Altho

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29/01/2008 00:00

Hi everybody, I have a few quick questions that hopefully someone can help me with. 1. Ca

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Grizzly Adams
20/01/2008 00:00

Refinancing Question
60k borrowed on main residence, (capital &repayment), this was raised 3yrs ago for deposit on an

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20/01/2008 00:00

Borrowing against a portfolio
I'm sure my position is quite common, and that there must be people out there who have already s

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14/01/2008 00:00

Correct type of agreement to use for letting rooms in a HMO
Hello, What is the correct type of agreement to use when letting rooms in a HMO? (Landlord does

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14/01/2008 00:00

Can I charge my own time to my rental business?
Dear RLA, Can I charge my own time to my rental business/ For example if I pay someone to deco

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13/01/2008 00:00

Ability to offset mortgage interest
We have a property that we rent out that currently has a mortgage of 30000. The current value is a

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13/01/2008 00:00

Starting out - what can I offset against tax?
We're just about to move out of our own home into a house that's tied to my husband's jo

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Brighton Breezy
11/01/2008 00:00

Assistance Setting Up a Business Account
I currently use a 3 current accounts to run my business, but it is getting too complicated now. Can

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Alison James
04/01/2008 00:00

Insurance cover
I need to take out buildings insurance on my new buy-to-let property (it will be unfurnished

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30/12/2007 00:00

re: HELP!
we issued notice of posession on a property at the request of the landlord as the tenancy agreement

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Landlord Advice Team
19/12/2007 00:00

Serving notice to tenants with a baby
Is there any legal difficulties in serving notice to quit or evicting tenants with a baby? On a 12&#

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18/12/2007 00:00

Admisitration costs
Can I levy a charge to cover the expense of renewing an Assured Shorthold Agreement, and if so, how

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Landlord Advice Team
14/12/2007 00:00

Licence or short hold tenancy
Hi, I have two HMO properties and I have given all the occupants a three month House share agreement

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Landlord Advice Team
14/12/2007 00:00

How to get an electricity certificate?
Hello, I would like to know what kind of companies I can ask to inspect a house to get an elect

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12/12/2007 00:00

One tenant leaving and the other staying - What to do with deposit and AST
Hi, 3 months into a 6 month tenancy agreement one of the two tenants has left. The other one wa

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Landlord Advice Team
11/12/2007 00:00

Dates On AST
I have always been a bit confused about how to date a AST. For example for a six month agree

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09/12/2007 00:00

Rent increase during a periodic tenancy
A couple are nearing the end of their 6 month contract - we use the RLA standard AST. Th

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08/12/2007 00:00

Tenant Improvements
The RLA AST agreement does not mention anything about any "unapproved" improvements carrie

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Landlord Advice Team
08/12/2007 00:00

re: incorrect dates on tenancy agreement
I am contacting you on behalf of a letting agent we rented a property back out in July 2007 on a non

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06/12/2007 00:00

Fixed rate for Utilities
I have searched the site and cannot find a provider who offers a fixed rate to tenants for utilities

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Out with the Fairies
04/12/2007 00:00
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