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Sticky Future Renting Conference
Hello, I've created this thread about our Future Renting Conference. Our next conferen

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Stephanie Eaton
19/09/2018 09:59

Sticky Member Introductions
Hi all, It seems we have a lot of new members now posting. We also seem to see a lot of ne

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04/09/2018 13:39

Inventory App/Software
Is there a particular App, or software, that members would recommend for doing our own inventorie

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21/09/2018 12:09

Estate agency contract does not list tenants' names
I have contracted with an estate agent for 6 months. They have let the property to a family, whic

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21/09/2018 08:46

smart metres
How much say do I have as Landlord whether my Tenants can put in Smart Metres. can they do

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21/09/2018 08:29

universal credit
I have just read the article in the RLA magazine on universal credit and tried to use the link in

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20/09/2018 09:13

Tenants give notice, vacate early.
My tenants have vacated property early after giving notice. My insurance states that the propert

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20/09/2018 04:41

TV Licence
Morning all. I rent an HMO and have three tenants at the moment. All bills (gas, electricity, Wi

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19/09/2018 14:36

Large expansion of a local private school in a residential street
Hi I wonder if anyone could give me advice. I have a tenant who lives in an avenue ne

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18/09/2018 20:18

Gutted when eviction paperwork is wrong.
After advice by the RLA helpline in July I issued a Section 21(1) to my tenant. Two months later

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18/09/2018 16:27

war zone
Am I eligible for overseas property loss ( Civil war) relief, against capital gain tax in Uk, sho

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18/09/2018 14:27

Referencing fees
Hi, Does anyone have a guide to what to charge for referncing/ tenancy set up for new tena

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18/09/2018 11:54

If we do our own inventory, is it not acceptable as much as an independant inventory done by an i

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18/09/2018 11:39

Any other freeholders of flats on here?
just interested to know if I'm alone .. I have a question.

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17/09/2018 14:48

Landlord Checklist
I have a tenant who we are planning to serve a section 21 notice. They moved into the property o

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16/09/2018 23:28

mice - responsibility and timescales
Hi, I have the same tenants for four years living in my rented flat. However, recently on

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16/09/2018 14:46

Mandatory HMO compliance
Hi Just had my first set of property inspections for mandatory hmo's (prior to 1st October

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15/09/2018 13:25

So ... I went to the Future Renting conference yesterday. I felt the whole day was good, a

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14/09/2018 20:29

tenant keeps keys whilst I try to relet?
I have a couple who are 7 months into a 12 month fixed term ast and want out of it. They only li

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nicest landlord
14/09/2018 13:33

Future Renting Conference
Did anyone go? Did you get together.? Anything to report back to those of us who didn't

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14/09/2018 10:28

Student let
my son has just moved into a student house in Bristol. all of the students in the property have

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13/09/2018 18:06

If you could ask 1 question...
I am meeting James Brokenshire later this month (Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and

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Chris Bingham
12/09/2018 22:03

Ant problem
One of our tenants is asking for us to instruct the Council Pest control out to treat an 'inf

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12/09/2018 05:59

Both myself and tenant wish to cancel current AST but I obv don't want a void
And letting agent says they can't advertise for new tenant whilst current AST in place? I be

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11/09/2018 23:56

Claimable expenditures
I am preparing my residential home for rental, as I am going to live abroad. Am I able to

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11/09/2018 07:50

Lanlord Insurance
Recommedations for Landlord Insurance please? Thank you

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09/09/2018 13:31

I have a house in 5 flats and 3 of them are below the required rating (1 xF and 2xG) the tenants

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Andy A
08/09/2018 17:17

charging tenants for PV power used
I'm about to put PV panels on my rented property, with generation and export meters so I know

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07/09/2018 12:09

Shared house - what should Landlord provide in way of kitchen equipment?
I'm setting up a house share for working professionals, am I obliged to provide saucepans, cr

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06/09/2018 18:20

ICO open register of personal info
Did anyone get a response to complaints to the ICO about all our personal information being on a

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06/09/2018 17:17

rent guarantee insurance
Do you get rent guarantee insurance and who do you recommend I should get this from?

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05/09/2018 15:23

Best eviction company
Hello everyone, Ive put numerous posts on here and I have been the most patient landlady as t

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05/09/2018 12:17

I have done a RLA contract for my new tenants. This contract says the tenant has to pay for both

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03/09/2018 11:26

Tenant Eviction Date Appeal- Court Hearing- Advice
Hello Our tenant has appealed their eviction (after we served a section 8/ Suspended Possessio

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02/09/2018 20:55

Submitting Evidence to Court
Hello We have a court hearing this week and I would like to submit evidence After much sear

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02/09/2018 18:35

non- housing act tenancy
what are these? I seemed to have signed one! :(

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01/09/2018 11:09

How Does a Landlord Cancel a Guarantee Agreement
Dear All, I wonder if you could help? Last year, I let a property to a bunch of students, w

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01/09/2018 10:02

Seeking rent arrears and costs from evicted tenants
Tenants from Romania were evicted. They still managed to be housed in Housing Association. Infor

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30/08/2018 20:32

Victim of a rent-to-rent scam - Help!
My problem falls between the Section 8 or 21...i had a corporate tenancy via an agency, but the a

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29/08/2018 22:39

End of Tenancy
What is you advice if a tenant askes to arrange get their own quotes for their dilapidations a we

Replies: 2
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29/08/2018 18:44
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