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Sticky Member Introductions
Hi all, It seems we have a lot of new members now posting. We also seem to see a lot of ne

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18/04/2019 09:20

Sticky Requests for responses from the Landlord Advice Team
Dear members The Landlord Advice Team strives to provide a response to all queries raised

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16/04/2019 08:53

Superrich landowners
Only 25000 landowners own 50 per cent of England.

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20/04/2019 12:28

Rosinca Mortgages Redemption
Has anyone had any recent experiences with redeeming mortgages with these? I have several propert

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19/04/2019 09:16

Boiler service
I always do the usual annual gas safety certificate. Additionally, I do an annual boiler service.

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19/04/2019 07:47

My freeholder is demanding £120.00 to sublet my apartment. My lease says I have to notify h

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18/04/2019 15:11

Advice on Selling my HMO
I am seriously thinking of selling my one HMO and would very much welcome any advice, as I am not

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18/04/2019 12:41

I have been told today by a letting agent that manages one of my properties that the tenant has s

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17/04/2019 16:34

Tradepoint no 5%
Bought a shower from B&Q. Although the receipt says 5% Loyalty member and I paid with trade po

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16/04/2019 18:08

The news about capital gains tax relief was rather disappointing when i read the detail. It was h

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15/04/2019 10:32

Getting out of an agreement with Estate Agent
Any advice gratefully received! I employed an estate agent to find tenants for me whilst i was aw

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15/04/2019 10:16

Repossession threat
Hi there I have a consent to lease on a help to buy property and the equity loan, which is

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13/04/2019 16:11

Tenant left without paying last month rent/expects deposit to cover
What can I do if a tenant leaves without paying last month's rent/expecting the deposit to co

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13/04/2019 11:27

Joint Tenancy
I have a joint tenancy agreement and one of the tenants is leaving what is the best way to remove

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12/04/2019 11:02

Are threads being deleted, or am I go mad?
Specifically the one about a person being 11K in arrears etc etc?

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12/04/2019 07:58

Stair rails and banisters
We have let a house (1960's style) and the stairs case has horizontal railings, it is a three

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11/04/2019 11:47

Landlords' quarterly survey
Hi Just a friendly reminder that the RLA is now collecting views of landlords for our next

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11/04/2019 10:55

working with tenants to reduce arrears

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10/04/2019 12:10

Fire safety / audit
Hi there does anyone do annual smoke alarm checks ? I am thinking of going round to every

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10/04/2019 00:04

Break clause and early termination
Hi everyone, I am currently redrafting my AST's, I have read through the new tenants fees leg

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09/04/2019 22:59

Local authority grants
Hi there has anyone successfully got a grant off local authority to refurbish a property ? What a

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09/04/2019 10:40

Data Protection
Just received the 'Data Protection fee - Reminder to renew ICO:xxx' found they have a use

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09/04/2019 10:18

Tenants and Room Privacy
Hi I would like some advice if anyone can help? I am a landlord, I have taken a pho

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08/04/2019 18:10

Finding tenants!
I am a fairly new landlady and have a few properties which have always been fully occupied. Lucky

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08/04/2019 11:26

Protecting Deposit
Hi, Do I need to protect a deposit if I am letting my property out to a company as opposed

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08/04/2019 10:43

JV Partnership Agreement
Hi There,  I am doing a JV with a friend whereby we are both putting up some money to buy

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05/04/2019 14:12

Update on trade point card
Does anyone know what discounts we now get at B&Q with the above card?

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04/04/2019 18:40

Discussion - Market in the current political climate
I was just pondering ... S24 Deposit rules Various legislations such as gas safe, el

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03/04/2019 19:27

End of Tenancy
I used a lettings agent to 'find me a tenant'. Unfortunately the tenancy hasn't worke

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02/04/2019 16:55

anybody else attending the tax course with the RLA on the 21st May in London?
I am attending ...

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02/04/2019 12:55

Tenant or lodger
If a person takes a room in the landlords house. Signs the RLA lodger agreement. Has en-suite but

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02/04/2019 11:22

Black marks above electric heater
Can anyone direct me towards a good source of literature that i can show my tenant to back up the

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29/03/2019 10:08

TDS issues inventory guidance ahead of tenant fee ban introduction
This might be useful for the newer landlords. The TDS have just published what I found to be a ha

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28/03/2019 11:50

Credit Checking Foriegn Nationals
I own a number of buy to let properties in the City of London. We tend to let these to foriegn na

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25/03/2019 15:56

Rent Increase
Good afternoon, In my 13 years of renting I have not put the rent up other than in between

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25/03/2019 14:49

Applicants complaints worsening,abuse against landlords
Here are 3 examples from applicants I have encountered this week I asked some basic qu

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Caro S
25/03/2019 14:39

Poll - buying / selling / selling some
quick poll (not an issue if it is hmo or normal let forget) Are you buying in

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22/03/2019 13:03

Deborah Ross - The Times 2 21/03/19
Good god - did you read the article today written by this lady?? Slagging off landlords (nothi

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21/03/2019 20:11

Landlord Investment Show
Am at the Olympia show this morning if anyone is around.

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21/03/2019 16:14

Electoral Register and HMO
Hi All, As a landlord of an HMO, we receive the form to add names on the electoral roll ar

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21/03/2019 08:39
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