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Sticky Member Introductions
Hi all, It seems we have a lot of new members now posting. We also seem to see a lot of ne

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05/05/2020 20:57

Sticky Requests for responses from the Landlord Advice Team
Dear members The Landlord Advice Team strives to provide a response to all queries raised

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15/12/2019 12:13

Dispute between Tenant and Agency
Hello! Hope someone would advise me on following, The tenant has been living in the pro

Replies: 3
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25/05/2020 14:38

Heat recover units, or kitchen hoods venting through soffits
I had some bad luck this year. Both of the tenants in my rental properties caused bad mould and c

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24/05/2020 20:09

Good tenant referencing company recommendations?
Hi All, I was just wondering if anyone could recommend any decent tenant referencing company reco

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24/05/2020 19:35

Help Tenant wants to change rooms to a more expensive room.
Hi all, Im not sure what i need to do here. I have a tenant who has been with me ov

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Paul F L
23/05/2020 19:59

Welsh water wrongly put a charge on one of my properties
Hi, anyone else had a problem with Welsh water. We found out they put a charge on one of my prope

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23/05/2020 14:42

HMO Cleaning of Shared Spaces & Garden
Good afternoon, I wondered, how often do fellow HMO property managers/landlords have share

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22/05/2020 22:28

Damp proofing and Surveys
I have property in Manchester M13 but live in London. I looking for Damp proofing and surveys co

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22/05/2020 21:07

Gypsies on land
just wondered if anybody has had to remove gypsies from their land? I don't have the i

Replies: 9
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22/05/2020 16:10

Blackpool letting agent recommendations or ones to avoid?
Hi can anyone recommend a letting agent to use to manage my property in Blackpool or any agents t

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22/05/2020 10:41

Rent advance payment
Hi all, Last year I purchased a property with tenants in situ. I gave them a new 12 mon

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21/05/2020 16:20

Water Leak from flat above, landlord not contacting me
Hi, Hope everyone is keeping well in these strange times. There is a leak into my apart

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21/05/2020 14:32

Our tenants contract is due to finish we want to use a rolling contract moving forward apart from

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21/05/2020 14:28

Using Online Agent
Iíve tried using the search facility for this but itís pretty useless and the info Iíve found app

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Mrs M.
21/05/2020 13:00

Tenant information pack
Are there any templates or guidelines on what should be in the tenant information pack or is it j

Replies: 1
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20/05/2020 13:24

Bedsit sub pay meters
Our old pay coin meters sadl

Replies: 5
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20/05/2020 13:20

Tree roots affecting next door's patio
Hi, I have a little issue with a tree in my back garden and wondered if anyone could give some ad

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18/05/2020 12:58

Landlords Buildings Insurance at the point of purchase a Buy to let - COVID
Hi, I am in the process of purchasing a Buy to let property but during COVID it is likely

Replies: 2
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18/05/2020 09:51

Gas Leak
Hi Colleagues, WE had a gas leak reported a few months earlier all is well now. Lat

Replies: 10
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17/05/2020 22:14

How does giving agencies control of your property work?
When agents takeover your property. Who is the landlord on the tenants tenancy agreement if the a

Replies: 6
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16/05/2020 16:53

Letting a co-owned property
Hello My two siblings and I co-own a house (one third each) and we are tenants in common (I mu

Replies: 14
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15/05/2020 21:33

Guarantor Credit Score
Hi, I have just completed a credit score for a guarantor on my property on behalf of poten

Replies: 0
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15/05/2020 15:25

Air Source Heat Pump in rental property
Hello, I wondered if any other landlords had installed an air source heat pump in their re

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15/05/2020 09:39

When asking a question on here, it would help if you give - Type of contract given, dates

Replies: 12
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14/05/2020 15:27

Rent Guarantee Insurance via Letting Agents
Has anyone had any experience with Leaders Letting Agents selling Rent Guarantee insurance. I

Replies: 1
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14/05/2020 14:32

Weíve just had a tenant say they are unable to cover their rent due to loss of work related to co

Replies: 4
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Claire Smith
12/05/2020 23:17

AST expiring
Hi there Just want clarity (difficult in these times) on what happens if 3 tenants in flat

Replies: 12
Views: 57
12/05/2020 17:28

Tenancy in Spain - not able to get there or move out belongings
Hi, We are landlords with 8 properties. For the 1st time we hav had a long term let in Spain d

Replies: 9
Views: 78
12/05/2020 13:21

Tenants have split up. Both want to stay!
After only a few weeks my tenants have split up and both have said they want to stay. At the mome

Replies: 7
Views: 72
12/05/2020 09:43

Im looking to create a LLP
HI everyone, I've had paid for tax planning advice and the result is i need to set up

Replies: 2
Views: 47
08/05/2020 18:35

Change of rent payment date
My tenant has asked if he can change the date that he pays his rent from the 1st of the month to

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08/05/2020 16:12

Holiday lets for NHS
My holiday let company have sent out a general "request" to allow NHS staff to reside in

Replies: 0
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08/05/2020 11:29

UNIVERSAL CREDIT wont pay housing benefit
Hello, I wonder if anyone has any ideas to help me out. I have a tenant whos is over four

Replies: 2
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07/05/2020 18:12

Temporary rent deferment
Hi there, I would be most grateful for your opinions on the following: My tenant, l

Replies: 3
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07/05/2020 13:30

student tenancy contract
hi Everyone, the parent ( also the guarantor) of the students (they are not British nation

Replies: 3
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05/05/2020 17:55

I have recently started a new tenancy with a decent tenant who wants to stay long term. The previ

Replies: 2
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05/05/2020 13:12

End of tenancy cleaning during Covid 19 restrictions
I am lead to believe that a property needs to be extra specially cleaned during this period - can

Replies: 2
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04/05/2020 16:47

Mortgage holiday and tenants rights to reduction in rent
Hi Forum, I was just wondering if I was to apply for a mortgage holiday, what are my tenants righ

Replies: 3
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04/05/2020 10:31

Sacked Tennant
Hi I'm in a predicament I've a Tennant since Jan who paid on time every month apart from

Replies: 6
Views: 94
02/05/2020 16:19
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