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Sticky Member Introductions
Hi all, It seems we have a lot of new members now posting. We also seem to see a lot of ne

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01/02/2020 16:07

Sticky Requests for responses from the Landlord Advice Team
Dear members The Landlord Advice Team strives to provide a response to all queries raised

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15/12/2019 12:13

Gas cert. does new tenant mean new cert?
Can I use an existing gas cert if I bring new tenants in to a property. My engineer says new

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19/02/2020 11:28

Prospective Tenant is retired, claims Sickness & Disability Allowance should I ask for a Guarantor
This is my 1st letting - prospective tenant seems very nice and genuine, credit check/score is go

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19/02/2020 09:10

Filing systems
Am just wondering how fellow landlords file and store their paperwork relating to their propertie

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18/02/2020 17:57

Joint Periodic Tenancy Ended by One Tenant - What can we do?
We have had a couple as long standing tenants for many years, unfortunately their relationship br

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18/02/2020 15:42

when does a room in a hmo become self contained ?
Hi All New member in a bit of a pickle!!! I am trying to get planning approval on a

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18/02/2020 09:39

Scottish Power elctric meter on the fiddle.... will they charge me?
tenants growing cannabis.... viewed electric meter and seen meter having wire added to bypass met

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Peter K
14/02/2020 21:27

Loft Firewall
Do I require Building Regs for putting up a Firewall in the loftspace, where there wasn't one

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14/02/2020 16:10

I own two HMO's in the Dudley area west midlands . one is 8 bed and the other 9 bed plus a s

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14/02/2020 15:05

EPC exemption grade 2 listed building
Hi there I have a grade 2 listed house that hasnít got an epc as they are exempt. Do you still ha

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14/02/2020 14:59

ADVICE PLEASE - Tenant asking me to write a letter for an ex boyfriend so he can get his VISA?
Hi All I have a great tenant who has been with me over 6 years, she is NO trouble whatsoev

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13/02/2020 17:09

Guest staying longer than 15 days with no permission sought
Hi, I wonder if anyone can help, I have a four bedroom house which is let out to 4 friends, th

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13/02/2020 16:10

Death of a tenant
My tenant passed away in our property intestate in September as such a solicitor is acting as an

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12/02/2020 17:02

Council request for information about tenants in relation to Council Tax, and GDPR
Hi, I have a student property with four tenants on joint tenancy. I recently received a fo

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12/02/2020 16:57

Cost to LL ? - Carpet moth damage
On my recent inspection on my tenanted property ( I do every 3 month), some random crop circles i

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11/02/2020 15:18

credit check by rla
Hi, I wondered if anyone could help...I paid for the rla credit check which has been completed bu

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09/02/2020 16:41

Check out inventory
I rented my newly decorated flat for one year to a tenant. Five months later he broke the contrac

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08/02/2020 13:51

Cleaning charges
Sorry if this has already been asked, I cannot find anything specifically on this subject in the

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07/02/2020 13:06

HMO Insurance Declined by Rentguard
Hi, can somebody explain why my HMO Insurance has been declined with Rentguard, i have been wi

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05/02/2020 17:09

Possession and rent arrears
I have sent the section 8 to the tenant its been over 14 days, what are the next steps the owe me

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04/02/2020 13:54

Client Money Protection Insurance / Scheme
Hi there Can you advise what the current legislation is for Client Money Protection insura

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04/02/2020 13:25

Have I got to forward a copy of the routine inspection report to my tenants whether they ask for

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03/02/2020 17:22

weed is illegal we all know it. the rules are there, not always followed, but the law is t

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03/02/2020 15:40

Council Tax empty property exemption
My local council allows a 100% empty discount exemption (for one month only) for a property becom

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30/01/2020 17:34

Relatives lied about tanant's death
This is a peculiar one. My tenants phone would not receive texts and I could not call him

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John Mc
30/01/2020 15:15

universal credit claim
Hi Ive just made my first claim to universal credit for rent to be paid directly and for arrea

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30/01/2020 14:09

Hello, Would anyone consider a ccj when taking to people Who are viewing your property.

Replies: 7
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30/01/2020 13:34

holding deposite
hello everyone, just a quick question never asked for a holding deposite what happens if you

Replies: 3
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30/01/2020 09:35

Commercial Tenancy
I know commercial tenancies are different from AST's does anyone have an up to date commercia

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29/01/2020 12:41

Cleaning Company Recommendations
Hello all. Can anyone recommend a good cleaning company please? Someone who is read

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28/01/2020 21:31

end of tenancy inventory report
Are the tenants responsible for the expenses of an inventory report at the end of the tenancy? Th

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28/01/2020 12:04

Tenant Leaving 2 days late
Tenants should have vacated but has belongings still left and wants an extra 24/48 hours Landl

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28/01/2020 09:17

equity release
Can anyone recommend an equity release company that deals with BTL and any advice thanks

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28/01/2020 07:15

Sub Lettings
Good evening all, Could do with some tenant advice. I had a tenant who is sublettin

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26/01/2020 07:28

End Of Tenancy Cleaning
Can we still ask tenants to be responsible for a professional cleaning at the end of the tenancy?

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Mrs M.
25/01/2020 17:44

FD30S Door Legislation
Hi, i have two questions reference Fire Safety regulations/legislation. I own a a flat

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25/01/2020 12:32

Incoming need for Electrical Surveys
With forthcoming Electrical Surveys and Certification needed for residential rented property ther

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Cueball 83
24/01/2020 14:51

Neighbours trailer causing problems
A resident using a communal carpark has blocked access to our side path - we can't get in to

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23/01/2020 17:33

Relative - address proof
My brother who is not British Citizen has come to UK on valid work visa and planning to live with

Replies: 9
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23/01/2020 15:51
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